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20 Cool Basement Game Room Ideas (With Pictures)



Whether you’re going after goblins in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign or trying not to starve in Long Dark, game rooms are the way to go. Basements are a prevalent location for game rooms since you don’t need natural light or windows to slay aliens.

Game rooms can function both as an area to gather with friends and as a cave of sorts that only you spend time in. Many perform both functions, making them perfect whenever there is any entertaining to be done.

We’ll look at 20 of the coolest ideas for game rooms in basements.divider 4

1. Arcade Machines

Nothing says gaming like a full-sized arcade machine. Whether you want something traditional like Pac-Man or something newer (yes, they are still making new arcade games), these can be a great piece of practical décor for a game room.

2. Game Table

For anyone doing any tabletop game, a gaming table is a must. These can get expensive. But, when they’re the center of your gaming room, they are worth it. You can get one handcrafted or purchase a pre-fab one. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also convert a table into one.

3. Basement Bar

While not precisely gaming related, some basement bar is a suitable add-on for a gaming room. After all, who doesn’t like to drink as they play?

4. Mood Lighting

When you’re gaming away, you may want to turn your lights down to avoid glare on the screen. An easy way to do this is with adjustable lights, though many people use LEDs as well. Either way, be sure the lights won’t interfere with your ability actually to play the game.

5. Hygge

You’re probably going to be spending lots of time in your game room. Be sure to make it cozy with candles, throw blankets, and plenty of coffee. Many of us play games to help recharge our batteries. You can recharge them even faster if you’re surrounded by comfort.

6. Game-Inspired Décor

This is going to look a little different for everyone. Almost every popular game out there has some sort of décor available. Feel free to buy some to go with your favorite game and decorate your space with it. While it always looks better if it matches the décor you already have, this isn’t necessarily a must when you’re talking about game rooms. Many are quite eclectic.

7. Consider Using Reflective Walls

We do not mean using a wall-length mirror in your game room. Instead, consider using masonry and other reflective surfaces as a wall or throughout the game room. Basements tend to be relatively small, and reflective surfaces can help them seem quite a bit bigger.

8. Add Board Games

You can get some very nice board games handcrafted from sellers all over the world. Not only are these games practical, but they also look very nice when left out (like on a game table, *hint hint*). While chess sets are most common, you don’t necessarily have to get a chess set, especially if you don’t know how to play. Instead, find a board game you’ll use.

9. Comfortable Chairs

Most games require you to sit to play them. While some virtual reality games require you to move around, even many require the user to be seated. For this reason, you should invest in some very comfortable chairs. If you have a gaming table, you’ll need many of these chairs, though they all don’t have to match.

10. Modern Décor

If you want to go a different route than the usual gaming décor, you can choose modern décor instead. Of course, this could be something as simple as a modern-style painting. But décor that features a lot of right angles can look very nice around your gaming PC as well.

11. Random Game Pieces

Most games are played with an assortment of loose parts: dominoes, dice, figurines, etc. While you should have some of these on hand just if something goes missing, you can also use them to decorate. Nothing says “gaming” quite as good as a set of dice.

12. Chalk Paint

Now, everyone knows that you can paint a wall with chalk paint, which basically allows you to write on the walls with chalk. However, did you know that you can do the same with furniture? What better way to keep track of your stats than right on the table?

13. The Insides Matter Too

For most of this article, we’ve focused on design elements for the whole room. However, most of the concentration in a gaming room is going to be on your gaming device. Its aesthetics are going to matter as well. It may be worth the extra money to purchase the pretty PC parts for the extra wow factor.

14. Simple Game Memorabilia

You don’t have to purchase a life-size Mario cut-out to bring your favorite games into the design of your gaming room. There are many simple pictures and other décor elements out there that can remind you of your favorite game without completely dominating the space.

15. Glow Paint

While we may not completely understand it, it is a new design theme to completely paint your gaming desk with glow-in-the-dark paint. It completely eliminates the need for LEDs, since your      desk is literally glowing.

16. Personalized Controllers

While your gaming console’s aesthetics matter, so does your gaming controller. Consider personalizing your controller after your favorite game or even displaying a collection of controllers to wow your friends.

17. Metal Décor

Metal décor is a modern alternative to paintings and other wall decorations. Plus, many of them are pretty cheap and quite customizable. For this reason, we highly recommend them if you’re looking for something to hang on your walls.

18. Multiple Screens

Including multiple screens in one area is a practical way to spruce up your game room. While this can be expensive, especially if you’re purchasing quality screens, it is a décor element that you will actually get some use out of.

19. Glowing Mousepad

While LEDs are very common, you may want to consider purchasing a larger mousepad with LEDs in it. This limits the number of LEDs you would need to purchase otherwise and can add some light to the center of your desk, which is difficult to do otherwise.

20. Display Your Games

If you have old or aesthetically-pleasing games, consider displaying them. Some games will stand up just fine by themselves, but others may need some sort of rack to keep them standing.

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Featured image credit: ExplorerBob, Pixabay

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