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10 Best Impact Driver Bit Sets of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Impact Driver Bit Sets

hand holding Bosch SDMS44 44-Piece Impact Tough Screwdriving System Set

Sometimes, a regular screwdriver just doesn’t cut it—you occasionally need to use an impact driver (a kind of power tool) to drive in screws that would stall if you tried to use muscle power. While impact drivers are powerful tools, they’re useless without a set of driver bits.

Like a regular screwdriver or power drill bits, impact driver bits can be used to drive in or remove different types of screws and nuts from workpieces, metal surfaces, and other repair jobs. Having the right set of impact driver bits can determine which jobs you can finish and whether you can complete a home repair job yourself or hire someone else.

Let’s break down the best impact driver bit sets of the year so you can combine your impact driver with all the bits it needs for success.

A Quick Glance At Our Favorites in 2024:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set
  • Comes with most major bit types
  • Bits made with high-speed steel
  • Bits can flex
  • Best Value
    Second place
    WORKPRO 47-Piece Impact Screwdriver Bit Set WORKPRO 47-Piece Impact Screwdriver Bit Set
  • Has plenty of bits for most jobs
  • Includes magnetic extension rod
  • All bits have black oxide coating
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Steelman Pro 50-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set Steelman Pro 50-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set
  • Each bit has laser-etched markings
  • Plenty of bit holders, socket adapters
  • All bits made of heat-treated steel
  • Makita Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set Makita Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set
  • Has magnetic bit holders
  • Good case
  • Easy to retrieve bits from case
  • Bosch 44-Piece Impact Screwdriving System Set Bosch 44-Piece Impact Screwdriving System Set
  • You can mix-and-match bit clips
  • Good bit durability and flexibility
  • Excellent bit visibility
  • The 10 Best Impact Driver Bit Sets

    1. Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set – Best Overall

    Dewalt DWA2T40IR Screwdriver Bit Set

    The Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set has everything you need in a full impact driver kit; there are 40 unique pieces, each of which is individually forged to maintain durability and functionality over the long term. The assorted bit tips and sizes are among the most common you’d find on a work site, so it’s great for both professional workers and hobbyist handymen.

    Each bit is made with high-speed steel, ensuring it won’t easily strip or break even under heavy use. Despite this durability, the steel allows some flexing to prevent cracking or breaking. In fact, the bits can flex up to 15°. The only downside is that the case that comes with the purchase doesn’t have secure slots for each bit, so they may jostle around within it, becoming cluttered.

    We also like the magnetic screw lock system that works with all of the set’s impact driver bits. This adds extra stability and prevents you from having to pick up dropped bits all the time. All in all, it’s an affordable and effective kit that even comes with a one-year warranty. The warranty will replace any bits that crack or break from regular use with an immediate shipment by the manufacturer. Talk about value!

    All in all, we think this is the best impact driver bit set available this year.

    • Comes with most major bit types
    • Bits made with high-speed steel
    • Bits can flex
    • Magnetic screw lock system
    • 1-year warranty
    • Case doesn’t keep bits secure

    2. WORKPRO 47-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set – Best Value

    WORKPRO 47-Piece Impact Screwdriver Bit Set

    The WORKPRO Impact Screwdriver Bit Set comes with a total of 47 impact screwdriver bits. Even better, each of the bits is made from special alloy steel, ensuring long-term durability even with the heavy shock and impact of impact drilling. Furthermore, the bits are covered with a black oxide that will stop them from rusting or corroding over time.

    We also like that this kit, which is a little more affordable than the last, comes with a better carrying case that features secure slots for every screwdriver bit. So, they shouldn’t shake free when you transport your set from place to place. The case is quite lightweight overall, too.

    But best of all is the magnetic extension holder you get with the set. This allows you to quickly and easily pick up and retain any impact driver bits you want to use. Plus, it adds a little bit of reach for driving screws through hard-to-access areas.

    Ultimately, it’s one of the best impact driver bit sets for the money, with the minor downside that the case isn’t super tough. In fact, the slide latch is made of regular plastic and may break easily. Still, the fact that the biggest flaw is with the case rather than the bits is still a vote for its overall excellence.

    • Has plenty of bits for most jobs
    • Includes magnetic extension rod
    • All bits have black oxide coating
    • All bits made with durable material
    • Case has snug slots for each bit
    • Case is vulnerable to breaking relatively easily

    3. Steelman Pro 50-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set – Premium Choice

    Steelman Pro 78633 50-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set

    The Steelman Pro 50-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set comes with 50 pieces, each of which is made with impact-grade steel. This means there shouldn’t be any issues with the bits falling apart or cracking over time. In fact, each bit has been heat-treated for added durability.

    We certainly found them easy to use over the long term. We also like the five socket adapters that come with the kit. These add a bit of versatility to the entire set and will allow professional construction workers or contractors to use this single kit for practically any job. Also included are four durable bit holders, one of which is quick release, so you can swap from bit to bit quickly and easily.

    The laser-etched names on the side of every bit are a handy feature. Identifying the right size bit for your job is almost always a hassle, but not with this kit. It’s easier than ever to figure out which bit you want to grab with this kit, especially since every bit has a designated and snug holding place in the kit.

    The downside is definitely the price, but we still think this will be a phenomenal choice for contractors or serious professionals who want the best of the best and aren’t afraid to spend money to get it.

    • Each bit has laser-etched markings
    • All bits made of heat-treated steel
    • Plenty of bit holders, socket adapters
    • Durable and expansive storage case
    • Pricier than average

    4. Makita Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set

    Makita A-98348 Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set

    The Makita Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set takes the price back down to more manageable levels but still offers 50 precision-machined driver bits. Each bit is made with special S2 steel designed to last for a long time to come, even under heavy and industrial use. Heat treatments ensure rigidity and provide a moderate amount of flexibility to prevent cracking.

    We also like the carrying case, which has several rows of holding slots sized perfectly for different impact driver bits. The case itself is fairly durable despite the low asking price. Plus, the bit keeper rows can even rotate 90°, so it’s quicker than ever to pluck the bit you need from the storage case and set it into your power tool.

    The kit comes with magnetic bit holders, which makes it easier to drill in hard-to-reach areas or recover bits that fall from your power tool into a nook or cranny. There are a few downsides; the #2 Phillips bits are slightly undersized for some drills, so they might slip. But overall, it’s a solid and budget-friendly choice.

    • Very affordable
    • Has magnetic bit holders
    • Good case
    • Easy to retrieve bits from case
    • Bits are durable but flexible
    • Some bits are a little loose for comfort

    5. Bosch 44-Piece Impact Screwdriving System Set

    Bosch SDMS44 44-Piece Impact Tough Screwdriving System Set

    The Bosch 44 Impact Tough Screwdriving System Set has 44 pieces, most of which are individual bits instead of accessories. Fortunately, the bits are all impact rated and should last for several years of heavy use, especially compared to competitors’ bits. Even better, the bits come with specially engineered tips that ensure a tight fit.

    All the bits also come with a silver sleeve that makes them easy to identify if you drop them, plus laser markings, so it’s easy to tell which size of bit is which. The silver section can also help absorb the torque to reduce the risk of breaking.

    Perhaps the most important aspect of this set, however, is that you can mix and match different sizes of bits and clips depending on what you need. You can choose an empty case, then fill it with different rows of bits and clips. This makes it customizable and, thus, a great choice for hobbyist handymen or experienced contractors alike. Oddly, some bit clips are hard to fit into the box, but it’s still a great set overall.

    • You can mix and match bit clips
    • Good bit durability and flexibility
    • Excellent bit visibility
    • Bits have laser etchings
    • Default kit only has a few Phillips bits
    • Box design is weird

    6. Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set

    Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set

    The Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set offers a whopping 74 pieces in its kit, and it’s still not the most expensive set on our list. Each tip is specially forged with the proprietary heat-treating process to improve strength and durability over the long term.

    In addition to the main collection of bits, you’ll also receive several magnetic bit extension holders, which will help you reach farther areas and screw away. Some of the bits are designed for really powerful impact drivers and can absorb a ton of torque without breaking or cracking.

    The downside is the strange shape of the case, which is supposedly geometrically designed to reduce shock absorption. But it’s not the most durable on the market, and the clips sometimes make it easy for bits to fall out.

    • Comes with tons of bit variation
    • Has good bit extensions
    • All bits are durable
    • Some bits designed for high-torque jobs
    • Case isn’t that tough
    • Some bit holders are a little loose

    7. Jackson Palmer 208-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set

    Jackson Palmer 208-Piece Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set

    In terms of sheer bit variety, you’ll never find a set with more than the Jackson Palmer Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set. This case comes with 208 pieces, including a ton of unique impact driver bit sizes, many of which are specialty or rarer types that are difficult to find elsewhere. What’s more, each bit is made with high-grade carbon steel, ensuring excellent durability over the years.

    The case also comes with a special adapter. This allows you to swap between impact driver bit sizes in a flash, which is perfect for professional contractors who want to finish their work quickly. The case is made of durable plastic, and the set includes multiple common bit sizes. If you lose one of these, it’s not the end of the world.

    However, the case isn’t very secure, and bits fall out all the time. Furthermore, identifying different bit sizes between one another can be tricky and time-consuming. But when you consider the low asking price and the 100% money-back guarantee, this 208-piece set is one of the best of the best for handymen who never want to look for a specialty bit again.

    • Includes rare bits and a large variety
    • All bits made with carbon steel
    • Comes with bit adapter for fast changes
    • 100% money-back guarantee
    • Good price for value
    • Case slots aren’t secure
    • Bits can be hard to differentiate

    8. AmazonBasics Impact Driver Bit Set

    AmazonBasics Impact Driver Bit Set

    The AmazonBasics Impact Driver Bit Set is a much smaller kit and is most suitable for part-time contractors or hobbyist handymen. The small carrying case includes 31 bits and a magnetic holder that’s perfect for ensuring you don’t lose a bit in a nook or cranny. In fact, this kit is specifically designed for home appliances, electronic devices, and other common objects that may need a little repair work.

    Each of the bits is made with durable and wear-resistant steel and a black finish that prevents corrosion over time. The case is made with durable plastic and is small enough to fit in a closet, under a seat, or anywhere else that is convenient.

    The downsides are obvious. With only 31 bits, there are some bit sizes that you might miss. This makes it unsuitable for professional contracting work. Additionally, the case isn’t particularly durable, and the bits, while black, thanks to an anti-corrosion layer, are easy to lose.

    • Very affordable
    • Comes in compact case
    • Has good magnetic holder
    • Many staple bit sizes missing
    • Case isn’t that durable

    9. TACKLIFE PSDB1B Screwdriver Bit Set

    TACKLIFE PSDB1B Screwdriver Bit Set

    The TACKLIFE Screwdriver Bit Set is also fairly affordable, and each bit is made with S2 alloy steel for added durability and longevity. The tips are precision machined to fit several types of screws perfectly, although we noticed some tips were a bit looser than others.

    Still, each of the bits benefits from an “extended torsion zone,” essentially meaning they’re great for long working hours or lots of torque. There’s a series of extension bit holders that use magnets to hold bits securely and prevent any wobble. We also like the carrying case, which is well-organized and holds the bits snugly in place.

    The issues are that, despite claims to the contrary, some of the bits are a little more fragile than you would expect. Furthermore, some of the magnets in the bit holders are known to fall out, making them essentially useless.

    • Good case organization
    • Most bit holders are heavily magnetic
    • Good asking price
    • Bit holder magnets sometimes fall out
    • Some bits are unacceptably fragile
    • A few common bit types are missing

    10. UTOOL Impact Driver Bit Set

    UTOOL Impact Driver Bit Set

    The UTOOL Impact Driver Bit Set comes with 45 pieces, plus a secure bit holder case that does a good job of separating different bit categories and their accessories. Also included are nut drivers and a bit holder, so it’s a kit suitable for some professional work.

    The bits are made with S2 steel and feature black oxide finishes, plus flexible torque sections to extend their lifespans. However, the tips wear down fairly quickly, even with their steel quality. Furthermore, the nut drivers and bit holders are less magnetic than you’d hope.

    All in all, it’s a decent kit, but many of the others above are better in every major metric.

    • Good case organization
    • Has good bit variety
    • Good price
    • Magnetic nut drivers and holder aren’t that strong
    • Some bits strip down quickly
    • Cheaper quality
    • Lack of durability overall

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Impact Driver Bit Set

    In order to figure out which impact driver bit set is right for you, you’ll need to consider these major factors.

    Variety of Driver Bits

    A kit may contain different driver bits, which vary in number and size. Obviously, kits that contain a greater bit variety will be able to serve you for a wider range of repair or installation jobs. A kit that has 50 bits, for example, is obviously more suitable for a more experienced craftsman or home repairman than a kit with only 6–10 bits.

    However, more bits are not always better. It all depends on what you need the kit for. For instance, if you want a kit of driver bits for basic home repairs, a simple set with between 10 and 20 bits is likely all you’ll need for the foreseeable future.

    This being said, it’s almost never a bad thing to have extra bits. You never know when you might need a rare bit size for a unique repair job that you didn’t anticipate beforehand. Having that bit already in your set means you won’t have to search for the right bit at a hardware store after the fact.

    Bottom line: look at the overall variety of driver bits in the number and size before making a purchase and make sure that a set has everything you need.

    Driver Bit Durability

    Most bits are made from durable steel; carbon steel or S2 steel alloys are among the best materials you can get. You’ll also want to see if driver bits are coated with a non-corrosive material. All of these factors will go a long way toward ensuring the bits won’t break, even after heavy use.

    If you get fragile bits, they may break in the middle of a repair job. In the worst-case scenario, this can put off your repairs for days while you find a replacement bit. We’d heavily recommend not skimping on bit durability, or you’ll regret it later.


    Most driver bit sets will also come with a number of accessories. Some kits include nut drivers, while others might come with special attachments for different screwdrivers or magnetic tips. The last accessories are particularly valuable since it makes it more difficult for you to lose your bits in nooks or crannies.

    However, accessories don’t determine the overall value of a kit—they’re best used as tiebreakers to help you choose between one set or another if two sets are otherwise pretty close together.

    person using WORKPRO Impact Screwdriver Bit


    One last thing you want to keep in mind is the organization of a set. Most bit driver sets will include a carrying case or pouch, which has special slots or sections for bits of different sizes. These are great for the overall organization and will allow you to take your set between different worksites without having to toss all the bits into a bag and reorganize them when you arrive at your construction location.


    However, some kits definitely have better organization solutions than others. Some cases come with markings on the bit drivers themselves, while others may only have markings on the slots inside the case.


    Some cases may come with tight or secure driver bit slots, while others are looser. In the latter case, the driver bits may fall out of their slots while in transit, creating a mess that you have to organize later.

    Overall, don’t discount organization. Well-organized sets are usually well worth the asking prices in terms of convenience. Nothing bogs you down more like having to dig through your disorganized bits and find the one size you need when nothing is marked or stored correctly.

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    The Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set is, ultimately, the best impact bit driver set we can find on the market. Each bit is made with excellent materials that guarantee long-term durability while affording enough flexibility that the bits shouldn’t crack, even under heavy use. The magnetic screw lock system is the icing on the cake.

    If you’re set on buying an impact driver bit set, but you’re on a budget, try the WORKPRO Impact Screwdriver Bit Set, complete with 47 impact screwdriver bits. It’s a steal of a deal for high-quality bits and a lightweight case.

    Regardless of our preferences, you should check out the rest of these driver bit set reviews and pick the one that suits your needs best. Many of these are affordable and functional for most users, so grab the kit that seems right, and your repairs will go by faster and easier than ever.


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