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Can an Iguana Get in Your Toilet? (How & What to Do)

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Many people have heard about rats and frogs appearing in their toilets, but you might be surprised to learn that iguanas can get into your toilet too. Keep reading as we look at how they do it and what you can do to help keep them out.

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How Do Iguanas Get Into the Toilet?

Iguanas will get into your toilet primarily through the vent pipe that connects to your sewer drainpipe. Once they get inside your vent pipe, they can follow it to the toilet in an effort to escape the system. They are powerful swimmers and can hold their breath for a while, so they can spend a long time in the pipes before they emerge.

How Do Iguanas Get Into the Vent Pipe?

Since the vent pipe is on the ceiling of many homes, it can be confusing how they gain access. However, iguanas like to spend time high in trees, and a tree near your home could grant access to your vent pipe.

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Image By: Francesca Tosolini, Unsplash

What Do I Do If I Find an Iguana in My Toilet?

Catch and Release

Iguanas can be quite large and have powerful tails that can make them dangerous to try to catch. A good pair of waterproof work gloves and safety goggles can help protect you while you catch the iguana in a small container and release it outside.

Contact Local Pest Control

If you are worried about injuring yourself or the iguana when you try to catch it, you can contact your local pest control center for help. These technicians will have the tools and experience required to remove the animal safely for a small fee.

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How Can I Prevent an Iguana From Getting Into My Toilet?

1. Cover the Vent Pipe

One of the best ways to prevent an iguana from entering your vent pipe is to cover it with hardware cloth, a metal screen that will block animals without obstructing airflow.

2. Prune Trees

If there are trees near your house that an iguana can climb to gain access to your home, remove them or prune the branches to help keep them away.

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Image Credit: Christian Riedl, Pixabay

3. Spray the Roof

Spraying the roof with neem oil or citrus can help dive away iguanas, which don’t like these scents. A power washer can help you get the essential oil on the roof.

4. Plant Lemongrass

Iguanas don’t like the scent or taste of citrus, so planting lemongrass near entryways or around your property can help keep them away from your house.

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What If I Cover My Vent Pipe, Prune Trees, and Plant Citrus, But Iguanas Still Appear in My Toilet?

Unfortunately, since many systems are connected, an iguana can enter the vent pipe of a neighbor’s house and wind up in your toilet. Once the iguana enters the system, it will search for a way out that might lead it to your bathroom.

Image Credit: Salao, Pixabay

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If you live in Florida, it’s quite possible that an iguana can get into your toilet. It will usually enter your sewage system through your vent pipes and find its way to your toilet as it searches for a way out. You can help prevent its access in the first place by covering your vent pipe with hardware cloth and pruning any branches that the reptile might use to get onto your roof. Use caution and protective clothing when trying to remove it from your toilet, or call your local pest control company.

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