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19 DIY Bamboo Projects You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

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If you’re looking for a next DIY project, try using bamboo to make something. Since bamboo is easy to work with, projects with bamboo are fun for both experienced and beginner DIYers. There are fantastic things to make with bamboo, and most of the provided plans are pretty straightforward. Below you can see a list of 19 bamboo projects you can make today.

We hope that this list will inspire you and that you will find something fun for your next DIY adventure!

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The 19 DIY Bamboo Projects You Can Make Today

1. DIY Bamboo Waterfall

Materials Bamboo, cement, steel, glue, bolts, paint, wood board, grave, pebbles, marker
Tools Shovel, margin trowel, measure tape, circular saw, screwdriver, drill, paintbrush, electric handy cutter, mini pump
Difficulty Level Moderate

This DIY Bamboo Waterfall is a perfect project for anyone who wants to beautify their yard or garden. It’s not an easy task, but it’s not too hard either. You will need more materials and tools than for a basic project, and you’ll need to put a lot of effort into doing everything right. Still, this waterfall is one of the fantastic things to make with bamboo, so your hard work will pay off.

2. DIY Sunburst Bamboo Mirror

Materials Bamboo sticks, mirror, craft adhesive
Tools Miter saw, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level Easy

Here is one easy project that you can make even if you’re a beginner at DIY. This DIY Sunburst Bamboo Mirror will make your home stylish and modern, while you’ll have a lot of fun making it. All the steps are provided in the plan, and everything is straightforward. Just follow them the best you can, and you’ll end up with a stunning bamboo mirror!

3. DIY Bamboo Skewers Lantern

Materials Bamboo skewers, natural raffia, dowel rods, round wooden board, metal hoop, wooden beads
Tools Glue gun
Difficulty Level Easy

A DIY Bamboo Skewers Lantern should be on your list of things to make with bamboo. It’s another simple project, and it’s convenient for people who haven’t done much DIY before. The only tool you need is a glue gun, so this can also be an exciting project to make with your family and kids. You’ll appreciate the simplicity, and the lanterns will be a great detail in your home.

4. Bamboo Mirror

Materials Cardboard, mirror, bamboo, rope
Tools Glue gun, saw, scissors
Difficulty Level Easy

Here is a Bamboo Mirror DIY plan that’s easy to make and will result in a great mirror for your home. It will be suitable for DIYers of any skill, or even no skills at all. The project only requires some essential tools and a couple of different materials, which is why we like it.

5. DIY Bamboo Shades

Materials Bamboo fencing, curtain rod, fabric scraps, cup hook
Tools Glue gun, scissors
Difficulty Level Easy

If you’re looking for new shades for your home, why not be creative and make your own DIY Bamboo Shades. They are beneficial to make with bamboo as they will look good and provide shade for your house. Another fantastic thing about them is that they’re quick and straightforward to make, so you’ll be able to finish this project in no time.

6. Bamboo DIY Plant Stand

Materials Bamboo plant stake, flat rattan
Tools Glue gun, hacksaw
Difficulty Level Easy

A Bamboo DIY Plant Stand is a perfect project for any plant and DIY lover. Not only will it support plants, but hey, it’s also made from one! The combination of bamboo and rattan will look beautiful while being convenient. We recommend you try this project out as it’s easy and inexpensive to make.

7. Bamboo Trellis

Materials Bamboo sticks, nylon cord
Tools Cutter, measure tape
Difficulty Level Easy

If you’re looking for something to support your plants, consider creating this Bamboo DIY Trellis. It looks charming while being very functional. The creators have explained all the steps on their website, and the instructions are simple, so you should have no issues making the trellis.

8. Bamboo DIY Blanket Ladder

Materials Bamboo, screws, twine
Tools Saw, drill
Difficulty Level Easy

This Bamboo DIY Blanket Ladder is a perfect, functional project that you can make today. A fantastic thing about it is that it requires only basic tools, and you can make it even if you’re not too handy. You can also use it as a towel rack, or just a decorative clothing hanger in your room.

9. DIY Bamboo Vertical Planter

Materials Bamboo, long screws
Tools Saw, measure tape, pencil, drill, drill bits, sandpaper
Difficulty Level Moderate

A DIY Bamboo Vertical Planter is a perfect planting solution for small spaces and areas where people want to maximize space usage. Since these vertical planters are extremely easy to make, you can create more of them and set them as the centerpiece of your garden. You could also make them as cute gifts for friends and family.

10. DIY Bamboo Whistle

Materials Bamboo, dowel
Tools Saw, knife, file, hammer, sandpaper
Difficulty Level Easy

A DIY Bamboo Whistle can be a fun, quick project you can make today. It’s uncomplicated, so it would be great for parents who want to engage in DIY with their children. Since you will need to use a saw, knife, and a hammer, it might be best to help your kids through some of the more complex parts. Overall, it’s a fun project and you’ll have a quirky musical instrument in the end.

11. DIY Bamboo Shelf

Materials Bamboo towel rack, pots, screws
Tools Spring forceps, spring clips, threaded rods, pencil, jigsaw, sandpaper, screwdriver
Difficulty Level Moderate

Would you like to make more storage space for your home? If that’s the case, this DIY Bamboo Shelf should be the next project on your list. It’s not as simple to make as some of the other projects we mentioned but it will be worth it in the end. Once it’s done, you can use it to store your plants while adding photos and other decorative items to make it more charming and unique.

12. DIY Bamboo Bee House

Materials 1 x 6 board, bamboo stakes
Tools Nail gun, saw
Difficulty Level Easy

If you want your next project to be useful check out this DIY Bamboo Bee House plan. It’s unchallenging, but it will be rewarding as you will provide shelter for bees. You will enjoy making it and you’ll contribute to the ecosystem around you.

13. DIY Bamboo Mirror

Materials Mirror, bamboo sticks, spray paint, epoxy
Tools Saw, measure tape, glue gun
Difficulty Level Easy

We have already mentioned a couple of bamboo mirror plans, but here’s another fantastic DIY Bamboo Mirror project. You can hang the mirror in your bathroom, hallway, or any other room that lacks decor and exciting details. A saw, glue gun, and measure tape are the only tools you’ll need since this task is very undemanding.

14. Bamboo DIY Wind Chime

Materials Bamboo, plywood, string
Tools Saw, knife, drill, jigsaw, glue gun
Difficulty Level Moderate

This Bamboo DIY Wind Chime is a perfect project for all bamboo and wind chime lovers. Wind chimes are great details for your porch, while some people even believe that they will scare off evil spirits! They are a bit complex to make, but in the end, you’ll have a stunning decorative piece, which is allegedly supposed to attract positivity to your home.

15. Spiral Bamboo DIY Chime

Materials Bamboo stakes, acrylic paint, marine varnish, string, jeweler’s glue, light cord
Tools Tape measure, pencil, handsaw, drill
Difficulty Level Moderate

If you’re a fan of wind chimes, we have another bamboo chime project for you. This one is a Spiral Bamboo DIY Chime, which is moderate in difficulty. As we already mentioned, chimes are supposed to scare off evil spirits, so once your chime is done, your home will be filled with good vibes.

16. DIY Bamboo Pendant Light

Materials Tomato cage, yarn, light kit
Tools Pliers, wire cutters, scissors, fence roll
Difficulty Level Easy

A DIY Bamboo Pendant Light is a quirky, affordable DIY craft that you can make in no time. If you’ve been considering things to make with bamboo and you do not want to spend lots of money, choose this simple project. It’s unchallenging to make, and it will add beachy aesthetics to your home or garden.

17. Decorative DIY Bamboo Mirror

Materials Bamboo, mirrors, raffia, metal hoop
Tools Wall hooks, glue gun
Difficulty Level Easy

Here is an easy tutorial for a Decorative DIY Bamboo Mirror. It’s effortless to make, and due to the exciting look of bamboo, the mirror will be a true show-stopper. This video tutorial has two different design options, so you can choose one that fits better into your style.

18. Bamboo DIY Coastal Candleholders

Materials Vases, bamboo sticks, paper towels, candles
Tools Sponge brush, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level Easy

Bamboo DIY Coastal Candleholders are unchallenging to make, and they have a lovely charm that will enhance the look of any home. They look pretty, and most importantly, they won’t cost a fortune. You’ll be able to make these candle holders even on a tight budget, as you need few tools and materials.

19. DIY Bamboo Water Fountain

Materials Empty milk bottle, bamboo pipe, TIO pipe, steel, blue powder, paint
Tools Mini pump, piler, saw, hot glue gun, electric drill, sandpaper, pencil
Difficulty Level Moderate

Last but not least, here is a quick DIY Bamboo Water Fountain project you can make today. It’s not very simple as it requires some previous DIY knowledge and handy skills. Still, if you’re not a first-time DIYer, you should tackle this task with ease. If you need help, you can always call your family and friends to give you a hand.

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As you can see, bamboo is super versatile, and there are dozens of things to make with bamboo. You can follow some of the plans and projects we provided or even be creative and create a custom bamboo craft. You’ll be amazed by how easy bamboo is to work with, and it’s a great addition to any indoor or outdoor area.

Featured Image Credit: brizmaker, Shuterstock

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