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9 Best Heated Toilet Seats in 2024 — Reviews & Top Picks 

KOHLER K-10349-0

If you are just learning about the value of a heated toilet seat, you are in for a life-changing event. However, you may be surprised to find just how many brands there are and how many features besides heat some of the seats have. We have reviews of 10 heated toilet seats to help you sort through the brands and the features so you can see which seat you want.

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide discussing how these devices work and what you should look for before buying. Join us as we take an in-depth look at the best heated toilet seats and look at temperature settings, cord length, durability, and bidets to help you make an educated purchase.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites (2024)

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600
  • Convenient side panel
  • Posterior and feminine wash
  • Tank reservoir
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Toastie Tush Toastie Tush
  • Attaches to existing toilet seat lid
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Third place
    Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm
  • Four heat settings
  • Nightlight
  • Easy to install
  • SmartBidet SB-1000 SmartBidet SB-1000
  • Multi-wash functions
  • Remote control
  • Air dryer
  • Kohler 75796-0 Kohler 75796-0
  • Available in several colors
  • Automatic night light
  • Quiet
  • The 9 Best Heated Toilet Seats — Reviews  2024

    1. Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Heated Toilet Seat – Best Overall

    BioBidet BB-600 BB600 Ultimate Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, White, Elongated

    The Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Heated Toilet Seat is our pick for the best toilet seat overall. This model does a lot more than just heat the seat. It features a convenient side panel that allows you to make all of your adjustments in comfort. Its heated seat includes mechanisms for a posterior and a feminine wash.

    A tank reservoir holds heated water for a better experience, and you can also receive an oscillating and pulsating massage. The only downside we experienced while using the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Heated Toilet Seat is that the air dry function only uses cold air to dry.

    • Convenient side panel
    • Posterior and feminine wash
    • Tank reservoir
    • The oscillating and pulsing massage
    • Cold air dry

    2. Toastie Tush Toilet Seat Warmer – Best Value

    Toastie Tush Toilet Seat Warmer (Round)

    The Toastie Tush Toilet Seat Warmer is our pick for the best toilet seat for the money. This model attaches directly to your existing lid and warms your seat while closed. The warmer uses a waterproof material that won’t collect moisture and is easy to clean. It’s very lightweight and weighs less than a pound.

    The only real downside to the Toastie Tush Toilet Seat Warmer is that it doesn’t fit all seats. If you have children, you will need to teach them to keep the toilet seat down.

    • Attaches to existing toilet seat lid
    • Lightweight
    • Waterproof
    • Easy to clean
    • Doesn’t fit all seats

    3. Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat

    Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat - Fits Elongated Toilets

    The Brondell LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat is very basic but effective. It’s easy to install, and you can use it within a few minutes of opening the package. It has four heat settings for maximum comfort, and a night light helps you find your way in the dark.

    The primary downside to the Brondell LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat is that the short power cable will require many users to use an extension cord.

    • Four heat settings
    • Nightlight
    • Easy to install
    • Short power cable

    4. SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat

    SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control

    The SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat has three built-in heat settings for the seat, and the water is also adjustable to three temperature settings. You make both adjustments and the water pressure adjustments using the remote control. It also comes with a built-in air dryer.

    What we didn’t like about the SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat was that the water pressure from the bidet was too low and didn’t clean thoroughly. The seat is also sensitive to bathroom cleaners and stains easily. Unfortunately, there is no list of products that stain the surface. The last problem we had was that the air dryer didn’t work. It blows air, but not enough to notice.

    • Multi-wash functions
    • Remote control
    • Air dryer
    • Weak water pressure
    • Sensitive to some cleaners
    • Air dryer doesn’t work very well

    5. Kohler Cachet Heated Front Toilet Seat

    Kohler 75796-0 Cachet Nightlight Quiet-Close With Grip-Tight Elongated-Front Toilet Seat

    The Kohler Cachet Heated Front Toilet Seat is available in several colors and features an automatic night light to help you locate the toilet at night. It operates quietly, and the rubber grippers keep the seat in place, so it doesn’t slide around like many other brands. It also has quick-release hinges for fast removal when changing or cleaning.

    The downside to the Kohler Cachet Heated Front Toilet Seat is that the seat is plastic, and if you are overweight or just sit down too quickly, it can crack and even shatter. There is also very little room under the seat, so you cannot add additional components like a bidet.

    • Available in several colors
    • Automatic night light
    • Quiet
    • Quick-release for easy removable
    • Doesn’t slide
    • No room below the seat for attachments
    • Plastic seat

    6. Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500 Heated Toilet Seat

    Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500

    The Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500 Heated Seat is a full-featured heated toilet seat for elongated toilets. It features an adjustable warm water bidet that allows for one size fits all, and you can also adjust the strength of the dryer air. You can also select between five heat settings for the seat. There is an energy-saving feature that can help save money over time, and it includes an easy-to-use remote.

    While using the Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500 Heated Seat, we discovered a few problems. It has a very short cable, which makes it hard to use without an extension cord unless you have one close to the toilet. We also found the seat to get too hot even on the lowest setting, contributing to its short lifespan.

    The Lotus Smart only heated our seat for about 6 weeks before the heating elements gave out. Also, the water pressure is low and insufficient for proper cleaning.

    • Warm water
    • Easy to use remote
    • Bidet
    • Adjustable water pressure and dryer strength
    • Adjustable heat setting
    • Energy-saving mode
    • Not durable
    • Short cord
    • Hot
    • Low water pressure
    • Only for elongated toilets

    7. BEMIS Radiance Heated Toilet Seat

    BEMIS Radiance Heated Night Light Toilet Seat

    The BEMIS Radiance Heated Toilet Seat features three heat settings for maximum comfort. It uses a unique STA-TITE fastening System that keeps the seat fixed to your toilet and won’t loosen up like several other brands we tried. Grip bumpers keep the seat in place and prevent it from sliding while sitting down, and a slow-closing seat prevents accidental slams. A helpful blue nightlight helps you find the toilet in the dark.

    The downside to the BEMIS Radiance Heated Toilet Seat is that it has a very short cord, like many of the other brands on this list. It doesn’t have the right measurement for older toilets, and it heats very slowly and never reaches the temperature while we reviewed it.

    • Three heat settings
    • STA-TITE fastening System
    • Grip bumpers prevent sliding
    • Nightlight
    • Slow closing seat
    • Short cord
    • Doesn’t fit older toilets
    • Doesn’t get very hot

    8. KOHLER PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat

    KOHLER K-10349-0 PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat

    The KOHLER PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat is the second Kohler heated toilet seat on our list, and this one is easy to install and features three heat settings. It also features dual lighting for when the seat is open or closed, and you can change the color of the lights and schedule timers using a compatible Bluetooth smartphone app.

    A hidden cord compartment helps keep things neat, and quick-release hinges make easy work of removing the seat for cleaning or replacement. It also features a quiet close lid to eliminate breaks due to slamming it closed. What we didn’t like about the KOHLER PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat was the flimsy cover that comes with it.

    It’s too thin to sit on like many people like to do when changing, and the buttons that control the seat are hard to press, and we feel that that will also cause it to wear out quickly. The seat takes the chill out but doesn’t get hot. Unfortunately, the cell phone app doesn’t have much use outside changing the light color.

    • Three heat settings
    • Dual lighting with adjustable colors
    • Hidden cord
    • Quiet close
    • Quick-release hinges
    • Smartphone compatible
    • Flimsy cover
    • Doesn’t get very hot
    • Buttons are hard to press
    • Phone app not very useful

    9. VOVO Heated Toilet Seat

    VOVO VB-3000SE Electronic Bidet, Elongated

    The VOVO Heated Toilet Seat is the last brand on our list, but it still has some great features you may like. You can choose from three heat levels, and a multiple-setting bidet features a built-in self-cleaning mechanism. It also has a nightlight to help you find it and reduce nighttime accidents.

    The downside to the VOVO Heated Toilet Seat is that we found it hard to install. It was challenging to line up as well as follow the instructions. Once installed, the bowl size is reduced by several inches from the back. Another problem that we had was that the nozzle didn’t always retract. If it didn’t withdraw completely, you would get water on your back and the back of the toilet.

    • Three levels of heat
    • Nightlight
    • Multiple setting bidet
    • Hard to install
    • Reduces bowl size considerably
    • Short cord
    • The nozzle doesn’t always retract

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    Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best Heated Toilet Seats

    Let’s look at some of the more important characteristics to look for when you are choosing a heated toilet seat.

    How It Works

    The heated toilet seat works on the same principle as the electric blanket, electric gloves, etc. Electricity moves through a special wire called a heating element. Electricity moving through the wire creates heat, which transfers to the toilet seat.

    Some seats use battery power, but most heated toilet seats require an electrical outlet.

    Heat Settings

    When choosing a heated toilet seat, the heat that it can produce is your primary concern. Many brands allow you to choose between two or more heat levels for maximum comfort, and we recommend looking for a brand that provides at least three settings for year-round use.


    If your seat doesn’t fit your toilet, you won’t be able to use it. Ensure you take accurate measurements of the bowl, the bolts, and the distance to the outlet. We found many brands that claimed they worked with multiple-sized toilets but didn’t.


    Various parts of the heated toilet seat suffer from durability issues.

    The Lid

    Many people like to sit on the closed lid to get changed or bathe their children. If you need to sit on the lid, check which seats are more durable.

    The Seat

    The seat on some heated models is thin and easily broken. We tried to mention any brands with questionable seats in our reviews.

    Lotus Smart Bidet

    The Heating Element

    In many cases, the heating element in a heated toilet seat can last many years, as it’s relatively safe from damage compared to the heating element inside an electric blanket.

    However, if moisture gets in the seat, the seat gets too hot, or there is a sudden power surge, the heating element can suffer damage and fail to work. Some inexpensive brands use underpowered heating elements that burn up quickly under the stress of continuous heating.

    Extra Features

    Along with the heating element, many brands come with additional features you may enjoy.


    Many of the models we reviewed include the bidet, which does not add much to the installation and can save you money over time in toilet paper. Many people prefer this method of cleaning and consider it more sanitary. When choosing a brand with a bidet, look for one with adequate pressure that warms the water beforehand.

    Night Light

    The night light is another feature that can be useful if you frequent the bathroom at night. Many of the brands on our list feature a soft nightlight that can help show you the way, and some allow you to adjust the color and intensity.

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    We’re confident that after choosing a high-quality heated toilet seat for your bathroom, you will never return to an unheated seat again. We recommend the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Heated Toilet Seat, which is our choice for the best toilet seat overall. It’s durable, features a handy controller and bidet, and has two massage modes. The Toastie Tush Toilet Seat Warmer is our best-value seat heater, and it attaches to your existing seat lid and heats your seat while it’s closed.

    If you have enjoyed reading and our reviews and buyers guide have helped you, please share these heated toilet seats on Facebook and Twitter.


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