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13 Best Tomato Plants to Grow in Your Garden

close up tomato plant in the garden

Are you looking for the perfect tomato to grow in your garden? Tomatoes are pretty easy to grow, so novice gardeners can have this plant in their garden. You can even plant different tomato varieties and get a bumper harvest.

But which tomato plant should you grow? There are different varieties out there, and the one you choose is determined by your preference, the weather in your area, available space, and other factors. Regardless of the tomato plant, the most important thing is to take the best care from the time you start until harvest time.

Below are some of the best tomato plants to grow in your garden.

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The 13 Best Tomato Plants to Grow in Your Garden

1. Celebrity Tomatoes

Celebrity tomatoes are among the best you can grow in your garden. The fruit is round-shaped with a deep red color that makes them look delicious. These tomato plants are low-maintenance as well. They reach a height of approximately 5 feet, depending on the condition and depth of the soil. Due to their height, they require support to remain upright and ensure they don’t drag in the soil.

These tomato plants usually take about 70 days to mature. You get the best yield when you grow them in nutrient-rich soils. The variety is resistant to diseases such as nematodes, tobacco mosaic virus, and verticillium wilt.

Celebrity tomatoes are large and meaty with a unique flavor, making them an excellent choice for slicing, snacks, and sandwiches.

2. Black Cherry Tomato

Black cherry tomato plant
Image Credit: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

The black cherry tomato plant produces tomatoes black, which makes them similar to cherries. The plant is small, but yields a lot of tomatoes. The tomatoes are disease-resistant, easy to grow, and will fruit in about 65 days.

The plant grows to a height of 6 to 8 feet. You can plant them in cages or build solid support to hold them in place. You can also grow them outdoors or in the greenhouses.

The plant yields large clusters of one-inch round tomatoes. You will know that the fruit is mature as soon as it turns black.

Black cherry tomatoes are described as sweet with a smoky flavor. They also have low acid levels. You can use them in salads or eat them together with other fruits or vegetables.

3. Brandywine Tomatoes

brandywine tomatoes
Image Credit: BldrJanet, Pixabay

Brandywine tomatoes are another great choice because of their delicious taste, large size, and pumpkin-like shape. The fruit has a healthy deep shade of pink. These tomatoes take approximately 90 to 100 days to yield mature tomatoes.

You will get the best results if you maintain well-drained and fertile soils. They can grow up to 9 feet tall, making this plant better suited for growing outside. To get the best results, plant the tomatoes in slightly acidic soil.

It is also good to note how and when to apply nitrogen-based fertilizers to enhance the development of more fruits. The plant is resistant to many diseases, making it perfect for your home garden.

The tomatoes are juicy, meaty, and sweet making them a great option for fresh eating and sandwiches.

4. Chocolate Stripes

chocolate stripes tomato
Image Credit: PxHere

Chocolate stripes, also referred to as heirloom tomatoes, are easy to grow high-yielding tomatoes. They have a unique color pattern: red featuring brown stripes running down the fruit. This makes them look similar to exotic fruits, making your garden more appealing.

You can also expect them to be about a pound at their largest. The harvest can be done after 70 to 80 days. At full maturity, these plants are about 6 feet tall.

Chocolate stripes require much care. You need to note when the vines begin to grow. You don’t have to use nitrogen-based fertilizer to enhance growth. Just ensure to stop the pest instantly and keep the topsoil moist.

The tomatoes are sweet and aromatic; you can eat them like fruits or use them in salads.

5. Beefsteak

beefsteak tomato plant
Image Credit: SimonG_MK, Pixabay

This is one of the best and most common tomatoes you can plant in your garden. It is a great variety because of its dark red hue, large size, and delicious taste. You can harvest beefsteak tomatoes after about 85 days.

There are different varieties of beefsteak tomato. Some produce fruits that are two times larger than the normal beefsteak fruit. Some varieties also yield more than others. The different varieties also require different climates.

Beefsteak tomatoes reach about 5 to 8 feet in height. The fruits can weigh up to half a kilogram. For high yields, you need a heavy cage or stakes to offer the right support. To extend their growing period, you should start them indoors.

They are thickly fleshed and large, making them classic slicing tomatoes that everyone will like.

6. Blondkopfchen

Blondkopfchen is one of the most delicious tomato varieties with its slightly citrusy taste. Its yellow hue makes it unique and adds to your garden appeal. It starts to produce fruits approximately after 75 to 80 days. You can get about 20 to 25 fruits in a single plant.

One of the most incredible things about this variety is its ability to withstand harsh climates. It’s drought-resistant and reaches about 6 to 7 feet. Besides, you can also plant it in cooler regions. With the height, you need to offer it proper support.

The tomatoes are disease-resistant, easy to grow, and care for compared to most other varieties.

7. Black Krim

Black Krim Tomato
Image Credit: Didgeman, Pixabay

Black Krim is a popular tomato variety since it is never affected by the climate. Thus, regardless of the climate in your area, they still do well. The plant produces medium-sized tomatoes. They have vigorous growth meaning that they grow fast.

They require 8 hours of sunlight daily; at minimum, give it 6 hours of sunlight. This tomato plant does not require so much maintenance. Its ease of growth makes it a friendly variety to have in your garden.

The tomatoes grow up at least 4 feet. One of the unique things about Black Krim is the dark purple color, which makes your garden look beautiful when the tomatoes mature.

8. Azoychka

The Azoychka tomato features a unique yellow color. You can easily mistake it with a lemon when you first look at it. The tomato is popular because of its fruity and citrusy flavor.

The Azoychka tomato plant can produce up to fifty fruits per plant. Thus, before you plant it, plan ahead to include future preservation.

The average height of the tomato is 6 feet but it can grow up to 12 feet. With this height, you can only plant in the garden as opposed to indoors. Besides, you should also provide them with strong support to remain upright and avoid sagging under their height.

Azoychka tomato can survive in cool and hot warm climates. They take approximately 70 to 80 days to mature fully.

You will love this tomato variety because of its.

9. Amana Orange

Amana orange has an orange color, just like its name. When fully mature, the tomato weighs 2 pounds and is large compared to most other tomato varieties. It has a fruit-like sweet flavor. With their orange color, they improve the aesthetics of the garden.

The tomatoes take around 80 to 90 days to mature. When fully mature, the crops can reach up to 7 feet. For perfect growth, ensure that the plant gets at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. You should also plant it in well-drained, fertile loamy soils.

Amana orange is resistant to most pests and infections. However, to prevent blossom end rot, you should add bone meal, crushed eggshells, or oyster shell flour to the holes. Frequent watering is also necessary to enhance deep rooting. This helps you get tastier and more drought-resistant fruits.

The tomato plant is easy and less costly to grow than other varieties.

10. Delicious

Delicious tomato
Image Credit: Lernestorod, Pixabay

As the name suggests, this is one of the most delicious tomatoes you can plant in your garden. The tomatoes are robust enough, so you can store them for a long time and use them in your everyday cooking.

It’s also resistant to pest attacks, which is always a plus. On average, the tomato takes 81 days to have fully matured tomatoes.

Delicious tomato plants can grow 6 to 8 feet high. Thus, when planting, you must ensure there is enough room for growth and offer the right support to prevent sagging. The crop needs at least 6 hours of sunlight every day.

The tomato has a smooth texture, great flavor, and contains a lot of meat. They are indeterminate; thus, you get high yields when you plant and maintain them well in your garden.

11. Dixie Golden Giant

These tomatoes have a lovely golden color and belong to the beefsteak variety, so they usually grow up in the size department. When fully mature, they can weigh up to a pound. They take an average of 85 to 100 days before they are ready to harvest.

When you plant, make sure that the soil is well-drained and fertile. They can grow up to 6 feet, so you should offer them support. For support, you can use trellis and metal cages. With proper care and maintenance, the plant is high-yielding.

Dixie golden giants have a sweet flavor, fruity undertone, meaty texture, and no acid. It is a great tomato to slice. The beautiful yellow-orange marinara will make your dish look delicious.

12. Cherokee Purple

Cherokee Purple tomato plant
Image Credit: Jes Abeita, Shutterstock

The Cherokee purple tomato plant produces medium-sized purple tomatoes. Their exotic color makes a garden look unique. The crop can take approximately 80 to 90 days before they are mature for harvesting. The tomatoes do well in warm weather, so don’t plant them during winter since the frost destroys the crop.

Cherokee purple reaches a height of about 5 feet, so you can also plant them indoors. However, even if you plant them indoors, you still need to provide them with the proper support. They require well-drained moist soil full of essential nutrients. They do well in slightly acidic soil with a soil pH of about 6.5.

The fruit looks a bit odd with a flat and globe-like shape. It has a pinkish-red skin with hints of purple and green. The flesh is rich with a sweet and tart flavor.

Generally, it is an easy-growing tomato since it does not require high-level care and maintenance.

13. Better Boy

Better boy tomato has a round shape and is medium-sized. The plant reaches maturity faster than most other tomato varieties. They take 70 to 75 days to be ready for harvesting. Their elegant purple color brings in a unique look to your garden.

The tomatoes do well outdoors. You will need to offer them support since they reach heights of 5 to 8 feet. For perfect growth, ensure you plant them in moist, well-drained soil rich in nutrients. They are quite resistant to pests and diseases. However, you have to be on the lookout since they are susceptible to blossom end rot.

The tomatoes are sweet tasting and an excellent option for slicing.

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The above are some of the best tomatoes you can plant in your garden. They offer high yields with easy growing and maintenance. Most of them are expensive to grow and maintain, so you don’t have to break your pocket to have them in your garden.

To get the best results from whichever variety you choose, you need to understand its unique needs. Make sure you follow the proper guidelines on how to manage them in your garden. Besides, protect them from pests and diseases.

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