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10 Best Hot Tub Defoamers in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

A Hot Tub

A Hot Tub Are you frustrated that you can’t enjoy your hot tub because you keep getting an unappealing white foam on the top of the water? Maybe you’ve refilled the tub, only to have the foam return so high that you can’t see over it. Fortunately, there’s an easy and quick solution designed for this exact issue.

Hot tub defoamers restore your hot tub water’s clarity by combating the buildup of dissolved solids. These unpleasant substances come off you every time you use your hot tub. When your hot tub water becomes saturated with dissolved solids, the action of the jets causes them to rise and form a nasty foam.

If you’re looking to tame the foam in your hot tub, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled our top picks of the best hot tub defoamers and added quick-reference pros & cons lists. Be sure to also check out our buyer’s guide for more useful information before you make a purchase.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Bluewater Hot Tub Defoamer Bluewater Hot Tub Defoamer
  • Works quickly
  • Effectiveness lasts for days
  • Simple steps for application
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Clorox Spa 50016CSP Antifoam Clorox Spa 50016CSP Antifoam
  • Eliminates foam
  • Restores water to normal
  • Works quickly on contact
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Leisure Time HQ Spa Foam Down Leisure Time HQ Spa Foam Down
  • Eliminates foam
  • Non-oily formula
  • Flip-top lid for accurate measuring
  • SpaGuard BIO42360 Spa Anti Foam SpaGuard BIO42360 Spa Anti Foam
  • Works immediately
  • Safe to use with chlorine and bromine systems
  • Does not impact pH level
  • Essential Values Hot Tub Defoamer Essential Values Hot Tub Defoamer
  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Does not disrupt water chemistry
  • Silicone emulsion formula
  • The 10 Best Hot Tub Defoamers

    1. Bluewater Hot Tub Defoamer — Best Overall

    Bluewater Hot Tub Defoamer

    Our top choice for the best hot tub defoamer goes to Bluewater. You’ll see a decrease in foam quickly and nearly immediately. After adding this defoamer to your water, it continues to work for several more days and may even last over a week.

    Applying this defoamer takes a couple of simple steps. After letting your hot tub run for 30 seconds, you’ll stop the agitation, add the appropriate amount, and disperse it with your hand if necessary. Once you turn on your hot tub, the foam may persist, which will require you to add more of this defoamer.

    Bluewater is less expensive than similar products, but you may have to use more ounces of it before it works. Unfortunately, in your plight to defeat the foam, you may inadvertently overpour, which results in an unwanted slimy residue in the water.

    • Works quickly
    • Effectiveness lasts for days
    • Simple steps for application
    • Less expensive
    • May require more ounces to work
    • Overapplication leads to slimy residue

    2. Clorox Spa 50016CSP Antifoam — Best Value 

    Clorox Spa 50016CSP Antifoam

    For the best hot tub defoamer for the money, we recommend Clorox Spa Antifoam. At about half the cost of similar defoamers, it takes only a capful of Clorox Spa Antifoam to restore your hot tub spa water back to normal. It works quickly to reduce the foam on contact.

    Clorox Spa not only eliminates your existing foam, but it also prevents new foam from forming for up to a week or more. You’ll be able to stretch the time between your cleanings.

    As with most defoamers, if your water is too saturated with impurities, Clorox Spa Antifoam may not be strong enough to be effective.

    • Best value
    • Eliminates foam
    • Restores water to normal
    • Works quickly on contact
    • Prevents new foam from forming
    • May not be strong enough to combat excessive impurities

    3. Leisure Time HQ Spa Foam Down — Premium Choice

    Leisure Time HQ Spa Foam Down

    Although a bit higher in price, Leisure Time HQ Spa Foam Down is our premium choice for its non-oily, concentrated formula that works immediately to suppress and eliminate foam.

    The flip-top lid assists you with accurate measurement. You’ll only need a half ounce of this product at a time. Leisure Time suggests shaking the bottle well before application and allowing 15 minutes before using your hot tub spa. You can use this defoamer as often as needed. Be cautious of possible broken flip-top lids.

    Leisure Time can be used in any type of sanitized hot tub water, including saltwater. It will not react with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and biguanide sanitizers. Effectiveness may vary depending on water impurity levels.

    • Works immediately
    • Eliminates foam
    • Non-oily formula
    • Flip-top lid for accurate measuring
    • Compatible with most hot tub sanitizers
    • More expensive
    • Possible broken lids
    • Effectiveness varies

    4. SpaGuard BIO42360 Spa Anti Foam 

    SpaGuard BIO42360 Spa Anti Foam

    You can add a few small drops or a single squirt of SpaGuard Spa Anti Foam to your hot tub while the jets are running to completely eliminate the foam. At a reasonable price, this defoamer works immediately.

    SpaGuard Anti Foam’s powerful formula won’t negatively affect your spa’s delicate pH level. This worry-free product can be safely used with both chlorine- and bromine-based sanitation systems.

    While the instructions indicate using this product every 30 days, you may need to add this defoamer more frequently, as its effectiveness doesn’t last too long.

    Also, you may detect an unpleasant odor when adding this defoamer. However, since it’s used in small quantities at a time, the pungent smell is minimized.

    • Only requires a small amount at a time
    • Reasonably price
    • Works immediately
    • Does not impact pH level
    • Safe to use with chlorine and bromine systems
    • Results do not last long
    • Requires frequent treatments
    • May give off pungent odor

    5. Essential Values Hot Tub Defoamer 

    Essential Values Hot Tub Defoamer

    For an eco-friendly and safe option, consider Essential Values hot tub defoamer. The silicone emulsion formula reduces the need for harsh chemicals to reduce and eliminate foam. You can use this defoamer with confidence, knowing that it will not disrupt your water chemistry.

    With its capability for universal application, you can use Essential Values hot tub defoamer in more than just your hot tub. It can be added into pools and fountains as well.

    With a 0.5 to 2 ounces per use, this defoamer works efficiently and quickly. Additional applications may be necessary if you don’t see results after a full day. Effectiveness may vary, but overall, we found that it works well.

    • Eco-friendly and safe
    • Silicone emulsion formula
    • Does not disrupt water chemistry
    • Universal application
    • Works quickly
    • May need additional applications
    • Effectiveness varies

    6. Spa Essentials 32424000 Defoamer (1-Pint, 2-Pack)

    Spa Essentials 1 pint 2 pack

    At a reasonable price, Spa Essentials defoamer only requires a capful to eliminate foam. This long-lasting defoamer does not need frequent applications, and it works quickly.

    Spa Essentials defoamer will restore your spa water to its original sparkling condition. As it works to reduce foam, this product also helps clean surfaces and filters. This defoamer will not alter the chemical levels of your hot tub.

    Spa Essentials is easy to use and apply. Unlike other products, this defoamer has no scent to it. While we found mostly positive results, there were a few instances where this defoamer did not work effectively.

    • Reasonably priced
    • One capful per application
    • Long-lasting results
    • Works quickly
    • Restores water quality
    • Cleans surfaces and filters
    • Does not alter chemical levels
    • No scent
    • Level of effectiveness may vary

    7. Arch Chemical 86216 Pt Spa Defoamer

    Arch Chemical 86216 Pt Spa Defoamer

    Enriched with Vitamin E, Arch Chemical Spa defoamer conditions your hot tub water for a soothing experience as it eliminates and reduces foam.

    This defoamer works efficiently on both bromine and chlorine sanitizing systems. To apply, shake well and add directly to your hot tub water while it’s running. You’ll only need 1 ounce per 200 gallons of water. You can repeat the application as frequently as needed until the foam has dissipated.

    We learned that Arch Chemical Spa defoamer works quickly and keeps foam from reforming for a long time. As with all defoaming products, depending on the level of impurities in your water, results may vary.

    • Enriched with Vitamin E
    • Conditions hot tub water
    • Eliminates and reduces foam
    • Safe for both bromine and chlorine systems
    • 1 ounce per application
    • Repeat applications as necessary
    • Long lasting
    • Results may vary
    • May require frequent applications initially

    8. EcoClean Solutions Pool & Spa Anti Foam

    EcoClean Solutions Pool & Spa Anti Foam

    The special water-based silicone formula in EcoClean Solutions Pool & Spa Anti Foam works effectively to eliminate foam and prevent more foam from forming. This defoamer works quickly and immediately.

    You can use EcoClean Solutions without worry, as it will maintain your water chemistry. You can also use this product with swimming pools and fountains. Unlike some defoamers, EcoClean Solutions does not leave behind an oily residue.

    For hot tubs with a capacity of up to 750 gallons, you’ll need to add 1 to 2 ounces per application. Although a budget-friendly price, you may need numerous applications to properly eradicate the foam. We found that you’ll need to use this defoamer more often with water containing more impurities.

    • Water-based silicone formula
    • Eliminates foam
    • Prevents foam from forming
    • Works quickly and immediately
    • Maintains water chemistry
    • Can use in pools and fountains
    • No oily residue
    • Frequent applications may be required
    • Results vary depending on water impurity level

    9. In The Swim Spa and Hot Tub Defoamer 

    In The Swim Spa and Hot Tub Defoamer

    Using a specially formulated anti-silicone compound, In The Swim spa and hot tub defoamer works by breaking the surface tension of the water to quickly eliminate foam. This product works fast, with a visible reduction of foam within seconds of application.

    In The Swim is compatible with nearly all water treatments, including chlorine and bromine. Although it’s a bit higher in price, 1 ounce is all that’s needed to be applied per 500 gallons of water.

    This defoamer is simple and easy to use. We learned that some hot tub owners mix this defoamer in a spray bottle filled with water. After a couple of squirts, the foam disappears. This idea helps this quart-size product last longer. Unfortunately, the results do not last, and you may need frequent applications to prevent foam from forming again.

    • Specially formulated anti-silicone compound
    • Quickly eliminates foam
    • Compatible with chlorine and bromine systems
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Higher in price
    • Results do not last
    • Requires frequent applications

    10. Hot Tub Things Defoamer 

    Hot Tub Things Defoamer

    With a formula created exclusively for hot tubs, Hot Tub Things defoamer indicates that it uses only the purest chemicals available. One dose of this defoamer will work quickly to break up the existing foam in your hot tub.

    Application takes a few easy steps. After shaking well, measure approximately one capful of defoamer and evenly dispense onto the surface of the water. For best results, add this defoamer while the water is being circulated. You’ll need to wait 30 minutes to see full results. It’s likely that you’ll need to repeat this treatment if the foam has not subsided.

    Hot Tubs Things defoamer is the highest-priced product on our list. While it has been safety tested to assure quality, its effectiveness and the length of time that its results last may vary. You may find that this product gives off an odor.

    • Formulated exclusively for hot tubs
    • Made with purest chemicals
    • Safety tested for quality assurance
    • One dose breaks up foam
    • 30-minute wait time for results
    • Repeated treatments likely
    • Highest price product on list
    • Effectiveness varies
    • Results may not last
    • May give off an odor

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    Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best Hot Tub Defoamer

    Before you purchase a hot tub defoamer, be sure to consider a few important factors. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over what to look for and what to avoid when choosing a defoamer for your hot tub.

    Chemical Compatibility

    Make sure that the defoamer you buy is listed as safe and compatible with your water treatment system. Most hot tubs use bromine, while others rely on chlorine. A high-quality defoamer is formulated to maintain both your hot tub’s chemical balance and its pH level.

    Price versus Efficiency

    Keep in mind that lower-priced products may require higher amounts of product to be used and with a greater frequency. Even if you pay more initially, an efficient defoamer will last longer and in the end, save you money.

    Quick and Long Lasting

    Ideally, your defoamer should work immediately to eliminate foam. However, if the foam returns quickly, you’ll have the inconvenience of having to add another application. For best results, choose a defoamer with long-lasting results.

    hot tub with outside view with sunset
    Image By: Artazum, Shutterstock

    Stretch Time Between Cleaning and Refilling

    Defoamers can be a wonderful way to get longer use out of the water in your hot tub. Be aware that they do not clean your hot tub. Eventually, you will need to perform regular maintenance on your hot tub and replace the water. Keep in mind that several, repeated applications of defoamer may lead to a slimy buildup in your water. For best results, rely on defoamers that extend your usage.

    Proper Storage of Defoamers

    Most defoamers employ harsh chemicals in a concentrated formula to battle the foam buildup in your hot tub. Make sure that you take the proper precautions and have a safe place to store your defoamer.

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    We recommend Bluewater Hot Tub Defoamer as the best hot tub defoamer overall. This high-quality defoamer works quickly. After following the simple steps for application, you can enjoy its immediate results, and its effectiveness lasts for days. Bluewater is less expensive than comparable products.

    Clorox Spa 50016CSP Antifoam is our choice for the best value. It effectively eliminates foam and works quickly on contact to restore your hot tub water to normal. Clorox Spa Antifoam also prevents new foam from forming.

    Leisure Time HQ Spa Foam Down is our premium choice. This defoamer has a non-oily formula that works immediately to eliminate foam from the first application. It comes with a flip-top lid for accurate measuring. Leisure Time is compatible with most hot tub sanitizers.

    Foam can be a frustrating issue that takes away from the enjoyment of your hot tub. A high-quality defoamer can provide a quick, easy, and long-lasting solution. We hope that our in-depth reviews, handy pros and cons lists, and informative buyer’s guide have helped you to find an effective and budget-friendly hot tub defoamer. With the right defoamer, you can extend how long you can enjoy your hot tub between cleanings and refills.

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