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WORX WG505 vs WG509: Which One’s Best?

WORX WG505 vs WG509

WORX WG505 vs WG509

Rating Image Product Details
The Winner
  • Mulching ratio 16:1,Extra-fine mulching (18:1 ratio),Variable speed blower/vacuum
  • The Runner up
    Second place
    WORX WG505 WORX WG505
  • 3-in-1 tool that’s just a little bit cheaper,Change functions with the flip of a switch,Angled tube for reaching under and around shrubs and furniture
  • The WORX WG505 and WG509 are two impressive TRIVAC tools. They are called TRIVACs because they have a three-in-one design: a leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher. In many regards, these two tools are identical, but there are some slight differences like the mulching ratio and features.

    Because of these slight differences, the WG509 is the best option between the two, albeit only slightly. You especially want to select the WG509 if you need fine mulch. On the other hand, you might want to select the WG505 if you are on a budget and don’t intend to mulch that often.

    To find out more about the differences between these two TRIVACs, read on. Even though the differences are subtle between these two models, they make a big difference for some users. Let’s get to it.

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    At a Glance

    Let’s look at the key points of each product.

    • Blower, vacuum, mulcher combo
    • 2-bushel bag capacity
    • 80 to 210 MPH airspeed with 350 CFM air volume
    • Metal impeller with 16:1 mulch ratio
    • One-handed operation
    • Adjustable airflow speed
    • Innovative vac tube design
    • Quick-release button
    • Blower, vacuum, mulcher combo
    • 2-bushel bag capacity
    • 80 to 210 MPH airspeed with 350 CFM air volume
    • Two-stage metal impeller with 18:1 mulch ratio
    • One-handed operation
    • Electronic variable speed control
    • Quick-release lever

    Overview of the WG505

    The WORX WG505 is a light and powerful TRIVAC that acts as a leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum.

    WORX WG505 3-in-1 Blower


    The WG505 is less powerful than the WG509, but it is still impressive despite its light 9.5 lbs. weight. It comes with a rated voltage of 120 volts and a power input of 12 amps. The airspeed ranges from 80 to 210 MPH with an air volume of 350 CFM. These specs mean that the WG505 provides a lot of force and air power for a personal model.

    Meanwhile, the bag can hold an impressive 1.2 bushels. This bag size is large enough that you won’t disrupt your work often to dump out the bag.

    As for the mulcher, the WG505 has a mulch ratio of 16:1. This ratio is relatively fine for personal mulchers, but the WG509 is more impressive in this regard.


    The WG505 comes with several features that are useful and helpful. For example, it has an adjustable airflow speed. This means that you can tailor the airspeed for the job you are working on.

    Additionally, the WG505 comes with a quick-release button. This quick-release button makes it much easier to clean out the bag and empty it. Though this is a subtle touch, it makes the overall experience much more convenient.

    Finally, this model has an innovative back tube design. This back tube helps you to reach under decks, patio furniture, or anything else that might be in your way so you can easily blow away or suck up items underneath.

    • High power
    • 3-in-1 tool
    • More affordable
    • Not as fine of mulch
    • Fewer features
    • Slightly heavier

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    Overview of the WG509

    Like the WG505, the WORX WG509 also is a TRIVAC that acts as a leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum. In many ways, the two tools seem identical, but the WG509 does have some subtle enhancements of the features and specs.

    WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower


    First, let’s look at how the WG509 is the same as the WG505. For starters, it has a rated voltage of 120 volts and a power input of 12 amps. It also has an airspeed of 80 to 210 MPH and an air volume of 350 CFM. Likewise, it has the same bag capacity of 1.2 bushels.

    The main spec difference between the two tools is that the WG509 has a mulch ratio of 18:1 instead of 16:1. Additionally, the machine weighs 9.3 pounds, which is 0.2 pounds lighter than the WG505.


    As for the features, the WG509 comes with a convenient leaf blower to vacuum mode. All you have to do is flip a simple switch for the two modes to change. This makes it incredibly intuitive and easy to alternate between the blowing and vacuum modes.

    This updated model also comes with a two-stage metal impeller with shredder blades. It is this impressive impeller that allows the mulch to have a ratio of 18:1. This ratio means that the motor can create much finer mulch.

    The most useful part of the WG509 is the variable speed control. This control helps you change the exact speed for the job you are working on.

    • High power
    • 3-in-1 tool
    • Mulch ratio of 18:1
    • Switch alternates between leaf blower and vacuum modes
    • Slightly lighter
    • More expensive

    What are the differences between them?


    Edge: 509, only slightly

    The WG505 and WG509 are exactly the same in terms of leaf blowing and vacuuming performance. They both offer the same speed, power, input, and carrying capacity. The one area that the two perform differently, however, is in the mulcher.

    The WG509 comes with a two-stage metal impeller with shredder blades. This allows the mulcher to have a mulch ratio of 18:1, whereas the WG505 only has a mulch ratio of 16:1. As a result, the WG509 is more impressive because of its finer mulch.

    For many people, this slight mulch ratio difference won’t matter much. However, this ratio may matter if you want a superfine mulch that you can use in flower beds and other delicate areas.

    woman using WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower


    Edge: 505

    Design-wise, these models are so similar that WORX seems to use similar imagery in both promotional materials. Even though these are so similar, the WG505 does have a slight design edge over the WG509.

    Even though the 505 is 0.2 pounds heavier than the 509, the intersection between the shoulder bag, shoulder strap, and tools cord is kind of annoying. It can get in your way and make it more difficult to use the tool for long periods of time. The WG505 does not have this issue, which is why it has an edge in terms of design.


    Edge: 509

    As if we haven’t said it enough, the WG505 and WG509 are nearly identical in the features as well. The 509 was updated to have two additional features, meaning that the 509 has the edge over the 505.

    One of these additional features is the simple release button. This simple release button makes it so much easier to open the tool and clean out any clogs within the blades. Since clogs are destined to happen, this super easy button makes the job quick and pain-free.

    The other additional feature in the WG509 is the variable speed power control. The model comes with a dial on the handle so that you can turn up or down the wind or suction. This makes it much more convenient since you can tailor the pressure to the job you are performing. Though the 505 has an air regulator, it isn’t as impressive or high tech as the 509’s.


    Edge: Neither

    Both of these products are highly durable and designed to withstand a lot of debris and time. For this reason, both models are durable, and you will be happy with both for an extended amount of time.

    woman using WORX WG505 3-in-1 Blower


    Edge: 505

    Since the 505 and 509 are similar, their prices are similar, but the 509 is slightly more expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you will like the 505 more for its affordable price. Still, the price is not that different, so many people won’t feel hard-pressed selecting the 509 instead.

    What the Users Say

    To find out what other users said about these models, we looked online and read many reviews. Both of these products’ ratings are pretty high, but we were hard-pressed to find users who had used and bought both models. So, we are more so comparing the reviews based on users who did not use both models.

    Generally speaking, users love both models for their convenience and power, but both have drawbacks. This is what we found:


    Most users found the WG505 impressive because of its overall power and affordability. Whether vacuuming up wet leaves or blowing away dried cut grass, this TRIVAC was able to do it all. The quick-release button and innovative back tube design were both appreciated by the users.

    The only critique we could find of this model was the occasional fluke and the 16:1 mulching ratio. Those who wanted more fine mulch found that this ratio is not suitable for their flower garden needs.


    Generally, the reviews for the WG509 were higher than the 505, but only slightly so. Like the 505, users were blown away (pun intended) by the power of all three tools within the TRIVAC. The 18:1 mulch ratio was especially appreciated by those who need finer mulch.

    One critique that was repeated more than once for the 509 but never for the 505 was the intersection between all the straps and cords. Users found the intersection uncomfortable and difficult to navigate as they were working.

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    The WORX WG505 and WG509 are almost identical in every way, though the WG509 is slightly superior.

    If you are looking for much finer mulch, then you will want to select the WG509. Additionally, it’s enhanced usability and functions make it much more intuitive and user friendly. Overall, the WG509 is the better option between the two, but only by a little.

    The WG505 is a great choice if you are on a tighter budget and don’t care about your mulch ratio as much. Honestly, there is so little difference between these two models that the mulcher is the main distinguisher. Just think about how often you will be mulching fine pieces, leading you to determine which model is best for you.


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