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7 1950s Interior Design Ideas (With Pictures)

1950 interior design-R Scott James_Shutterstock

The 1950s was a time filled with rock ‘n’ roll, drive-in theaters, and some fascinating interior design ideas. Perhaps you are pining for simpler times and want to inject some ‘50s flair into your abode. Then these are the interior design ideas you don’t want to miss.

Join this exploration into a decade that shaped the modern home, blending comfort and style in ways that are still admired today.

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The 7 1950s Interior Design Ideas

1. Early American Class

Colonial Living Room_PixHound_Shutterstock
Photo Credit By: PixHound, Shutterstock

Think back to a time when colonial-style molding and Americana wallpaper defined the scene. Early American design made a statement in the 1950s, with brick fireplaces and maple furniture gracing living spaces.

Paneling, traditional prints, and heirloom pieces? Yes, please. This style became a part of the American home’s very fabric, offering a cozy embrace to anyone who entered. Remnants of it remain in some form or fashion, but why not turn back the hands of time and go all out?

2. Pastels

Pastel interior in classic style
Photo Credit By: Philipp Shuruev, Shutterstock

Now, who can resist the charm of pastels? In the 1950s, bathrooms were often adorned with soft pinks, blues, and other delicate hues. You’d sometimes see this trend bleed over into kitchens and living rooms, as well. Picture a bathroom filled with pink tiles, complementing the optimistic spirit of the decade.

Pastels weren’t just pretty; they were emblematic of the times. A little pink here, a touch of blue there, and voila—a delightful canvas that reflects the joy and excitement of the ’50s. These colors are making a comeback in the modern era, and why not? They look just as great today as they did back then.

3. Mid-Century Modern

Century English cottage living room with cast iron fire beutifully decorated in pastel colours and furnishings with expose brick floor
Photo Credit By: Mike Higginson,Shutterstock

Full-on Mid Century Modern was not merely a design trend; it was a revolution in aesthetics. It was about letting the function lead, stripping away the unnecessary, and embracing organic shapes.

Think of sleek lines, geometric patterns, and innovative use of technology. The Midcentury Modern design waved goodbye to excess and said hello to simplicity and elegance. A timeless classic, don’t you agree?

4. Space Age and Futuristic Design

Modern living room interior with futuristic furniture
Image Credit: FreshPaint,Shutterstock

The ’50s also gave birth to the fascinating Space Age and Futuristic Design. This was an era where rocket ships and space exploration captured the imagination. From Sputnik-inspired chandeliers to sleek, metallic furniture, the design aesthetic embraced a look that really was out of this world!

It was about envisioning a future filled with possibilities and reflecting it in everyday living spaces. You can still find this design choice prevalent in ‘50s-themed restaurants and eateries.

5. Nautical and Tropical Influences

Tropical Interior Design_DESIGNECOLOGIST_Unsplash
Image Credit: DESIGNECOLOGIST, Unsplash

The 1950s saw a rise in fascination with far-off places, and the breezy, casual style of coastal regions made a splash in interior design. From bamboo furniture to tropical prints and ocean-inspired accessories, nautical themes sailed smoothly into homes across America.

Imagine the gentle rustle of palm leaves and the soothing sound of waves captured in a living room. Isn’t that a delightful getaway? It’s not necessary to go overboard with this design choice, either. Minor tropical influences can still make a big splash.

6. Graphic Wallpaper and Bold Patterns

Empty Bedroom with Floral Wallpaper
Image Credit: Crystal Alba, Shutterstock

Who said walls had to be plain? In the 1950s, graphic wallpaper and bold patterns took center stage, turning walls into works of art. Geometric shapes, abstract designs, and bright colors adorned rooms, infusing them with energy and character.

Gone were the days of dull and dreary; it was a time to be daring and expressive. One could almost hear the walls speaking, given the vast array of design choices available. You can still find comparable wallpaper options today.

7. Open-Plan Living and Integration of Spaces

modern open-plan room interior in futuristic style in pastel colors with graphic wall decoration
Image Credit: Pinkystock,Shutterstock

As a precursor to contemporary living spaces, the ’50s started to embrace open-plan living and the integration of different areas of the home. The barriers between the kitchen, dining room, and living area began to break down, creating a more social and cohesive environment.

Families could interact more freely, and spaces flowed into one another effortlessly. It’s a rather smart decision, both in terms of practicality and safety. Should you choose to incorporate this idea, you will have a unique home that’s all your own.

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So what’s the final takeaway from our jaunt back to the fabulous ’50s? Well, it’s clear that the interior design trends of this vivacious decade were nothing short of a creative explosion, much like the rock ‘n’ roll tunes that filled the airwaves.

Whether it’s the warm embrace of Early American Class, the futuristic fascination of Space Age designs, or the soothing tropical breeze from nautical influences, there’s something for every taste.

Featured Image Credit: R Scott James, Shutterstock


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