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10 Best Dual Shower Heads in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

types of shower heads dual

types of shower heads dual

Dual shower heads can be a serious upgrade for your bathroom. The best models offer a great range of features at affordable prices. You may be able to use a handheld shower head, choose between dozens of water flow settings, and easily clean off mineral buildup. Out of the dozens of models on the market, how do you choose one that will work well for your family and your shower?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you shop. We bought and tested quite a few models and put together this list of the 10 best dual shower heads available this year.

For each brand, we’ve written an in-depth review, looking carefully at price, design, features, appearance, and warranty so you can make an informed purchase.

If you’re wondering about the specific available features, take a look at our comprehensive buyer’s guide. Enjoy your new dual shower head!

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A Quick Comparison of our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Moen Engage Magnetix Moen Engage Magnetix
  • Mid-range price
  • Flexible
  • Kink-free metal hose
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Hydroluxe Hydroluxe
  • Inexpensive
  • Very lightweight
  • Anti-swivel lock
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PULSE ShowerSpas PULSE ShowerSpas
  • High-quality chrome-plated brass
  • Flexible
  • Sturdy stainless steel hose
  • Delta In2ition Delta In2ition
  • Lightweight
  • Five functions
  • Soft rubber spray holes
  • HotelSpa Slimline HotelSpa Slimline
  • Lightweight
  • Three-way diverter
  • Anti-swivel lock
  • The 10 Best Dual Shower Heads

    1. Moen 26009 Engage Magnetix Handheld/Rain Shower Head– Best Overall


    Our all-around pick for the best dual shower head is the Moen 26009 Engage Magnetix Handheld/Rain Shower Head, which is an attractive mid-range shower head with six settings and a convenient magnetic docking mechanism.

    This three-pound shower head is made of sturdy ABS plastic and has a shiny chrome finish. It offers six useful settings, including massage and wide coverage options, and comes with a flexible, kink-free metal hose. The handheld shower head easily attaches using magnets.

    When we tested this dual shower head, we found that it produced strong water pressure and worked well overall. However, the head may be at the wrong angle for your shower, and the plastic may be less durable than a metal model. Moen offers a great lifetime warranty.

    • Mid-range price with six useful settings
    • Effective magnetic docking and great water pressure
    • Flexible, kink-free metal hose
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Head may be at the wrong angle
    • Plastic may be less durable

    2. Hydroluxe 1433 Dual Shower Head System – Best Value

    Aquadance-by-HotelSpa-221x300 (1)

    If you’re shopping on a budget, you may want to try the Hydroluxe 1433 Dual Shower Head System, which we recommend as the best dual shower head for the money.

    This light 1.5-pound shower head offers five settings in each head, for an impressive total of 24 water flow options. The heads are made of chrome-plated ABS plastic. There’s a three-way water diverter with a stabilizing anti-swivel lock, along with an angle-adjusting bracket so you can customize for your height. The five-foot stainless steel hose is sturdy, flexible, and easy to use. The package includes plumber’s tape and washers for easy, leak-free installation.

    This model is very inexpensive, but it’s not particularly durable and feels somewhat flimsy. The water pressure is somewhat low, so you may need to remove the constricting ring, and the handheld shower head may begin to leak over time. Hydroluxe offers a good 10-year warranty.

    • Inexpensive and very lightweight
    • 24 total settings, with five options in each head
    • Anti-swivel lock and angle-adjusting bracket
    • High-quality, flexible stainless steel hose
    • 10-year warranty
    • Not very durable and is somewhat flimsy
    • Lower water pressure
    • May begin to leak over time

    3. PULSE ShowerSpas 1019-CH Dual Shower Head – Premium Choice


    Are you in the market for a premium showerhead? You may want to look at the PULSE ShowerSpas 1019-CH Dual Shower Head, a pricey, nicely-designed brass model that’s easy to clean and comes with a great warranty.

    This high-end shower system is made of chrome-plated brass and weighs a hefty nine pounds. There’s an eight-inch rain head and a smaller handheld head that attaches to a slide bar. The rub-clean soft tips are easy to clean, and the package includes a convenient soap dish and a flexible, durable five-foot stainless steel hose.

    While we found this model well-designed overall, it does have a few less convenient features. There are some ABS plastic components, like the handheld head and the soap dish. The brass diverter is very high up and may be difficult to reach. PULSE offers a great lifetime warranty.

    • High-quality chrome-plated brass
    • Slide bar with soap dish
    • Flexible, sturdy stainless steel hose
    • Lifetime warranty
    • More expensive and heavier
    • Some plastic components
    • Diverter may be too high to reach

    4. Delta 75588RB In2ition Dual Hand-Held Rain Shower Heads


    The Delta 75588RB In2ition Dual Hand Held Rain Shower Head is a somewhat pricey plastic model with an embedded handheld shower head.

    This light 2.65-pound model comes in a choice of bronze or nickel finish and offers five water functions, including a pause feature. There are easy-to-clean soft rubber tips and a long six-foot hose, plus a three-way diverter.

    This dual shower head is easy to install and very compact, but the water pressure is low even without the flow constrictor. The hose isn’t very flexible and can be hard to use, and the all-plastic design doesn’t feel as high-quality as its high price. Delta offers an excellent lifetime warranty.

    • Lightweight with a choice of finishes
    • Five functions and soft rubber spray holes
    • Embedded handheld head with a long hose
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Stiff hose is harder to use
    • Low water pressure, even without constrictor
    • All plastic and somewhat expensive

    5. HotelSpa Slimline Dual Shower Head


    HotelSpa’s Slimline Dual Shower Head is inexpensive and very lightweight but has a cheaper feel and isn’t very durable.

    This 1.2-pound model offers a total of 24 water flow settings, with five on each head. There’s a three-way diverter, an anti-swivel lock nut, and an angle-adjusting bracket, plus a five-foot stainless steel hose. These shower heads are made of chrome-plated ABS plastic and are easy to install.

    When we tested this product, we found that it wasn’t very durable and began leaking quickly. The hose isn’t very sturdy and the heads produce fairly low water pressure, even if you remove the flow constrictor. These shower heads have a cheaper feel overall. HotelSpa does offer a great lifetime warranty.

    • Lightweight and inexpensive
    • 24 settings, with five on each shower head
    • Three-way diverter, anti-swivel lock, and angle-adjusting bracket
    • Chrome-plated ABS plastic and five-foot stainless steel hose
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Not very durable and leaks easily
    • Lower-quality hose
    • Lower water pressure
    • Plastic has a cheaper feel

    6. Waterpik XET-633-643 2-in-1 Dual Shower Head System


    The Waterpik XET-633-643 2-in-1 Dual Shower head System is a mid-range option with a strong massage setting. It has a less durable hose and feels somewhat cheaply made.

    This 2.52-pound product is made of chrome-plated ABS plastic and offers 12 settings, with six in each shower head. It’s easy to install and features easy-to-clean rubber nozzles. The Power Pulse massage setting is particularly powerful, and the water pressure overall is very good.

    We found the plastic hose stiff and difficult to use. The shower heads feel less durable overall and may leak or come apart. Waterpik offers a great lifetime warranty.

    • Chrome-plated ABS plastic with rubber nozzles
    • 12 settings, with six in each head
    • Particularly strong Power Pulse massage setting
    • Strong water pressure and easy-to-install
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Stiff, difficult-to-use plastic hose
    • Less durable overall
    • May leak or come apart

    7. DreamSpa 1432 Rainfall Handheld Shower Combo


    Another low-cost option is the DreamSpa 1432 Rainfall Handheld Shower Combo, which isn’t very durable but offers several settings and a good warranty.

    This light 1.8-pound model is made of chrome-plated ABS plastic and offers seven settings, including pause and eco-friendly rain. There’s a seven-inch rainfall head and a four-inch handheld head. This model also has a three-way water diverter, an anti-swivel lock, and an angle-adjusting bracket. There are rub-clean nozzles and a five-foot stainless steel hose.

    This model is somewhat harder to install and produces lower water pressure. The plastic is lower-quality and the inner rubber tube may crack. The heads may also leak from the sides. Fortunately, DreamSpa offers a lifetime warranty.

    • Lightweight and low-cost
    • Seven settings, including pause and eco-rain
    • Three-way diverter, anti-swivel lock, and angle-adjusting bracket
    • Rub-clean nozzles and five-foot stainless steel hose
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Lower-quality plastic and inner rubber tube
    • Somewhat harder to install
    • Lower water pressure
    • Heads may leak

    8. Ana Bath SS5450CBN Dual Combo Shower


    The Ana Bath SS5450CBN Dual Combo Shower is a mid-range model with limited features and a shorter warranty.

    This 2.72-pound shower system comes in a choice of nickel, chrome, or bronze finishes. It has two five-inch heads, one stationary and one handheld, and offers five settings. There’s a five-foot stainless steel hose, and you can purchase a longer one from Ana Bath. This model also offers rub-clean anti-clog nozzles, and the package includes sealant tape for simple installation.

    Though this shower system is simple to install, it’s not very durable and quickly begins to leak. The fittings don’t work well and the heads come loose after minimal use. With a cheaper feel, this model’s higher price is difficult to justify. Ana Bath offers a shorter three-year warranty.

    • Two five-inch heads offering five settings
    • Five-foot stainless steel hose and option to buy a longer one
    • Easy to install, with included sealant tape
    • Anti-clog rubber nozzles
    • Shorter three-year warranty
    • Poorly made, loose fittings
    • Not very durable and may leak
    • More expensive

    9. American Standard 9035254.002 2-In-1 Shower Head


    American Standard’s 9035254.002 2-In-1 Shower Head is somewhat pricey and has a magnetically-attached handheld shower head. It feels lower quality and is somewhat harder to install but comes with a good warranty.

    This 2.71-pound dual shower head has a wide fixed head and an inset handheld head that attaches magnetically. You have a choice of four functions, including mist and soaking spray. The heads are made of chrome-plated plastic, and the package includes Teflon tape and a metal hose.

    This dual shower head is somewhat more expensive but doesn’t feel very sturdy. The hose may leak and the water pressure is fairly low. The heads are bulky and somewhat cheap-feeling, and you may need a crescent wrench to tightly install the system. American Standard does offer a great lifetime guarantee.

    • Wide fixed head and magnetically-attached handheld head
    • Four water flow settings
    • Includes Teflon tape for easy sealing
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Somewhat pricey
    • Less durable hose and heads
    • Lower water pressure
    • Installation may require tools

    10. Neptune 520604 Dual Shower Heads


    Our least favorite model is the Neptune 520604 Dual Shower Head, which is somewhat expensive and doesn’t offer a handheld or a warranty.

    This light 1.75-pound dual shower head has two fixed heads that swivel independently. Each head offers three spray options, and there’s a solid brass manifold to hold the heads. There are rubber nozzles, and the package includes thread-sealing tape for better installation.

    When we tested these heads, we found that they sometimes arrived broken and produced very low water pressure. The heads fall apart quickly, but fortunately you can buy replacements from Neptune. This shower system offers limited settings, no handheld option, and no warranty.

    • Two fixed heads that swivel independently
    • Lightweight and choice of three spray settings
    • Includes solid brass manifold, rubber nozzles, and thread-sealing tape
    • No handheld head
    • No warranty
    • May arrive broken or break quickly
    • Low water pressure

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    Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best Dual Shower Head

    You’ve read through our list of the 10 best dual shower heads on the market. But now that it’s time to choose, which features will make the biggest difference? Keep reading to find our in-depth guide to choosing a great dual shower head, covering everything from water settings to warranties.

    Head Types

    The first big decision you’ll probably want to make is whether you’re interested in a handheld head. Many dual shower heads consist of one fixed head and one handheld head, connected via a hose and a water diverter. Handheld shower heads can give you more flexibility and can be especially useful if you’re bathing children. They generally offer more water flow settings and can often be used in combination with the fixed head. These heads may be attached with magnets, as in our top pick, or slide bars, as in our premium choice.

    If you choose a model with a handheld head, you may also want to pay attention to the hose quality. A hose that leaks or is difficult to use will limit the functionality of your handheld shower head. The best hoses are flexible and sturdy, making them simultaneously easy to use and long-lasting. Stainless steel hoses are typically sturdier but may be more expensive, while plastic hoses may crack or become stiff but may also be lighter and less expensive.

    If you’re not interested in a handheld shower head, you may prefer a model with two fixed heads, which will offer several water flow options in an easy-to-install, compact system.

    Water Flow Settings

    How many different water flow settings would you like to have? If you like to be able to switch between settings like rain, mist, and massage, you may want to look for shower heads with many adjustable settings. The heads we reviewed here range from three options up to 24. You may also be interested in water-saving settings like pause, which will temporarily reduce water flow to a trickle, or eco-friendly rain, which will reduce the water used while maintaining a rain-like shower effect.


    If your tap water contains quite a few minerals, you may want to purchase a model with rubber spray nozzles. You’ll be able to quickly rub clean these soft tips, instantly removing built-up minerals and preventing your shower head from clogging. If you don’t have hard water, these nozzles may be less important for your shower.



    Are you going to hire a plumber, or would you prefer a showerhead that’s easy to install yourself? Most of these shower heads are simple enough to install with few or no tools. However, some will require you to drill holes or tighten fittings with wrenches. Many shower heads include sealing tape that will help you quickly install a leak-free head. Keep in mind that if you order through Amazon, you can pay for expert setup with delivery.


    Most of the shower heads we reviewed are made of chrome-plated ABS plastic. These heads are lightweight and typically less expensive, but may also be less durable and more prone to leaking. High-end models may be made of metal, like our premium pick, the PULSE ShowerSpas 1019-CH Dual Shower Head, which is made of brass. These heads have a nicer feel but are heavier and more expensive.


    Would you like to have a great warranty in case your shower head breaks or doesn’t work correctly? Many of the shower heads we reviewed here come with great lifetime warranties, which will protect you from manufacturing defects for the life of the product. Some offer shorter warranties with ranges like three to 10 years. If you choose a less expensive model or plan to replace your shower head within that time frame, you may be fine with a shorter warranty.

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    The results are in! Our pick for the best dual shower head is the Moen 26009 Engage Magnetix Handheld/Rain Shower Head, which is an effective, well-designed model with a magnetic handheld head and an excellent warranty. If you’re looking to save money, you may prefer the inexpensive Hydroluxe 1433 Dual Shower Head System, which offers great value with 24 water settings and a high-quality stainless steel hose. Are you shopping for a high-end shower system? Take a look at the PULSE ShowerSpas 1019-CH Dual Shower Head, a premium brass model with a great warranty, a slide bar, and easy-to-clean rubber nozzles.

    There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a great shower. No matter how you like to shower, a high-quality dual shower head can provide you and your family with easy installation, a wide range of settings, and great water pressure, all at a wallet-friendly price. But finding a model that will work well for you can take quite a bit of research. We hope this list of the 10 best dual shower heads available this year, complete with detailed reviews and a comprehensive buyer’s guide, helps you quickly and confidently find your new favorite shower system. A hot, heavenly shower awaits!

    Featured Image Credit: Naypong Studio, Shutterstock


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