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Can You Paint Fireplace Tiles? Tips, Types, Pros & Cons

If you’ve ever wondered how amazing your fireplace could look if only the color or the pattern was slightly different, there are many steps you can take to achieve this goal. Without having to remodel your entire fireplace, you can easily paint over the material and create a space that seems much more modern, fresh, and inviting. You just need to select the appropriate type of paint and it is possible.

To learn whether you can paint fireplace tiles and whether or not it’s a good idea, read on below.

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The 4 Fireplace Materials

1. Tile

Tile fireplaces come in many unique patterns and colors that provide a unique space. Tiles that are used for fireplaces, primarily ceramic, are always heat-resistant. Tile offers a lot of versatility for creating illusions of depth in a place with textures, contrasts, and mosaics.

  • Paint to use: Heat-resistant paint in three coats.

2. Stone

A natural stone fireplace is a classic and elegant design that can bring a little vintage atmosphere to any modern home. You can use many possible stones for your fireplace design, such as marble, granite, limestone, and others. Stone also comes in many unique patterns and colors. Certain paints can provide excellent protection if you decide to paint your natural stone fireplace.

  • Paint to use: Interior latex masonry paint, or chalk paint
Image By: Piqsels

3. Bricks

A brick fireplace may be one of your living room’s most traditional and welcoming designs. When we think of a warm fireplace, we usually imagine it surrounded by bricks. Brick is a versatile material that can fit into any interior—rustic, transition, modern, bohemian, farmhouse. Whether you enjoy a natural, red brick to stand out or a white, stained brick for a more neutral design, you can achieve that by painting.

  • Paint to use: Interior latex masonry paint

4. Metal

Metal fireplaces, often made with steel, provide durability with their timeless, modern design. They are heat-resistant and easy to maintain. They come in various styles and possible finishes.

  • Paint to use: Any heat-resistant paint with the use of metal-etching primer beforehand

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The 3 Types of Fireplace Paint

1. Acrylic Latex Paint

Acrylic latex paint is an excellent choice for those fireplaces that need an exterior makeover. They are usually used by those homeowners that don’t use their fireplaces as often but love them to be a focal point of the room. This paint is not suitable for the inside of the fireplace as it does not have high heat-resistant properties.

paintbrush with white paint_Skitterphoto_Pixabay
Image By: Skitterphoto, Pixabay

2. Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is very convenient for fireplaces since it doesn’t require sanding or priming. This is very efficient, requiring only one coat. It has excellent heat-resistant properties, as it is water-based and non-flammable. It is perfect for rough textures such as stone or brick since the layer can be thinned or thickened.

3. Spray Paint

Spray paint is the easiest method of applying paint on a particular fireplace surface. While this paint will be very easy to use, it requires some safety precautions. When using spray paint, it is crucial to prevent the fumes from spreading through the room and wear gloves, eye protection, and a mask.

two paint spray cans
Image By: motointermedia, Pixabay

How to Paint a Fireplace

Painting a fireplace is a great idea for those who are looking to add a bit of charm to their fireplace, making the entire space feel more like home. Painting a fireplace is relatively easy once you acquire all the right materials, and we will explain this quick and easy process below.

It would be best if you began this DIY by cleaning the fireplace tile surface thoroughly. Make sure to get rid of any collected dirt or debris over time. Depending on which paint you are using, apply the primer when needed. After letting the primer dry for 24 hours, you can start painting the surface. It is your choice entirely whether you want to paint the fireplace using one or two coats of paint. After painting the surface, paint the grout lines in your desired color. The last step is to clean the entire area around the fireplace, including the surface of the fireplace.

Advantages of Painting a Fireplace

Painting your fireplace’s surface can significantly improve its appearance and make it appear new and fresh. Painting is perfect If you want your fireplace to match your aesthetics more or to change the room’s overall appearance, adding a more neutral or modern touch. You can paint it without needing to renovate or repair your fireplace for a much more affordable price.

Maintaining your new fireplace will be equally easy, as the new coat of paint will usually be smoother than the surface underneath.

Disadvantages of Painting a Fireplace

Painting the fireplace requires a lot of messy preparation and safety measures. Painting the fireplace also includes cleaning it thoroughly and making all repairs needed. Another disadvantage of painting the fireplace is that there are many different paint types, and choosing the correct paint depends on what part of the fireplace you are remodeling is essential. If you purchase paint that is only suitable for the fireplace’s exterior, you can risk the fumes being released into the air and cracking or peeling of the paint under high temperatures.

finishing the fireplace
Image By: Dagmara_K, Shutterstock

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Depending on which surface is installed in your fireplace—be it stone, tile, metal, or brick, you will need to choose a suitable paint for that specific material. After picking out the right paint, finishing this DIY project will be effortless, and you will be left with a gorgeous new fireplace that will fit into your aesthetics perfectly.

In short, you can certainly paint fireplace tiles—just make sure you choose the correct paint for the job.

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