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12 Art Nouveau Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

art nouveau entrance hall

Between 1890 and 1910, Art nouveau interior design exploded. Since then, it has lost popularity because it’s not always the most straightforward design to incorporate into a room. However, you can still find this unique and elaborate design in many places.

Art nouveau design ranges from interior design to art and decor to architecture. Floral patterns, linear designs, fancy silhouettes, and rolling curves are some of the standout characteristics of this design aesthetic.

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The 12 Art Nouveau Interior Design Ideas

1. Curves, Twirls & Flowers- home and decor

Curves, Twirls & Flowers- home and decor
Image Credit: home and decor

A major reason that art nouveau design has declined in popularity is its difficulty blending with modern interior design ideas. This room is a perfect example of everything coming together nicely.

You’ll notice there are no bright or vibrant colors; even the red and yellow in this room are muted. There’s a fine line between too much and just enough regarding patterns and designs. This particular room does a good job straddling that line.

2. Muted Colors and Floral Patterns- architecture art designs

Muted Colors and Floral Patterns- architecture art designs
Image Credit: architecture art designs

Muted colors and floral patterns are two primary characteristics of art nouveau interior design. In this bathroom, you’ll notice how the subtle natural wood blends nicely with the green walls, and then the purple flowers add that nice splash of color.

It’s also interesting how the designer incorporated the floral patterns into the wall itself. Then you have the flower, which is the perfect piece of decor that ties this room’s design together.

3. Art Nouveau Stairs- reddit

Art Nouveau Stairs- reddit
Image Credit: reddit

You could have a boring old twisty staircase with simple metal or wood railings. Or, you could create a unique staircase feel with a beautiful wooden railing supported by flowing vines and flowers.

One thing you’ll notice about this is that the rest of the room is very muted and plain. Not all art nouveau design is an explosion of patterns and winding shapes like the first room on our list.

4. Unique Furniture- i heart nouveau

Unique Furniture- i heart nouveau
Image Credit: i heart nouveau

In a similar fashion to the light fixture we had a look at, this two-person bench is a striking art nouveau statement. It doesn’t look like it would be comfortable to sit in long-term. However, this would make an incredible addition to a room where you’re going for a traditional art nouveau look. There are many types of chairs and benches in a similar style, so you could realistically furnish an entire room like this.

5. Even the Bed is Part of the Design- art nouveau and deco

Even the Bed is Part of the Design- art nouveau and deco
Image Credit: art nouveau and deco

This is a Nortrica Bed. It’s a hand-carved work of art born from mahogany and oak. It allows you to bring an art nouveau design alive in your room. The picture is a display, but it gives you a great idea of how this bed doesn’t need any color or decor to complete it. A simple beige color on the walls and a dark floor under this bed are a recipe for a great bedroom.

6. Looking at Yourself in Art Nouveau Design- bonhams

Looking at Yourself in Art Nouveau Design- bonhams
Image Credit: bonhams

This is probably not the mirror you would have hanging in the bathroom—although it wouldn’t be terrible if you did. But it would look great as the centerpiece in a grand entryway that includes other art nouveau elements. One incredible thing about this mirror is that there are zero hard corners and minimal hard edges. It has an almost whimsical feel to it.

7. The Finishing Details- architecture art designs

The Finishing Details- architecture art designs
Image Credit: architecture art designs

Sometimes the magic happens in the design of particular architecture, but other times the magic is in the finishing. This doorway into another room is a beautiful example of everything that art nouveau design embodies.

The entire room has nice muted browns and beiges. Then you have the exotic designs that are a part of the doorway trim. Also, the doorway and doors are curved, so there isn’t just a big square hole in the next room. The addition of the area rug is a nice touch on this space as well.

8. Don’t Ignore the Ceiling- flickr

Don’t Ignore the Ceiling- flickr
Image Credit: flickr

All this talk about floral patterns and gentle, swirling designs on the walls (and floor), and we haven’t talked about the ceiling. The cool thing about the design they’ve done on the ceiling is that it complements the floral pattern on the wallpaper. The blue perimeter of the ceiling (or is it the wall?) gives this room a neat optical effect that helps blend everything together seamlessly.

9. Colors of Fall- architecture art designs

Colors of Fall- architecture art designs
Image Credit: architecture art designs

When we look at this room, the first thing that pops out is that gorgeous wooden mantel with its engravings and winding finishing touches. But one of the primary things about this room that gives it that art nouveau feel is the colors.

You have a little splash of autumn colors with the leafy display on the mantel. And that is further complemented by the natural wood colors in the decor and flooring and the nice cream-colored walls.

10. Custom Art Nouveau Cabinets- selling antiques

Custom Art Nouveau Cabinets- selling antiques
Image Credit: selling antiques

The time and effort that goes into a work of art like this custom wood cabinet are astounding. But the price will be worth it if this is a piece of your art nouveau space. Imagine this as a centerpiece to the room. You wouldn’t need much else to complete the design, maybe some off-white or beige walls, a hardwood floor, and a nice patterned area rug.

11. Interesting Doorways- famillegerdel

Interesting Doorways- famillegerdel
Image Credit: famillegerdel

Rectangle-shaped doors are so yesterday. Hard corners move over for this unique, round doorway. If the shape wasn’t already a unique enough touch, the ironwork is a beautiful start to this art-nouveau-inspired room.

If you look past the entry into the next room, it’s clear that room is exactly how it starts: filled with gentle swirls and curves in the furniture and decor.

12. Art Nouveau and Contemporary- sky scraper page

Art Nouveau and Contemporary- sky scraper page
Image Credit: sky scraper page

When this building was designed, it was done so to create a space that combined elements of art nouveau with a clean, contemporary style. You have the large pillar-like walls and marble colors contrasted with the gentle curves and lines of art nouveau. Overall, the colors are muted with a few pops of brass. This space proves that art nouveau doesn’t have to be a lone style.

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Closing Thoughts

Art nouveau may not be as simple as throwing together a contemporary modern or even a bohemian style room. However, it’s a rewarding design choice if you like soft, muted colors and gentle curves and twirls.

A similar design style that art nouveau will pair well with is art deco. Both of them feature similar features and blend historical elements together.

Featured Image Credit: magewell, Shutterstock


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