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10 Best Electric Screwdrivers of 2024 – Reviews & Guide

man using BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C MAX Cordless Screwdriver

man using BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C MAX Cordless Screwdriver

From assembling Ikea furniture to turning your guitar’s tuners to wind a new string, many jobs would benefit from a faster tool than a screwdriver, though a drill or impact driver would be overkill or may not even fit. In these instances, an electric screwdriver offers more power and speed than a manual screwdriver. They’re still compact enough to fit in tight spaces and not so powerful that they’re likely to strip out any screws.

Electric screwdrivers are popular tools, so there are many choices available. Choosing between them without ever holding or using them can be difficult though, which is why we’ve taken the liberty of testing the following ten and writing short reviews comparing them. Our goal is to simplify the purchasing process for you so that you can stop searching for tools and start using them!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver
  • Just push to engage
  • 6 volts and 360 RPM
  • Small design easily fits in tight spaces
  • Best Value
    Second place
    BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C MAX Cordless Screwdriver BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C MAX Cordless Screwdriver
  • 35 inch-pounds of torque
  • Two-year warranty
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    DEWALT DCF610S2 Screwdriver DEWALT DCF610S2 Screwdriver
  • Built-in LEDs to illuminate
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Includes two batteries
  • WORX WX255L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver WORX WX255L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver
  • Holds a charge for up to 18 months
  • The screw holder allows for one-handed use
  • Weighs just 1.1 pounds
  • Stalwart 75-60100 Cordless Screwdriver Stalwart 75-60100 Cordless Screwdriver
  • Includes a diverse array of bits
  • Built-in LED on the head
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The 10 Best Electric Screwdrivers

    1. Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver – Best Overall

    Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver

    Packing plenty of power into a compact device, the Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver was our favorite of all the electric screwdrivers we tested. It can reach an impressive 360 RPM, making it one of the fastest tools we tested.

    It produces 3.6 volts that you can harness by simply pushing the screwdriver into the screw to drive it. Thanks to the e-clutch, as soon as you release pressure, the screwdriver will stop. This helps to prevent stripped screw heads.  It’s completely cordless with a built-in 1.5Ah battery that has plenty of juice to complete most small projects.

    This screwdriver fits in the palm of your hand, so you can easily maneuver it into tight spaces. It conveniently charges by micro-USB cable, so you’re likely to have several additional charging cables on hand already, which is beneficial since the included adapter doesn’t fit US plugs. All in all, we think this is the best electric screwdriver on the market this year.

    • Charges by micro-USB
    • E-clutch stops instantly when you release pressure
    • Just push to engage
    • 6 volts and 360 RPM
    • Small design easily fits in tight spaces
    • The adapter doesn’t fit US plugs

    2. BLACK+DECKER MAX Cordless Screwdriver – Best Value

    BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C MAX Cordless Screwdriver

    This cordless screwdriver from BLACK+DECKER produces four volts, which is more than the Bosch in our top spot. Based on that information, you might expect it to be more powerful, but you’d be mistaken. It produces a solid 35-inch pounds of torque, which is pretty decent for an electric screwdriver. But it tops out at 180 RPM; just half of the speed the Bosch achieves.

    This screwdriver is designed in an ergonomic shape that makes it comfortable to hold. It’s also very lightweight at just over a pound, so you can easily maneuver it into tight spaces and it won’t wear your arms out.

    One of the things that makes this screwdriver such a great value is the two-year warranty that protects it and helps to make this one of the best electric screwdrivers for the money. It’s already priced affordably, and the warranty guarantees that it will be around to help with all of your projects for years to come.

    • 35 inch-pounds of torque
    • Two-year warranty
    • Comfortable to hold
    • Light weight makes it easy to use and maneuver
    • Priced affordably
    • Tops out at 180 RPM

    3. DEWALT DCF610S2 Screwdriver – Premium Choice

    DEWALT DCF610S2 Screwdriver

    DEWALT is one of the most respected names in power tools, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find their DCF610S2 electric screwdriver has earned our premium choice recommendation. It’s got more power than most of the others that we tested, measured at 160 unit watts out (UWO) of power.

    To make sure you can keep working until the project is finished, this kit contains two batteries, allowing one to charge while the other is in use. But that’s not the only handy feature we noticed. For example, we appreciated the built-in LEDs that illuminate your workspace and the three-year warranty that covers all DeWalt power tools.

    On the downside, this tool is much larger and heavier than most of the other electric screwdrivers we tested. It weighs more than two pounds while most competitors weigh about a pound. It’s also nearly the size of a drill or impact driver instead of a screwdriver, though it is well-balanced and comfortable to use.

    Despite the flaws, we think the impressive power output and extra features make this one of the best electric screwdrivers on the market. But you’ll be shelling out quite a bit more for the extra power.

    • Built-in LEDs to illuminate
    • Three-year limited warranty
    • Includes two batteries
    • 160 UWO of power
    • Balanced and comfortable
    • Much larger and heavier than others we tested
    • More expensive than other options

    4. WORX SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

    WORX WX255L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

    At five inches long and just under four inches tall, the WORX WX255L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver is compact and convenient. At just 1.1 pounds, it’s also light enough that anyone can use it without issue; even the elderly or those with conditions that might prevent them from using heavier tools.

    Even though it’s small and lightweight, this screwdriver still has plenty of power. It can reach a top speed of 230 RPM, helping you to complete your projects faster. It’s got a built-in battery that’s not removable, so you can’t charge a spare while using the tool. Still, it’s got decent battery life and can hold a charge for up to 18 months.

    There’s an LED built-in to help you see in low-light workspaces, but the way it’s positioned casts a giant shadow, obscuring much of your work area. It’s a great tool in all, but doesn’t do quite enough to crack our top three.

    • Holds a charge for up to 18 months
    • The screw holder allows for one-handed use
    • Weighs just 1.1 pounds
    • 230 RPM top speed
    • The battery is not removable
    • The LED light casts too much shadow

    5. Stalwart 75-60100 Cordless Screwdriver

    Stalwart 75-60100 Cordless Screwdriver

    The Stalwart 75-60100 Cordless Screwdriver is a 4.8-volt tool with a built-in battery. Unfortunately, the battery life is pretty poor, so you’ll need to recharge several times on a mid-length project. Worse, the battery charges agonizingly slowly, taking about six hours to fully charge from dead.

    Even though this screwdriver is flawed, we still liked the affordable price that will fit just about any budget. To that end, a diverse assortment of bits is included, ensuring you can tackle any project without the need for additional purchases.

    Weighing in at just over one pound, this screwdriver is very lightweight. It’s also got an LED built into the head that nicely illuminates your workspace. For most applications, it has ample power, though it’s not very fast with a top speed of 180 RPM. Even though the Stalwart is a little cheaper, we’d still prefer the BLACK+DECKER which we think offers a better value.

    • Includes a diverse array of bits
    • Built-in LED on the head
    • Lightweight and compact
    • The price will fit almost any budget
    • 180 RPM max speed
    • Takes about six hours to charge
    • The battery doesn’t last very long

    6. TACKLIFE Classic Electric Screwdriver

    TACKLIFE Classic Electric Screwdriver

    This affordably priced electric screwdriver from TACKLIFE includes everything you need to complete basic projects around the house, including a collection of 10 screwdriver bits. At just 0.77 pounds, it’s one of the lightest electric screwdrivers we’ve seen. It’s about five inches high and six inches long, so it’s not the smallest, but its light weight makes it easily maneuverable.

    Conveniently, this screwdriver charges by micro-USB. But even at full charge, it’s too underpowered for most applications, struggling to put screws inside of pre-drilled holes in pine. If you’re working in low-light conditions, you should skip this screwdriver. The light only comes on while the trigger is pressed, so you can’t use it to help lineup your screw and hole ahead of time.

    But the worst thing about this tool is the battery. The battery life is terrible, lasting for what feels like only a few screws from a full charge. Worse, the battery stopped holding a charge after just a few months. Unfortunately, the warranty period is just three months, so it wasn’t covered when the battery stopped working.

    • Priced affordably
    • Charges by micro-USB
    • Includes 10 screwdriver bits
    • Weighs just 0.77 pounds
    • Underpowered
    • The Battery isn’t reliable
    • The light doesn’t stay on after pressing the trigger
    • The battery only lasts for a handful of screws

    7. NoCry Cordless Electric Screwdriver

    NoCry NCS-10NM Cordless Electric Screwdriver

    Capable of producing a respectable 88 inch-pounds of torque, the NoCry NCS-10NM Cordless Electric Screwdriver is one of the most powerful models we tested. It’s also fast, with a no-load speed of 230 RPM and a useful LED built-in that helps you see your work.

    To make sure that you’re prepared to tackle your next project, this screwdriver comes with a set of 30 different bits. They’re not much use though because of how much the chuck wobbles as it spins. This makes it very difficult to put in or remove screws.

    The bits included with this set are all short. That’s because the bit holder is too shallow to fit longer bits, especially those with a double head. And when you try to back out a screw, the bit will often just come out. Despite these flaws, this is one of the more expensive models, though we think it’s overpriced for the quality.

    • Produces 88 inch-pounds of torque
    • Adjustable speed up to 230 RPM
    • The built-in LED is great
    • The bits come out when you try to reverse
    • The bit holder is too shallow for longer bits
    • The chuck wobbles as it spins
    • Overpriced for the low-quality

    8. Dremel GO-01 Powered Cordless Electric Screwdriver

    Dremel GO-01 Powered Cordless Electric Screwdriver

    With a top speed of 360 RPM, the Dremel GO-01 Powered Cordless Electric Screwdriver keeps up with the Bosch at the top of this list. It also shares a similar compact design that fits well in your hand.

    This tool has variable torque that allows you to dial in the right torque for each specific job. Unfortunately, even at the lowest setting, it produces too much torque for small screws. It tends to strip these screws, but they’re the type of screws you’re most likely to be using this tool with!

    Like similar devices we tested, this one has a pressure-activated control that activates when you push into the screw. But it takes too much pressure to get started, then the speed is not as controllable as other models. Once it kicks in, it’s too fast, which is why it tends to strip small screws. As a side note, it’s also noticeably louder than similar tools we tested.

    • Compact design
    • Reaches a top speed of 360 RPM
    • Variable torque
    • Push to activate doesn’t allow for precise control
    • Much louder than other models
    • Requires too much pressure to activate
    • Doesn’t have a low enough torque setting for small screws

    9. CRAFTSMAN Cordless Screwdriver

    CRAFTSMAN CMCF604 Cordless Screwdriver

    A lot of the electric screwdrivers we tested had pretty pitiful battery life that left us spending more time charging than working, but not the CRAFTSMAN CMCF604 Cordless Screwdriver. This device can drive more than 300 screws on a single charge, ensuring you have plenty of power to finish a project.

    Unlike other tools that operate with a button or by pressure, this one is controlled with the movements of your wrist. Begin to twist your wrist and the screwdriver will begin spinning in that direction. It’s a really novel concept, but it isn’t completely stable in execution. It can be a bit finicky, making it difficult to control.

    Though it’s operated by the motion of your wrist, you still have to hold the switch to make it operate. This just seems like an extra, unnecessary step. We’d prefer if it worked from just the switch, or just motion sensing, rather than making you do both.

    • Can drive more than 300 screws on a single charge
    • Controlled by the motions of your wrist
    • More expensive than other options
    • The motion-sensing mechanism is unstable
    • Have to hold a switch and turn the device to make it work

    10. Enertwist ET-CS-8 Cordless Screwdriver

    Enertwist ET-CS-8 Cordless Screwdriver

    This cordless screwdriver from Enertwist comes with one of the largest accessory kits of any model we tested; 82 pieces in all. Everything is nicely enclosed in a hard plastic carrying case, making it a convenient way to get everything you need to complete most minor projects.

    The first thing that we noticed about this screwdriver is its size. At 11 inches long, it’s one of the larger tools on this list. Despite this, it weighs just over a pound. It’s got a unique two-position handle that can be set in-line or as a pistol grip, which is cool but doesn’t make up for the bulky size.

    All that aside, with 88 inch-pounds of torque, this tool is pretty stout for an electric screwdriver. In fact, it’s powerful enough to show the weakness in the included bits since it snapped the flex drive!

    The chuck leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t hold onto the bits well, dropping them completely when you point the tool down. The dismal battery life was the last screw in this driver’s coffin, always dying before we could complete a project.

    • 88 inch-pounds of torque
    • Includes an 82-piece accessory kit
    • Much bigger than the other ones we tested
    • Weak flex drive broke
    • Doesn’t retain bits when pointed downward
    • Dismal battery life

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Electric Screwdriver

    Electric screwdrivers seem like simple tools. They aren’t as strong or versatile as a drill, so there aren’t as many factors to consider. Still, discrepancies between models can provide a drastically different user experience for each. Get the wrong tool and you might find that you don’t even reach for it when the project warrants!

    To make sure you don’t find yourself in such a situation, we’ve written this short buyer’s guide to help you prioritize the features you’ll find on an electric screwdriver. They might not all be of equal importance to you, but this guide should help you figure out which traits to prioritize for your situation.


    Electric screwdrivers are not powerful tools. They’re not meant for driving long screws into thick wood. You’d never want to attempt to install a deck with one, for example. Instead, they’re intended for small projects where you’d normally use a regular screwdriver, but the electric screwdriver makes things just a little faster and easier.

    Still, if you get one that’s underpowered, you might find yourself frustrated at its inability to drive screws into pre-drilled holes and soft materials. On the other hand, if you get one that’s too powerful and can’t be set to a lower power level, you might experience problems with it stripping small screws.


    One advantage of an electric screwdriver over an impact driver or drill is that an electric screwdriver is much smaller. This allows them to fit into tighter spaces that a drill wouldn’t be able to maneuver in.

    Likewise, these smaller tools are a better fit for those with small hands that might have trouble wrapping around the handle of a full-size drill or impact driver.

    The small size of an electric screwdriver can also be an advantage when it comes to storage. If you have a workshop full of tools, then this probably won’t apply. But for the average homeowner with only a handful of tools, a compact electric screwdriver can be stored in any drawer or bin.


    Along with a compact size comes a lighter weight. Most drills weigh in the vicinity of two to three pounds, sometimes even heavier. While some electric screwdrivers are as heavy as two pounds, most of them are closer to one pound. In fact, we’ve even used some that were lighter than a pound!

    For some individuals, the difference between a one-pound and two-pound tool may seem negligible. But for others, that can mean the difference between the tool being usable and it being too much of a strain.

    Elderly folks will greatly benefit from finding the lightest electric screwdriver possible, as will those with pre-existing injuries or conditions that might make it difficult to work a heavier tool, such as arthritis.

    man using DEWALT DCF610S2 Screwdriver

    Battery Life

    It’s quite frustrating to block off an afternoon of time to devote to a project, just to have your tools die and leave you twiddling your thumbs waiting for them to charge. With electric screwdrivers, this is even more of a problem since they usually have built-in batteries that aren’t removable, making it impossible to get a backup battery to us while the other charges.

    Regarding battery life, these tools vary widely. We’ve used some electric screwdrivers that could install hundreds of screws on a single charge without slowing down or missing a beat. Unfortunately, we’ve also experienced the opposite with some tools barely capable of installing two-dozen fasteners on a full charge.


    An electric screwdriver will be used for assembling and disassembling furniture, making small repairs around the house, and various odd jobs of all types. But unless you already have a good collection of screwdriver bits to use with your new electric screwdriver, it won’t be able to do any of those things. Luckily, many manufacturers include a selection of bits to get you started.

    Some of these kits include just the basics; a couple of the most important bits like Phillips and flatheads. But other companies take it much further with kits that contain 30 or more pieces. We’ve even seen kits that include more than 80 extras!

    Truthfully, many of those will never see use. But it is a good idea to look for an electric screwdriver that comes with at least the basic screwdriver bits that you’re most likely to need. Otherwise, you’ll get started on a project just to discover that you don’t have the necessary tools to complete it!

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    Electric screwdrivers are handy little tools that can make your life just a tad easier. After reading our reviews, you can tell that these tools vary quite a bit, so we’re going to go over our recommendations once more so that they’re fresh in your mind.

    For our money, the best electric screwdriver is the Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver. Its compact design fits easily into tight spaces though it still manages speeds of up to 360 RPM, and it conveniently charges by micro-USB.

    If you’re looking for the best value electric screwdriver, we suggest taking a look at the BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX Cordless Screwdriver. It’s a small tool that’s comfortable to hold and lightweight enough to easily maneuver. It produces 35 inch-pounds of torque and is even protected by a two-year warranty.

    When you need more power than what one of these compact screwdrivers produces, then you should consider the DEWALT DCF610S2. It makes 160 unit watts out of power in a balanced and comfortable package with a three-year warranty.


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