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10 Best Corded Impact Wrenches of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

person using Makita 6952 Impact Driver

person using Makita 6952 Impact Driver

What has held you back from getting an impact wrench? In the past, the answer was simple: you didn’t have your own air compressor. Now, however, corded impact wrenches are the tool you’ve been looking for. They are electric, but they pack the power of the pneumatic wrenches you’ve wanted to add to your collection.

But how can you find the best corded impact wrenches without wasting your money or breaking the bank? We’ve assembled comprehensive reviews of the most prominent corded impact wrenches on the market. Combined with our follow-up buyer’s guide, this should give you all the info you need to buy a corded impact wrench today.

Ready to find the right tool and get to work? Keep reading to discover the answers you’ve been looking for!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites – Reviews 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench
  • Good RPM and BMP
  • Solid motor
  • 450 feet-pounds of torque
  • Best Value
    Second place
    WEN 48107 Two-Direction Electric Impact Wrench WEN 48107 Two-Direction Electric Impact Wrench
  • Good price
  • Solid RPM and BPM
  • Easy socket changes
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Makita 6952 Impact Driver Makita 6952 Impact Driver
  • Good RPM and BPM
  • Impact-resistant aluminum housing
  • Convenient reverse switch
  • DEWALT DW292 Corded Impact Wrench DEWALT DW292 Corded Impact Wrench
  • Soft grip
  • Included detent anvil
  • Good torque
  • Enertwist ET-IW-1020 Electric Impact Wrench Enertwist ET-IW-1020 Electric Impact Wrench
  • Good RPM and BPM
  • Great torque
  • Comfortable grip
  • The 10 Best Corded Impact Wrenches

    1. PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench – Best Overall

    PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench

    If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re a buddy handyman who needs answers right away. So, let’s cut to the chase and answer your question: what is the best corded impact wrench you can buy right now? Our choice is the PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench.

    We loved how much power this thing packed into a tiny package. The 2,200 RPM and 2,700 BPM offers both power and versatility thanks to the 7.5-amp motor. And the 450 feet-pounds of torque is quite handy for most of the projects you need to tackle.

    As good as it is, this wrench isn’t perfect. We didn’t like that the spin doesn’t stop right away, and the rocket switch isn’t very user-friendly. Despite this, we believe this is the best corded impact wrench on the market this year.

    • Good RPM and BMP
    • Solid motor
    • 450 feet-pounds of torque
    • Spin doesn’t immediately stop
    • Rocket switch is not user-friendly

    2. WEN Two-Direction Electric Impact Wrench – Best Value

    WEN 48107 Two-Direction Electric Impact Wrench

    When we talk about corded impact wrenches, here’s the truth: there is the best overall wrench and the best for your money. Are you shopping for the best corded impact wrenches for the money? In that case, you search ends with the WEN 48107 Two-Direction Electric Impact Wrench.

    Despite its low cost, this tool packs a nice 2,100 RPM and 2,700 BPM. The 230 feet-pounds of torque are great, and socket changes are easy thanks to the hog nose anvil.

    So, what keeps this impact wrench from being our best overall choice? First, the lack of speed adjustment is frustrating. Second, the torque is a little weak depending on what you need the impact wrench for.

    • Good price
    • Solid RPM and BPM
    • Easy socket changes
    • No speed adjustment
    • Weak torque

    3. Makita 6952 Impact Driver – Premium Choice

    Makita 6952 Impact Driver

    There is nothing wrong with buying a budget corded impact wrench. But what if you’ve got cash to spare and want to check out some of the premium models? In that case, your best bet is the Makita 6952 Impact Driver.

    We love features like the 3,200 RPM and the 3,100 BPM. Placing the reverse switch near the trigger makes it easy for even novice handymen to use this wrench with one hand. And you get some real luxury features with this, including impact-resistant aluminum housing.

    Unfortunately, even the best premium choice is going to have a few issues. In this case, 88.5 feet pounds of torque is a bit disappointing. And some users found the 2.3-amp motor underpowered compared to other options.

    • Good RPM and BPM
    • Convenient reverse switch
    • Impact-resistant aluminum housing
    • Low torque
    • Weak motor

    4. DEWALT DW292 Corded Impact Wrench

    DEWALT DW292 Corded Impact Wrench

    Are you looking for a beginner-friendly corded impact wrench that functions as an “all in one” solution? In that case, you may want the DEWALT Corded Impact Wrench with Detent Pin Anvil, ½-inch, 7.5-Amp.

    We enjoyed many of the features of this wrench, including the soft grip and the include ½-inch detent anvil. The ball-bearing construction makes this a durable product, and the 345 feet-pounds of torque is quite nice.

    However, it can be very difficult to pull the impact sockets from the end. And the reverse sometimes gets stuck, especially during prolonged use. But these issues are fairly easy to surmount for even the most novice handymen.

    • Soft grip
    • Included detent anvil
    • Good torque
    • Solid construction
    • Difficult to pull out impact sockets
    • Reverse sometimes gets stuck

    5. Enertwist Electric Impact Wrench

    Enertwist ET-IW-1020 Electric Impact Wrench

    Are you looking for a bit more power so that you can take on even bigger projects? In that case, the Enertwist ET-IW-1020 Electric Impact Wrench is a worthy contender.

    The 2,600 RPM and 2,700 BPM are impressive, but what we really loved was the 1,050 feet-pounds of torque. The rubberized grip was nice and comfortable, and the metal gear construction will help this wrench last for a good, long time.

    However, some users find this tool a bit too heavy (at nearly 10 pounds) for prolonged use. And the hog ring may as well be decoration because it doesn’t hold the socket in place very well.

    • Good RPM and BPM
    • Great torque
    • Comfortable grip
    • Rather heavy
    • Useless hog ring

    6. Hammerhead HDIW075 Impact Wrench

    Hammerhead HDIW075 Impact Wrench

    Looking for a proper balance between the price and performance of your corded impact wrench? In that case, the Hammerhead HDIW075 Impact Wrench is a very solid compromise.

    The 2,200 RPM and 2,700 BPM and nice and provide consistent performance. The 240 feet-pounds of torque is very reliable. And the metal gearbox ensures that your new investment will last a good, long time.

    However, the lack of a detent ball on the shaft is a bit annoying. And removing sockets may leave you cursing like a sailor out of frustration. Overall, though, these are mild compromises in the face of solid performance.

    • Good RPM and BPM
    • 240 feet pounds of torque
    • Metal gearbox
    • Lack of detent ball
    • Difficult to remove sockets

    7. CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact Wrench

    CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact Wrench

    CRAFTSMAN is a name that most handymen have come to know and respect. But does the CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact Wrench really live up to the name? The honest answer is, “sort of.”

    The 2,200 RPM and 2,700 BPM provide the consistency and performance you expect from a corded impact wrench. The 450 feet-pounds of torque are decent for the price, and the 3-year limited warranty helps provide serious peace of mind after your purchase.

    However, the lack of variable settings is a bit disappointing, as is the lack of a case. And depending on the size of your next project, you may ultimately want an impact wrench that offers a bit more torque.

    • Solid RPM and BPM
    • Easy to store with a wall organization system
    • 3-year limited warranty
    • No variable settings
    • No included case
    • Torque may be too low for certain projects

    8. VonHaus Impact Wrench

    VonHaus Impact Wrench

    Sometimes, you can find a nice balance between consistent performance and affordable price. Other times, though, you’re just better off finding another tool. And that’s the case with the VonHaus Impact Wrench.

    There are a few nice features, including the strong hog ring and the four included sockets. And the lower vibration makes this wrench more beginner-friendly than some models.

    But not being able to adjust speed or torque is a dealbreaker for many users. And it’s a bit noisy during use. Finally, at 11.58 pounds. it’s a little too heavy and unwieldy for certain projects or for prolonged use.

    • Strong hog ring
    • 4 included sockets
    • Low vibration
    • Heavy
    • Lack of adjustable speed
    • Lack of adjustable torque
    • Noisy

    9. TruePower Electric Impact Wrench

    TruePower 01-0706 Electric Impact Wrench

    For those on a budget, the TruePower 01-0706 Electric Impact Wrench may look like an attractive purchase. But as we healthy handymen like to say, this is a classic case of “you get what you pay for.”

    First, the good stuff. The 2,100 RPM isn’t bad, and the four included sockets are convenient. And the single-switch reversible design makes this wrench pretty easy to use for those of all skill levels.

    However, the 230 feet-pounds of torque are only suitable for smaller projects like taking off your tires, and some users could barely get the lugs off their tires with this wrench. And at nearly 10 pounds, this may be a bit too big and heavy for some of the smaller tasks it was clearly designed for.

    • Good RPM
    • 4 included sockets
    • Single-switch reversible design
    • Low torque
    • Large design
    • Heavy
    • Impact wrench struggles on smaller tasks

    10. Kobalt 6904 Corded Impact Wrench

    Kobalt 6904 Corded Impact Wrench

    In the world of handymen, “refurbished” isn’t a dirty word so long as the tool performs as intended. The Kobalt 6904 Corded Impact Wrench is refurbished, but does it provide the power and performance you need? Not really.

    To be fair, it’s pretty durable for its price. And it’s great for tackling loose axle nuts and lug nuts.

    However, at 16.5 pounds, it’s definitely on the heavier end. And exactly what you get from ordering the refurbished package is unknown (for example, you may get a very generic box instead of the nice Kobalt box in the picture). And the lack of warranty makes one thing clear: you are buying this at your own risk!

    • Low price
    • Pretty durable
    • Heavy
    • May come in a generic box
    • No warranty

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    Buyer’s Guide – How to Purchase the Best Corded Electric Impact Wrench

    Hopefully, our review roundup has given you a solid idea of the corded impact wrenches on the market right now. But you may still need a bit more information before making a purchase.

    That’s why we crafted this in-depth buyer’s guide. It will cover everything you need to know about corded impact wrenches, including the features you need to know, the pros and cons of this tool, and everything else you need to consider before making a decision.

    Ready to learn everything you need to know about corded impact wrenches? Keep reading to dive right into our buyer’s guide!

    Why Use an Impact Wrench?

    Our reviews and buyer’s guide have been structured to help you pick the best corded impact wrench. However, we need to answer a very fundamental question before moving on: what, exactly, are the advantages of using an impact wrench instead of another tool?


    One of the best features of such a wrench is that it wards off fatigue. Because these wrenches pack a lot of torque (more on this in a bit), you can get the job done quicker than you would with a regular wrench. So, if using your normal wrenches is tiring you out, it’s definitely worth considering a switch to impact wrenches.

    Another great feature of impact wrenches is that professional handymen swear by them. Due to their torque and other features, every project takes less time than you’d expect. This helps professionals finish each task more quickly, and they can even accomplish multiple tasks with an impact wrench in the same time that they could have completed one task with a standard wrench.


    As basic as it sounds, another solid feature of impact wrenches are the power they can provide. It’s comforting for handymen of all skill levels to know they have powerful tools to help accomplish the biggest tasks. And you’ll soon find that impact wrenches can hold their own among your most powerful tools.


    Finally, one of the most awesome features about impact wrenches is the comfort factor. Many of these wrenches feature an ergonomic grip to provide comfort and protection to your hands during your many labors. Not only does the ergonomic grip help you get the most out of the wrench, but it ensures you won’t be nursing any nasty injuries to your hand once the job is done.

    The Right Tool for the Right Job

    What else do you need to consider before buying a corded impact wrench? In short, you need to honestly consider whether you have picked the right tool for the job.

    There are times you may want to use another tool instead of an impact wrench to get the job done. And in point of fact, there are times when you may prefer to use a cordless wrench instead of a corded one.

    And even if you’re sure you need a corded impact wrench, different wrenches have different features, strengths, and weaknesses. Use our reviews to help you understand the different kinds of wrenches and options before you decide what you need for the job.

    person using DEWALT DW292 Corded Impact Wrench

    The Importance of “Brand Names”

    Here is a pretty basic question that a handyman needs to answer before buying any new tool: brand name or no?

    You’ll quickly notice that the market is filled with cheaper tools from places like China. Some of these work better than others, and all of them are competing with various brand names that have been in the business for a long time.

    Is having a brand-name corded impact wrench the most important factor? Of course not: what you should care about is the performance and the durability.

    At the same time, certain models and manufacturers are trusted because they have consistently produced quality products. And buying from a company you know you can trust brings the peace of mind that you can’t really put a price tag on.

    Why Torque Is Important

    Our reviews and buyer’s guide have mentioned torque several times. But what is torque, and why is it important when it comes to your corded impact wrench?

    Simply put, torque is the term for the force that causes things to rotate. So, with a high enough torque rate, a good corded impact wrench can help you do things like tighten lug nuts with more speed and efficiency than you could ever handle on your own.

    The more torque a wrench has, the more power it can provide. But you don’t need a ton of power for every single job. As usual, we recommend that you take a second look at your upcoming projects and then pick the wrench that you need.

    For example, if you need to tighten the lug nuts on your car, you probably need at least 250 feet pounds of torque. But if you have smaller and simpler projects in mind, a wrench with a lower torque rate may be acceptable.

    Cord Length: A Big Deal

    By definition, a corded impact wrench has…well…a cord! But that makes factors such as cord length especially important to consider.

    You can really only use corded tools in areas where you have access to an electrical outlet. And from the outlet, you can only reach as far as the cord length allows.

    That brings us to the obvious question: how long should the cord be? Unfortunately, there is not an obvious answer. Short cords may be fine for someone working primarily in their garage. But someone working out in the driveway or yard may prefer longer cords.

    Weight of the Wrench

    It’s common to judge the weight of an impact wrench as soon as you pick it up. But that doesn’t tell the whole store. Instead, you need to cast your mind to your future projects.

    For example, the wrench may feel light enough when you pick it up. But is it still going to feel light after you’ve been working for a few hours? Even though impact wrenches cause less fatigue than traditional wrenches, extra weight can really add up over time.

    If you’re deciding between two impact wrenches with relatively equal specs, we’d recommend going with whichever wrench is lighter.

    Available Accessories

    One of the things we love about the very best tools is versatility. Why pick a tool that is good for one job when you can pick a tool that is good for countless jobs instead?

    With corded impact wrenches, that extra versatility comes in the form of extra sockets and accessories. For added value, you may want to focus on wrenches that come with many different accessories right out of the box.

    Alternatively, you can do your homework and see what accessories are available for future purchase. The last thing you want is to buy a new wrench that doesn’t have any additional accessories you can use.

    Forward and Reverse Switch

    Sometimes, the best advice is the simplest. And our last bit of advice in the buyer’s guide is quite simple: you want a wrench with a forward and reverse switch you can easily access.

    Many of the wrenches we reviewed have these switches easily accessible so that you can use the switch with only one hand. And this can save a ton of time while you work.

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    In Conclusion

    Now that you have read our reviews and our buyer’s guide, there is just one big question: what are the best corded impact wrenches on the market?

    In terms of the best overall pick, we’re going to go with the PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench. It’s good for handymen of any skill level and will quickly become a mainstay among your tools.

    For buyers on a budget, the clear choice is the WEN 48107 Two-Direction Electric Impact Wrench. It offers versatility and performance well beyond its price point to the point that you’ll feel like this was a steal.

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