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9 Green Juice Recipes: Sweet & Refreshing Juices (with Pictures)

green juice

green juice

For dedicated juicers, green juice recipes might just be the holy grail of the juicing world as a result of the number of health benefits we get from green vegetables. Others might see these earthy drinks as some odd form of liquid grass – choosing to forgo this option in fear of what it will taste like. Although some green drinks are certainly going to taste a touch leafier than others, we can assure you that not all green juice recipes taste as healthy as they look. In fact, we have a few that taste downright divine!

Whether you are in favor of green juices or are here to find something to sway your opinion, surely there are recipes that cater to a variety of juicers. Below each recipe, we have a brief description to help navigate your search to the perfect green juice!

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The 9 Best Green Juice Recipes

1. Pineapple Celery Green Juice Recipe

Pineapple Celery Green Juice
Image Credit: The Peachee Pear

Pineapple is the ideal ingredient in a green smoothie as its flavor is strong enough to overpower the earthiness of vegetable greens.

2.  Green Juice Recipe

Green Juice for Weight Loss
Image Credit: UMAMI girl

This basic green juice opts for fresh veggies that offer up a mild taste while packing in the nutrients.

3. Detox Morning Veggie Blend Juice Recipe

Detox Morning Veggie Blend
Image Credit: The Kandid Kitchen

A hint of citrus combined with the fresh flavors of your favorite vegetables creates the perfect morning juice.

4. The Best Detox Green Juice

Image Credit: Nikki’s Plate

This blog recommends incorporating this recipe into your morning routine to help facilitate weight loss and rid your body of harmful toxins. Best of all – it tastes great!

5.  Beginner Green Juice

Beginner Green
Image Credit:

Now, this recipe yields quite a bit of juice but is accompanied by a helpful nutritional chart – for juiced and blended options!

6. Refreshing Green Juice Recipe

Image Credit: The Glowing Fridge

If you are in need of a recipe that will heal you from the inside out, this one may do the trick. With skin healing nutrients to detoxifying and de-bloating powers, this recipe is sure to be a fan favorite.

7. Digestive Aid Green Juice Recipe

Digestive Aid Green Juice
Image Credit: Simple Vegan Blog

In addition to its benefits for your digestive health, this recipe boasts as a healthy coffee alternative as it will wake you up without the crazy coffee crash!

8. Spinach Lemonade Juice Recipe

Spinach Lemonade
Image Credit: nosh and nourish

Who doesn’t love a great glass of lemonade? Add in a few nutritional ingredients and you have a well rounded healthy juice!

9. Basil Apple Cucumber Juice Recipe

Image Credit: shutterbean

Basil adds an interesting and sophisticated depth to this otherwise sweet and delectable juice.

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Prepping Your Juicing Ingredients

When it comes to taste and nutrition, fresh juice is the best juice! So prepping your ingredients before you need them will be game-changing. Convenience is key, so follow these quick and simple steps when preparing a week’s worth of juices at a time:

  1. Purchase the ingredients for your weeks worth of juice in one day – this means reviewing each recipe you’d like to include (if there is more than one), and ensuring that you have all of the necessary fruits and vegetables on hand.
  2. Pre-wash all of your ingredients and allow them to dry. This removes bacteria and excess water so you’ll be left with clean and pure ingredients.
  3. Portion out your juice ingredients for each day. This allows you to quickly snag a bag and get juicing without hesitation.

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Wrapping Up

Voila! A varied list of nutrient-packed, earthy green juices! The best part about juice recipes is you can adjust them to your preferences, so they meet your taste and nutritional needs! We hope that you have found a new favorite among our list of green juice recipes and will continue to make them for years to come.

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Feature Image Credit: Rohtopia, Pixabay


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