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Are Home Security Systems Worth It? Key Features, Pros & Cons

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If by worth it you mean effective, absolutely. A study found that up to 80%¹ of convicted burglars would check for home security systems before breaking into a home, and 60% would refuse to burgle a house with a security system. ADT estimates your home to be 300% safer with a home security system, which may be an exuberant overestimation. Still, the data is very promising.

Even having the only security system on your street can sometimes be enough to deter criminals from targeting your neighbors, too! Even if your security system doesn’t have cameras, criminals may see alarm signs and assume a camera is there too. Wouldn’t make much sense to rob the neighbor of someone with security cameras, would it?

Before you go ordering the first home security system you see online, there are a lot of things to mull over. In this article, we’ll be presenting the pros and cons of home security systems, additional security measures, and more relevant info to help you protect your home from criminals.

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Pros and Cons of Home Security Systems

Security systems aren’t cheap to buy, install, or maintain, so you should carefully consider the pros and cons of getting one. It’s also possible that other security measures could fit your home or lifestyle better, which we’ll cover later on. For now, let’s delve into the pros and cons so you can make a more educated buying decision.

Pros of Home Security Systems:
  • Huge chance of deterring criminals from targeting your home
  • May be effective at deterring criminals from targeting neighbors
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Camera security systems can supply evidence to authorities if burglars target your home
  • Wi-Fi-capable security systems may allow you to keep an eye on your home when you’re away with a convenient smartphone app
  • Automatically contacts local authorities when unlawful entry is detected
  • Reduces home insurance premiums
  • Numerous sensors, cameras, and other security measures available
  • Barebones systems make security affordable for all income levels

These are very powerful benefits, and you’re probably wondering if there are any major downsides that could possibly make you rethink a home security system. We’ve listed some below so you can weigh them against the pros and decide what’s best for your home – judge them for yourself below.

Cons of Home Security Systems:
  • While exceptionally difficult and rare, cloud security video footage can be hacked and leaked onto the internet
  • Wi-Fi-capable cameras can be hacked
  • Expensive upfront cost of the system & installation
  • Incurs ongoing costs like cloud video storage subscriptions & maintenance
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Image Credit: APChanel, Shutterstock

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What Home Security System Features Are the Most Important?

The world of home security can be confusing because there’s an avalanche of technically optional addons that actually provide great benefits. With that said, some security features are more important than others. Let’s briefly look at the most important features to look at when browsing security systems.

Most Important Security System Features:
  • Cameras: without cameras, your security system has a huge blind spot. Choose a camera with 1080p resolution for the best visual clarity. 4K is a bit overkill and eats up storage space like Pac-Man.
  • Wi-Fi capability: although vulnerable to hackers, the value of viewing and controlling your cameras away from home can’t be understated.
  • Customer service: because you’ll be relying on their system to protect your home, it’s important for a security company to have high customer service standards.
  • Environmental sensors: CO, smoke, and water leak detectors are very nice to have, and many would argue the first two are vital addons for any home security system.
  • Ease of use: an effective security system should be as unobtrusive and intuitive as possible while still providing a high level of protection.
outdoor cctv camera home security system
Image Credit: gregden, Pixabay

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Property crime may be slowly dropping, but it’s always a great idea to protect your home with a home security system. We strongly encourage you to thoroughly research the topic and potential security systems. It’s your home – don’t entrust it to just any old alarm system.


Featured Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock


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