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How to Keep Iguanas Out of Your Yard or Garden: 15 Methods That Work


Iguanas are popular pets but also an invasive species in Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. These large reptiles can quickly consume your plants, and many gardeners want to keep them away. Keep reading as we present you with a list of methods that you can use to do so.

garden flower divider The 15 Methods to Keep Iguanas from Your Garden

1. Use Wire Netting and Cages

chain link fence
Image Credit: Pixabay

The best way to protect the plants in your garden from an iguana is to use wire netting or cages to create a barrier that protects them. Some options can be expensive, but they are easy to install and last a long time, protecting your plants from iguanas, deer, rabbits, and any other animals that might feast on them.

2. Prune the Trees

Iguanas like to spend their time in trees, and if you have several in your yard, that is likely where you will find them when they are not eating your plants. Trimming the branches can help reduce the space that they have to move around, and it can also help prevent them from getting into your home if there are trees near your house.

3. Pick and Remove Fruit

Image Credit: brendawood33, Pixabay

Fruit trees are a big attraction for iguanas because they can stay in the tree and eat for a long time. The fruit will also fall from the tree and be available on the ground. Frequently picking up any fallen fruit off the ground and picking anything that you can reach can help prevent new iguanas from coming onto your property, and your continuous presence might also help drive them away.

4. Wrap the Trees

If you have several trees and notice the iguanas climbing in them, you can prevent this by wrapping a large piece of sheet metal around the trunk. The sheet metal will stop them from being able to climb, and if you use aluminum or another metal that doesn’t rust, it can last a long time.

5. Don’t Leave Out Food Scraps

compost bin with food scraps and grass cuttings
Image Credit: Anna Hoychuk, Shutterstock

Many of us like to eat outside if the weather permits, and while the iguana is an herbivore, the scent of our cooking can attract them, and they will move in and start eating after you walk away. Therefore, it’s important to pack up any leftovers before you leave the area, especially if it is fruits or vegetables. Once they get some food, they will likely stick around for a while to see if they can get more, which can put your garden and other plants in danger.

6. Fill Burrows

Iguanas like to sleep in burrows at night to stay safe from predators. Searching your property to find and fill these burrows might cause the iguana to move to another location. Fill the holes during the day when it will be empty, and use rocks that will make it more difficult for the iguana to dig out.

7. Remove Hiding Spots

Image Credit: Pixabay

Besides burrows, iguanas will choose many other locations on your property to remain hidden from predators. Removing shrubs and other plants that the reptiles can hide under will make your property less inviting. We also recommend removing any piles of rocks or branches and any other lawn debris that the iguana can climb or dig under to hide.

8. Cover Your Flat Surfaces

Covering your flat surfaces, while harder than it sounds, is a great way to make your property less inviting. Iguanas, like most reptiles, like sunning themselves and will pick any large flat surface to do it. If you have sidewalks, a stone wall, or even cellar doors, you will likely find an iguana there if they are on your property. They will also enjoy your roof, so it’s important to ensure that they can’t climb up.

9. Put Up Fencing

Image Credit: Pixabay

Adding Iguana-proof fencing around your property can help convince them to move along. Remember when choosing your fence that iguanas can dig, so you will need something that can go into the ground.

10. Remove Pet Food

Not only do we like to eat outside, but we also like to feed our pets outdoors. Even though cats and dogs aren’t vegetarians, iguanas will not pass up an easy meal and will likely snack on the food, and the scent may also attract them.

11. Make a Loud Noise

Image Credit: Pixabay

Iguanas don’t like noise, so creating it can be a great way to drive them off. If you live in a rural area, loud music works great, but wind chimes are also effective, as are yelling and clapping.

12.  Lock Garbage Cans

Despite being vegetarians, iguanas will break into your garbage can if they have access to it and can even remove loosely closed lids. They will puncture bags and spread trash in search of food, which can make quite a mess. Purchasing a garbage can with an animal-proof lid is a good way to keep iguanas out.

13. Get Catch-and-Release Traps

Image Credit: Pixabay

Catch-and-release animal traps are a great DIY way to eliminate the iguanas on your property. Put fruit inside to lure in the animal, then call your local wildlife department for instructions about where to release it.

14. Call an Exterminator

If none of the techniques on this list are successful, you might need to contact a commercial exterminator to find relief. Exterminators are expensive but work quickly to remove the reptiles from your property safely.

15. Remember These Tips

Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Many areas have laws that prevent you from killing or harming iguanas.
  • Large iguanas can hurt a dog or a cat, so keep your pets indoors if there are iguanas on your property.

garden flower divider Conclusion

Iguanas are stubborn animals that can be quite persistent once they get their minds set on something. They are expert climbers and diggers, so keeping them off your property can be challenging. The best option is to put an iguana-proof fence around your property, wrap aluminum around your trees, and cover your plants with cages or fences. Keeping your property clear of debris, including fallen fruit, will also help convince the iguanas to move to a better location.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay


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