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8 Best Hydration Packs for Festivals & Raves of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Mini Hydration Backpack-Vibedration-Amazon

Mini Hydration Backpack-Vibedration-Amazon

Longtime ravers and festivalgoers know that if you want to party hard all night long, you’ve got to party smart, too! More than anything, this means staying properly hydrated while you travel, dance, and explore the festival grounds or dance floor.

Choosing a great hydration pack is the best step you can take to ensure you stay safe and hydrated while looking your best. So, whether you’re planning for your next vacation, or the weekend at your favorite club, consider getting one of these stylish options for staying hydrated.

Finding the right hydration pack can be tough – so we’ve put together this list of reviews to tell you everything you need to know about choosing the best rave water backpack.

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Comparison of our Favorite Picks for 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack
  • 3 pockets give tons of storage space
  • Super lightweight
  • Big 2-liter water capacity
  • Best Value
    Second place
    KANDYPACK Rave Hydration Pack KANDYPACK Rave Hydration Pack
  • Generous 2-liter water capacity
  • Awesome, unique colors and designs
  • 3 pockets for easy storage
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Vibedration VIP Hydration Pack Vibedration VIP Hydration Pack
  • Three pockets make it easy to keep things separated
  • Generous 2-liter water capacity
  • Adjustable padded straps for fine-tuning your fit
  • Best Value Runner-up
    Sojourner Hydration Pack Sojourner Hydration Pack
  • Ultralight 13 ounces dry weight
  • Generous 2-liter water capacity
  • Fill spout makes it easy to add ice
  • Best for Short Trips
    Vibedration Mini Hydration Backpack Vibedration Mini Hydration Backpack
  • Unique, old-school design
  • Great for short trips to festivals and raves
  • Adjustable straps to customize your fit
  • The 8 Best Hydration Packs for Festivals & Raves:

    1. Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack – Best Overall

    Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack

    Sojourner has a whole line of festival and rave gear and clothing, but in our opinion, their hydration packs are really where it’s at. In this, their 3-pocket pack – they’ve combined just about every feature we love to see in a bag – into one sweet package, and is our pick for the best rave water backpack overall.

    At 22 ounces dry weight, it’s super light. Even with a full 2 liters of water, it’s still so comfortable to wear thanks to its padded straps and adjustable fit.

    There are plenty of other thoughtful features as well: A 2-inch wide screw cap makes it easy to add ice, giving the Sojourner a great reputation for hot weather festivals. A breathable mesh panel backs this up, helping to keep the sweating to a minimum.

    Currently, it comes in 8 colors with a variety of textures and patterns. While we love what they’ve got, we do wish they had more colors and designs available!

    • 3 pockets give tons of storage space
    • Super lightweight
    • Big 2-liter water capacity
    • Wide filling hole makes adding ice easy
    • Breathable mesh panel and adjustable straps for comfort
    • Comes in 8 cool colors
    • Not as many colors and designs as we’d like

    2. KANDYPACK Rave Hydration Pack – Best Value

    KANDYPACK Rave Hydration Pack

    Thinking about trying out a hydration pack for the first time? In that case, we recommend this smaller bag from Kandypack. It’s got everything you need from a festival backpack, all at a great value.

    While it’s not as large as many of the other packs we reviewed, the Kandypack has a lot of great things going for it. Though the pockets are smaller, it still has three of them for easily dividing your things. Combine that with a 2-liter water capacity, and it’s already got the makings of a great hydration pack.

    The design may not be as streamlined as other packs we reviewed, but it has padded straps and adjustable ties for a comfortable fit. Plus, they have our most favorite colors out of any pack we’ve seen: Check out “barfing unicorn” and “galaxy cat” in particular!

    All said and done, we think the Kandypack is one of the best hydration packs for festivals & raves for the money.

    • Generous 2-liter water capacity
    • Awesome, unique colors and designs
    • 3 pockets for easy storage
    • Comfortable and adjustable padded straps
    • Great features for the money
    • Storage space is kind of small
    • Design is blocky

    3. Vibedration VIP Hydration Pack – Premium Choice

    Vibedration VIP Hydration Pack

    If you’re planning on doing a multi-day festival, you’ll want as much storage space in your hydration pack as possible. This is where the Vibedration VIP hydration pack shines: It has the biggest storage space of any pack we reviewed, but still manages to keep a sleek and attractive shape.

    With three big, deep pockets, you’ll be able to store everything from spare clothes to wallets, keys, your phone, and snacks. A 2-liter water capacity means that fill-ups will be infrequent, and you’ll be able to focus on dancing and exploring instead.

    Adjustable padded straps make it comfortable and suitable for people of all sizes, and a ventilated back cushion support make it easy to carry all day long. If it wasn’t so expensive, it would easily be our #1 pick – because to top it all off, it comes in a big variety of colors, materials, and designs.

    • Biggest storage space of any pack we reviewed
    • Three pockets make it easy to keep things separated
    • Generous 2-liter water capacity
    • Adjustable padded straps for fine-tuning your fit
    • Ventilated back cushioning for extra comfort
    • Lots of colors, designs, and materials to choose from
    • Expensive for a festival pack
    • Larger size might not look great on very small people

    4. Sojourner Hydration Pack – Best Value Runner Up

    Sojourner Hydration Pack

    As the little brother to the Sojourner 3-pocket, this 2-pocket model scales everything down and streamlines the design. The result? It looks extra sleek and cool – and they offer it in even more colors than the 3-pocket version.

    At just 13 ounces dry weight, this is the lightest pack we’ve reviewed. The best part? It’s still rocking a 2-liter water capacity, making it an awesome option you won’t constantly be refilling. The 2-inch fill spout makes it easy to load ice into your beverage, too.

    Padded, adjustable chest and shoulder straps combined with a mesh back panel make it ultra-comfortable, and a great fit for just about anyone. We’re not completely sold on the smaller storage space, but if you’re going for a minimalist look it might be the best pack for you.

    • Ultralight 13 ounces dry weight
    • Generous 2-liter water capacity
    • Fill spout makes it easy to add ice
    • Super comfortable adjustable and padded straps
    • Mesh back panel keeps you cool and comfortable
    • Tons of color choices
    • Sleek, minimalist design
    • A lot less storage space than other bags
    • Only 2 pockets
    • Streamlined design can look silly on larger people

    5. Vibedration Mini Hydration Backpack – Best for Short Trips

    Vibedration Mini Hydration Backpack

    While most hydration packs are modeled after the classic Camelbak, a few companies also make more traditionally “backpack-shaped” packs, too. The Mini from Vibedration definitely fits the bill: It looks like the coolest version of your middle school backpack, right down to the top carrying handle and old-school straps.

    Speaking of those straps, though: They’re not super padded like the straps of a lot of other bags we reviewed. So, if you’re going for that old-schools style, the Vibedration Mini is an awesome fit. If it’s maximum comfort you’re after, though, choose a different bag.

    With just 1 liter of water capacity, the Mini is more suitable for short festivals and raves (or even just a trip to your favorite club). Two small zipper compartments are enough to hold the basics, but don’t expect to cram much of anything else in there.

    Overall, we love the Vibedration Mini for its looks – but other bags have better features and functions for long-term use. Get this one if you want the most unique looking bag at the festival.

    • Unique, old-school design
    • Great for short trips to festivals and raves
    • Adjustable straps to customize your fit
    • Small storage capacity
    • Small water capacity
    • Straps get uncomfortable quickly

    6. ECEEN Rave Hydration Pack – Minimalist Chic at A Great Price

    ECEEN Rave Hydration Pack

    This pack from ECEEN chooses to do away with a lot of the flash and storage space of larger bags in favor of a trimmed-down aesthetic with clean lines.

    Lightweight but still boasting a 2-liter water capacity, it gets the job done keeping you hydrated without weighing you down. Add a 2-inch wide screw cap that lets you load ice into your beverage, and it’s a great option for summer festivals.

    Padded, adjustable straps keep it comfortable while you customize your fit. Two pockets don’t hold much more than the essentials, but that contributes to the bag’s overall look and feel in a positive way.

    For the price, this bag from ECEEN is a great option for anyone looking for a modern, minimalist bag to complement their festival or rave outfit.

    • Excellent value
    • Clean, minimal aesthetic
    • Big 2-liter water capacity
    • Pour spout is large enough to add ice
    • Comfortable, adjustable straps
    • Only two pockets
    • Not much storage space
    • Only 3 color choices

    7. REINOS Hydration Backpack – Best for Cold Drinks

    REINOS Hydration Backpack

    The REINOS hydration backpack offers one clever feature that we didn’t see in any other bag we reviewed: The compartment for its water bladder is thermally insulated, keeping your cold drinks colder for longer. Add a generous 2-liter water capacity, and it makes our pick as the best pack for cold drinks (and hot festivals).

    Adjustable, padded straps keep everything comfortable while you fine-tune your sizing – and a padded, ventilated back helps to keep you cool even in the hottest months. Their selection of 11 colors means you can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time, too.

    It’s lightweight, coming in at just 13 ounces dry weight. That said, it doesn’t really have much pocket space. Instead, they focus on a streamlined design for ease of carrying while dancing.

    • Thermal insulation keeps cold drinks colder for longer
    • Large 2-liter water capacity
    • Light and easy to carry 13 ounces dry weight
    • Adjustable padded straps for comfort
    • Doesn’t have much space in the pockets
    • Only two storage compartments

    8. IVIBED Holographic Rave Hydration Pack – Best Pack for Ladies

    IVIBED Holographic Rave Hydration Pack

    For a pack designed specifically to fit women, the IVIBED brings a good selection of features to back up their custom fit design. Its black light reflective coating just adds to the cool factor, too!

    Sporting a big, 2-liter water capacity, it’s great for not having to pause and refill very often. The attached cap for the wide mouth water bladder is a nice touch, helping to make sure you never lose the cap while filling or adding ice.

    Padded back support and adjustable straps make it easy to get your perfect fit and stay comfortable all day long. Add in 3 big pockets, and you’ve got all the makings of an excellent hydration pack for festivals and raves.

    Our only gripes with the IVIBED are because of its style: A very large printed logo breaks up the otherwise fascinating colors and textures, and it’s only available in 5 colors.

    • Lots of adjustability for a perfect fit
    • Comfortable padded straps and back
    • Cool black light reflective coating
    • Big 2-liter water capacity
    • 3 deep pockets for holding all your stuff
    • Logo sticks out way too much
    • Only available in 5 colors

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Hydration Packs for Festivals & Raves

    When we’re thinking about what hydration pack is best for festivals and raves, we look at four things:

    1. Water Capacity

    Do you know what can a real bummer when you’re dancing and traveling around a festival? Constantly having to refill your backpack. Having to stop for water every half hour is a sure way to kill your vibe.

    That’s why you always want to ensure your hydration pack is at minimum 1 liter – any less than that, and you’ll be refilling it all the time.

    However, you also don’t want one larger than 2 liters. Any more than that, and it starts getting too heavy and awkward to dance with. Stick with the sweet spot between 1 and 2 liters, and you’ll stay hydrated without getting weighed down and stopping all the time for refills.

    2. Pockets and Storage

    Leave the sparse features of the original Camelbaks to the runners. When you’re at a rave, it’s awesome to have enough room to store your wallet, keys, phone, glow sticks, and extra clothes. For a festival, add in some sunscreen and snacks and you’ll be all set! In our mind, more pockets = a better hydration pack, for sure.

    3. Padding

    Always go for a bag that has plenty of padding on the straps, or a soft strap design. You’re probably going to be wearing it all day (or night) long, so spend a few extra bucks on a pack that fits you well and is soft and comfy. Trust us, by the end of the festival your shoulders will be thankful that you did.

    4. Awesome Colors

    Plain colored backpacks? They’re functional, but kind of boring. That’s why for our festival backpacks, we want to have the option to go all out: The brighter and crazier they can make the colors and patterns, the more we like the bag!

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    After comparing all our reviews, the 3-pocket Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack wins out as the best rave water backpack overall because of its do-everything design and cool color selection. For the best value for your money, we strongly recommend picking up one of the KANDYPACK Rave Hydration Pack – its variety of colors is a huge bonus in our book, letting it take any rave outfit to the next level.


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