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6 Tasty Celery Juice Recipes (with Pictures)

Vegetable juice with celery

Vegetable juice with celery

Celery is an underrated superfood; the stocky vegetable is packed full of vitamins (A, K, E) and minerals (potassium, folate) and aids many ailments such as poor or slowed digestion, inflammation, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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The 6 Tastiest Celery Juice Recipes

Juicing celery takes the consumption of this understated veggie to a whole new level; it packs celery’s nutritional benefits into a simple, once-a-day drink that beats eating an entire stalk. If you are committed to improving your health, incorporating one of these exceptional celery juice recipes into your routine will certainly do the trick!

1. Sweet Celery Juice

Sweet Celery Juice
Image Credit: I Can You Can Vegan

As the name suggests, this recipe enhances the celery flavor with apples. Apples are a great addition to your celery juice since they have many health benefits.

2. Pineapple Celery Juice

Pineapple Celery Green Juice
Image Credit: The Peachee Pear

With a splash of pineapple, this recipe is so delicious you’ll look forward to your daily dose of freshly prepared juice.

3. Celery Ginger & Lemon

Celery Ginger and Lemon Juice
Image By: Sandra’s Easy Cooking

This blog calls their recipe a magic elixir and claims it provides healing to your body from the inside out by boosting your immunity! Just as the name suggests, this recipe only includes these 3 simple ingredients.

4. Carrot & Celery Juice Recipe

Image By:

Not only does this recipe highlight the rich and earthy flavors of the carrot, but it also provides the refreshing zing of freshly squeezed oranges.

5. Spinach Cucumber and Celery Juice Recipe

Spinach Cucumber and Celery Juice with Omega 8005 Juicer
Image By: The Healthy Family & Home

Combining three of the most powerful vegetables creates the perfect health-inspiring juice.

6.  Pure Celery Juice Recipe

Adding Celery Juice to Our Morning Routine
Image By: The DIY Playbook

Now, if you want to keep your celery juice as authentic as possible, this recipe will help you do just that. They offer a recipe that contains only celery. They also have a fun recipe at the bottom for those not entirely sold on celery-only juice. divider - pineapple

Tips for Maximizing your Celery Intake

Celery has more to offer than just its splendid juicing capabilities, so we thought we’d share a few tips on maximizing the entire celery stock once the juices have been extracted. While our bodies cannot fully digest the fiber left from our juicing, it still plays a part in maintaining a healthy digestive tract and flushing toxins and cholesterol. You could add this excess roughage to a cake or muffin batter, soup stock, or pasta sauce.

However, keeping the leftover fiber is not essential, as you have already consumed the most beneficial aspects of the veggie! Do you need to purchase a new juicer? Find one that fits your needs with one of these:

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Wrapping Up

Thank you for reading about our favorite celery juice recipes! We hope that you were able to find one here that’s suitable to your taste and dietary needs. For long-term benefits, we recommend keeping these recipes on hand and making them regularly (daily if possible!). Lifestyle changes are the key to successful and healthy living!

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