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Why Does My Space Heater Keep Turning Off? 7 Reasons & Solutions

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If your space heater keeps turning off, you likely are frustrated and are thinking about throwing the model out. Before throwing your space heater away, double check to see if there is a common issue causing the problem.

In many circumstances, the space heater keeps turning off due to something that is easily fixable. Instead of wasting your time and money by tossing the space heater, see if one of these reasons explains why your heater keeps turning off:

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The 7 Reasons Your Space Heater Keeps Turning Off

1. The Surface Is Uneven

Is It Dangerous? Possibly
Solution Get a new space heater

Most space heaters today come with an auto-off feature that activates whenever the space heater tips over. This feature helps to keep your home and family safe by forcing the heater to turn off if it falls on the floor or against another surface.

It is possible that your space heater keeps turning off because the surface is not exactly level. If the surface is not level, it may trigger the sensor to kick off the heater.

The good news is that this problem is easy to fix, and it tells you that your space heater is working exactly as it should. Simply locate a new location that is level to set your space heater on. This will fix the problem.

2. The Timer Has Gone Off

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Is It Dangerous? No
Solution Change the timer

Many modern space heaters come with timers and other related features. It is possible that your space heater has a timer set and you just don’t realize it. If that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with your space heater. It is working exactly as it should.

You will want to double check your space heater’s timer setting. You can do this on the control panel, remote, or assisted app. Turn off the timer if one is set. If there is no timer set, then this is obviously not the problem.

3. The Heater Is Overheating

Is It Dangerous? Yes
Solution Use the heater less, change parts, or buy a new heater

Space heaters come with overheating protection. Once a certain temperature is reached, the model will automatically kick off to protect the internal components and to prevent the model from catching on fire and being a risk to your home.

Determining that an overheating heater is to blame is difficult. For the most part, you will have to pay close attention to when the heater turns off. If it turns off after it feels incredibly hot to the touch, overheating is likely to blame.

If you suspect that your heater is overheating, you will want to test the internal components. Some components may be easily replaced. If you cannot find an exact cause for this failure, it’s best to just get a new heater all around. You also have the option to use the heat or less.

4. The Air Filter Is Dusty or Clogged

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Is It Dangerous? Possibly
Solution Change the filter

Related to the overheating problem is a dirty air filter. Space heaters come with filters to protect the internal mechanism. If the air filter gets dusty or clogged, it will cause the heater to overheat, which will then cause the heater to shut down.

In the case that your heater is becoming too hot because of a clogged air filter, this is an easy fix. Just change out the air filter, and the problem will be rectified.

5. The Circuit Is Overloaded

Is It Dangerous? Yes
Solution Unplug devices, contact an electrician

If your space heater keeps shutting off, the space heater may not be to blame. Instead, the circuit could be to blame. If your circuit is overloaded, the space heater may start to turn off, and other appliances may begin to do the same.

If you suspect that your circuit is overloaded, you will want to check your circuit by looking at the ampere rating specifically. In the case that your circuit is overloaded, you will want to unplug devices and contact an electrician for further advice.

6. Outlet Is Loose

Electrical Outlet
Image Credit: HutchRock, Pixabay
Is It Dangerous? Yes
Solution Change outlets, contact an electrician

In addition to your circuit being overloaded, there could be an issue with the individual outlet you are using. For example, the outlet may be loose. When this happens, the space heater wiggles, and it feels like it is unplugged and does not get the appropriate electricity it needs.

If an outlet is loose, many appliances will run into a problem when you use that outlet specifically. In this case, you will want to adjust the outlet and hire a professional to fix the problem for you. In the meantime, move the space heater to a new outlet that works appropriately.

7. Internal Mechanisms Are Broken

Is It Dangerous? Yes
Solution Get a new space heater

Space heaters get worn and die over time, just like anything else. It is possible that the space heater’s thermostat, sequencers, or other internal mechanisms are broken. This may happen due to a manufacturing flaw or because you have been using the heater for so long.

If the space heater is simply not working, it’s best to just buy a new one outright. Buying a new heater will cost more, but it will ensure that the heater is safe and efficient to use within your home.

divider 4 When Is It Time to Buy a New Space Heater?

If your space heater keeps turning off, you might be able to fix the problem, but you might need to buy a new model instead. For this reason, you must be able to discern when it’s time to buy a new space heater altogether.

If your heater keeps turning off due to an uneven surface or a timer, there’s no need to buy a new model. Likewise, there’s no need to purchase a new space heater if your circuit or outlet is to blame.

You will need to purchase a new model if internal mechanisms are severely broken or the model continually keeps overheating. You might need to consider buying a new model if the air filter continually causes overheating.

In other words, buy a new model if the space heater itself is not working properly, is unfixable, and poses a risk to you and your home.

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It is relatively common for space heaters to turn off on their own. As you can see from the seven examples above, there are many possible explanations as to why your space heater is doing so. Determining the cause will allow you to rectify the issue with an appropriate solution.

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