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10 Best Pressure Washers under $300 – Reviews & Top Picks 2024

man using TACKLIFE GSH01B Gas Pressure Washer

man using TACKLIFE GSH01B Gas Pressure Washer

When it comes to cleaning areas such as the garage, yard, or driveway, many people just use a garden hose. However, this tool not only does a poor job at cleaning oil, tar, mold, tree sap, and other adhesive substances but is also terribly wasteful.

This is because water flows out of a garden hose at such low pressures that it hardly has any power to remove tough or sticky stains, thus leading you to waste a lot of water and energy in the process.

This is where a pressure washer comes in.  This machine directs water at a tremendous amount of pressure through its nozzle allowing you to clear dirt within no time. This means that you get to save on time, effort, and water.

But with so many pressure washer models on the market today, you want to be sure that the one you choose is a reliable product. In this article, we shall take a look at 10 of the best pressure washers you can get for less than $300.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer
  • Solid construction
  • 5 nozzles
  • 3-year warranty
  • Second place
    GreenWorks GPW1602 Pressure Washer GreenWorks GPW1602 Pressure Washer
  • Compact profile
  • Lightweight
  • Decent pressure 1
  • 600 PSI
  • Third place
    Sun Joe SPX3000 High Pressure Washer Sun Joe SPX3000 High Pressure Washer
  • Various nozzle types
  • Garden hose adaptor
  • Space for accessories
  • Karcher K2000 Electric Power Pressure Washer Karcher K2000 Electric Power Pressure Washer
  • Solid build
  • Decent power 2000 PSI
  • Quiet during operation
  • Briggs & Stratton S1800 Electric Pressure Washer Briggs & Stratton S1800 Electric Pressure Washer
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable pressure for versatility
  • Long cord and hose
  • The 10 Best Pressure Washers under $300

    1. Westinghouse Gas Powered Pressure Washer – Best Overall

    Westinghouse WPX3200 Pressure Washer

    The WPX3200 by Westinghouse is a gas-powered washer that performs like a high-end electric unit while costing much less. This machine comes with a heavy-duty 212cc horizontal shaft 4-stroke OHV engine that easily outperforms any other unit within its price range.

    Thanks to its engine, this power washer shoots out water with pressures of up to 3,200 PSI with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, allowing you to take on heavy-duty tasks such as deep cleaning garage floors, patios, exterior walls, sidewalks, lawns, and driveways.

    The WPX3200’s tank can hold up to 1 gallon of gas, thus allowing you several hours of work time before you have to refill, hence enhancing your productivity. You will also appreciate the 25-foot long super-flex hose it comes with to allow you more reach and freedom. The hose is also abrasion-resistant for enhanced durability.

    Sporting a steel frame and industrial-grade plastic construction, the WPX3200 is one durable unit.

    Another feature that you will find remarkable is its never-flat 12-inch wheels, which allow you unlimited maneuverability. It is also ridiculously easy to assemble.

    The only issue you might have with this pressure washer, however, is that it comes with a rather small soap tank. Despite this, we think this is the best power washer on the market today.

    • Robust 4-stroke 212cc OHV engine
    • Powerful pump
    • Solid construction
    • 5 nozzles
    • 3-year warranty
    • Small soap tank

    2. GreenWorks GPW1602 Pressure Washer

    GreenWorks GPW1602 Pressure Washer

    The GPW1602 by GreenWorks is an excellent budget buy. It comes in handy for lighter-duty pressure washer tasks such as cleaning the car, patio, and gutter. It is compact and comes with several accessories to make your work easier.

    This pressure washer comes with a 13-amp motor that provides enough power to produce pressures of up to 1,600 PSI at 1.2 gallons per minute. This ensures that you can clean your car or sidewalk effectively in a short while without much hassle. Additionally, it starts quite easy, as you do not have to worry about pulling recoil cords.

    To enhance your reach and freedom of movement, this unit comes with a 35-foot power cord and a 20-foot water hose. Since it is an electric washer, you do not have to worry about your gas running out on you, thus allowing you to work at your own pace. For extra convenience, it comes with a connectable detergent bottle and soap applicator.

    We also liked its compact, lightweight design. Weighing at slightly over 15 pounds, the GPW1602 is easy to maneuver. Its compact profile, on the other hand, means that it does not take up a lot of space, thus allowing you to squeeze it into tight spaces. Another great thing about its design is that it allows you to use it both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to be more dexterous.

    You will also appreciate the handy onboard storage space it comes with to allow you to have all the vital accessories with you at all times.

    The GPW1602 allows for adjustments in its pressure output and spray types, thus allowing you to use the right settings for each job.

    While the GPW1602 might not be ideal for intense, heavy-duty jobs, it is undeniably one of the best pressure washers under $300 for the money.

    • Compact profile
    • Lightweight
    • Decent pressure 1,600 PSI
    • Long 35-ft power cord and 20-ft hose
    • Great value for money
    • Not ideal for heavy-duty usage

    3. Sun Joe SPX3000 High Pressure Washer

    Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 High Pressure Washer

    The SPX3000 is a great choice for those looking for a versatile, high-quality electric pressure washer. It comes with five different quick connect nozzles to allow you to take on a wider variety of cleaning tasks. It is easy to assemble, as it comes partially assembled to allow you to get started as soon as possible.

    This unit comes with an 1800-watt, 14.5-amp motor that allows it to deliver up to 2,030 PSI of pressure at 1.76 GPM. This impressive output means that you should have no problems cleaning just about any surface. To ensure that you do not waste water, it features a total stop system that prevents water from flowing until you pull the trigger.

    To allow you maximum reach, the SPX3000 comes with a 30-foot hose, 35-foot power cord, and even a 34-inch extension wand.

    As mentioned, this Sun Joe washer has five different spray nozzles for enhanced versatility. Each nozzle is suited for different tasks, which allows you to use the machine for a wider variety of applications. Additionally, thanks to their quick connect nature, switching between nozzles is a swift process. What’s more, it also comes with a soap nozzle.

    The SPX3000 is quite portable too. It weighs only 31 pounds and comes with two wheels for maneuverability.

    A major downside to this pressure washer, however, is that its nozzles are susceptible to rust. The good news is that it comes with a 2-year warranty.

    • Powerful with pressures of up to 2,030 PSI
    • Various nozzle types
    • Garden hose adaptor
    • Space for accessories
    • Long hose and power cord
    • Portable
    • Nozzles are susceptible to rust

    4. Karcher Electric Power Pressure Washer

    Karcher K2000 Electric Power Pressure Washer

    The K2000 by Karcher is a powerful and efficient electric washer that is designed for home and garden cleaning. This unit comes with a motor that delivers a pressure output of up to 2,000 PSI at 1.3 GPM, thus allowing you to enjoy great performance.

    Something unique about the K2000’s motor is that it utilizes induction technology, which is more efficient than the universal technology that most electric motors use. It also has certification from the Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association.

    The K2000 is also remarkably easy to use thanks to the bevy of features it comes with. It has two detergent tanks that you can toggle between using a selector knob. This allows you to have two different detergents at the same time, with switching between them being seamless. Each of these tanks has a capacity of 0.5 gallons.

    Thanks to its 25-foot long thermoplastic hose, you can work further away from the machine. The washer comes with a pressurized hose reel to allow you to store the hose and keep it in good condition.

    You will also find the on/off footswitch to be immensely convenient, as it saves you the hassle of bending to reach the main button on the unit. For enhanced convenience, this unit comes with a removable storage bin and pneumatic oversized wheels to allow you to use it across all types of terrains. What’s more, weighing in at only 35 pounds, maneuvering this tool should not be a problem for most people.

    The Karcher K2000 is one durable pressure washer thanks to its metal frame that ensures the internal components remain safe even when it tips. In case of any defects or accidents, the 3-year warranty it comes with should put you at ease.

    Unfortunately, this unit might be underpowered when it comes to heavy-duty tasks.

    • Solid build
    • Decent power 2000 PSI
    • Quiet during operation
    • Easy to use
    • Efficient motor
    • Not ideal for heavy-duty use

    5. Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer

    Briggs & Stratton S1800 Electric Pressure Washer

    The 20680 by Briggs & Stratton is a good choice for those looking for ab electric washer for handling moderate tasks. It features a compact profile for easier portability and storage while being remarkably durable thanks to its welded-steel frame.

    This unit delivers up to 1800 PSI at 1.2 GPM, making it ideal for most cleaning jobs around the house. However, it also has a 900-PSI setting to allow you to take on jobs that are more delicate. It comes with a 25-foot flexible hose that allows you to wash hard to reach areas, while the 35-foot power cord enables you to move the machine further away from the wall outlet.

    Other features you will love include the turbo nozzle that allows you to clean up in a hurry and the 7-inch wheels that allow you to be mobile across all terrains.

    • Compact design
    • Long cord and hose
    • Adjustable pressure for versatility
    • Comes with a turbo nozzle for faster cleaning
    • Plastic holster

    6. A-iPower Gas Powered Pressure Washer

    A-iPower APW2700C Gas Powered Pressure Washer

    The APW2700C by A-iPower is a high-pressure gas-powered unit that will have your back in heavy-duty tasks such as cleaning roofs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, RVs, and boats.

    It comes with a powerful and reliable 196cc OHV engine that allows the machine to achieve pressures of up to 2,700 PSI at a flow rate of 2.3 GPM. This means that you only need a little effort to achieve a nice clean.

    The APW2700C boasts of a durable and reliable axial cam pump. Even though it is a heavy-duty machine, it features a compact profile to facilitate easier mobility and storage. Additionally, it comes with an ergonomic gun that maximizes your comfort during use.

    For increased versatility, this high-pressure unit comes with three quick-connecting nozzles. This allows you to utilize the machine for a wider variety of purposes.

    You will love the fact that it comes almost fully assembled. With the help of the manual, even someone with no DIY experience should be able to hack the assembly.

    Unfortunately, the APW2700C lacks hose protection from its hot engine and can be difficult to maneuver. Nonetheless, it is a great washer for anyone looking for the ideal machine for heavy-duty cleaning.

    • Powerful – yields up to 2700 PSI
    • Comes with several accessories for versatility
    • Easy to assemble
    • Compact design
    • Reasonable price for a gas-powered washer
    • Lacks a hose protector
    • Difficult to maneuver

    7. Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer

    Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer

    The SLP2050 by Stanley is an electric pressure washer that combines performance, durability, and value for money in a compact package.

    It comes with a universal motor and a tri-axial pump that deliver up to 2050 PSI, which is enough to blast grime off brickwork, vehicles, and decking furniture. Additionally, with a flow rate of 1.4 GPM, it allows you to finish the job in as little time as possible.

    What sets the SLP2050 from other pressure washers, however, is its two-part system. This allows you to detach the washer from its cart, which tremendously enhances its portability. Due to this feature, the SLP2050 might appear bulky, while it only weighs 36 pounds. The cart is fitted with heavy-duty wheels to allow you to traverse all types of terrains.

    The SLP2050 also comes with a 25-foot high-pressure hose with five different nozzles to allow you versatility. Some of these nozzles include the turbo type for cleaning driveways and patios and the soap nozzle that you can connect to the on-board detergent tank.

    • Ingenious detachable design for unlimited portability
    • Powerful – 2,050 PSI
    • Quiet during operation
    • Loads of accessories
    • Storage compartment
    • Easy to assemble
    • Hose could be more flexible
    • High-pressure nozzles do not dispense soap

    8. TACKLIFE Gas Pressure Washer

    TACKLIFE GSH01B Gas Pressure Washer

    The GSH01B comes with a powerful 6.5-horsepower four-stroke engine that generates 3,200 PSI at 2.4 GPM, making it ideal for both commercial and residential use.

    It is highly versatile thanks to its five quick-connect nozzle tips that allow you to fine-tune the washer to suit the needs of different jobs. It also comes with a 25-foot hose that is both flexible and durable, allowing it to accommodate high pressures without getting cracks or kinks in the tube.

    For enhanced mobility, the GSH01B comes with two 11-inch anti-slip wheels. Their anti-slip nature not only enhances the machine’s maneuverability, but also their durability.

    To ensure that you do not run out of soap, this unit comes with a 0.8-gallon detergent box that allows you to work for longer before you need to refill.

    We didn’t like it that this pressure washer has a limited gas tank capacity and lacks a priming bulb.

    • Powerful
    • Small gas tank
    • Lacks a priming bulb

    9. Powerworks PWA203 Pressure Washer

    Powerworks PWA203 Pressure Washer

    The PWA203 by Powerworks produces a respectable 2,200 PSI at 2.3 GPM to allow you to blast dirt and grime from most areas around your home.

    It comes with a 35-foot power cord and 25-foot hose to allow you extended reach and maneuverability. Additionally, it also comes with an onboard detergent tank to save you the hassle of having to carry around your own soap bucket.

    This unit comes with five different nozzles for versatility and are quick-connect to enhance your efficiency.

    It does have some issues, however. For example, its soap dispenser line does not come with a shut-off valve, its holders are made from light-duty plastic, while the wand is quite short.

    • Good performance
    • Does not have a shut-off valve for soap dispenser
    • Cheap plastic parts
    • Short wand

    10. WORX WG604 Electric Pressure Washer

    WORX WG604 Electric Pressure Washer

    The Worx WG604 is advertised as being able to deliver 2,240 PSI at 1.93 GPM. Nonetheless, this unit is only capable of 1,600 PSI at 1.3 GPM under a normal load. Therefore, keep that in mind before you purchase it.

    For what its worth, it does deliver good performance when it comes to light-duty jobs. However, you cannot rely on it for heavier tasks. It features a solid construction and is easy to assemble.

    • Solid construction
    • Misleading pressure and GPM ratings
    • Not ideal for heavy-duty use
    • Unreliable

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    Buyer’s Guide – How to Purchase the Best Pressure Washer Uner $300

    A pressure washer is a significant investment. As such, it is crucial to make sure that your unit of choice is not only reliable but also suits your needs and preferences. Therefore, consider the following factors when looking for a pressure washer.

    Type of Pressure Washer

    You can categorize power washers according to their source of fuel. Based on this criterion, they can be either electric or gas-powered.

    Electric Pressure Washers

    Electric washers are environmentally friendly, as they do not release toxic fumes. Nonetheless, even the most robust electric units rarely exceed 2,000 PSI. Therefore, while they can handle a lot of cleaning tasks around your home, they are not nearly as powerful as gas-powered units.

    Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

    Gas-powered units are extremely powerful, which makes them ideal for heavy-duty or commercial applications. Additionally, they are more efficient in water usage, as they use about the same amount of water that electric washers do.

    Another benefit of gas-powered machines is their unlimited portability. Unlike an electric washer that limits you to a certain distance from an electrical outlet, a gas-powered unit allows you to carry your fuel with you. Nonetheless, they also tend to be much more expensive.


    Standing for pressure per square inch, PSI is the measure of the force at which a washer releases water from its nozzle.

    PSI, therefore, is arguably the most important rating to consider when evaluating a pressure washer. This is because it determines the cleaning power of a washer.

     Quality Construction Material

    The material used to construct a pressure washer plays a big role in determining its durability. Most of these units typically feature a combination of metal and plastic. The best combination is where metal features more than plastic. Moreover, the type of plastic matters. Ensure that your unit features industrial-grade plastic, as it is more rigid than regular plastic.

    Hose Length

    The length of your hose is especially relevant when it comes to electric pressure washers since they always have to be close to a wall outlet. If you must use an electric unit, then ensure that its hose is over 25 feet. The length of the power cord matters too. Make sure that it is at least 30 feet long.

    man setting up Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer


    Depending on the area of application, you might want to consider the types of tires that are best suited for it. If you are working across various terrains, consider choosing a washer with pneumatic tires, as they move easily across all types of surfaces.


    While it is not always the case, you will find that well-known manufacturers have better products most of the time. After all, they are popular for a reason. Nonetheless, they tend to be more expensive.

    Little-known brands, on the other hand, offer striking features to capture your interest. The good news is that you can always tell low quality by construction material.

    Therefore, apply due diligence when evaluating pressure washers based on price.


    Opt for a unit that comes with a warranty, as it indicates that a manufacturer has confidence in their product. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully.

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    We hope that our reviews have been helpful and that you now have a good idea of which pressure washer is ideal for you. If you are yet to make up your mind, we highly recommend the Westinghouse WPX3200 gas-powered pressure washer. It is powerful, reliable, and affordable for its quality.

    If you are on a tight budget, consider the GreenWorks GPW1602 electric pressure washer. It is a high-quality unit with enough power to handle household chores with ease.

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