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How Much Does it Cost To Fix a Dent? (2024 Update)

car with a huge dent on the side

Dents can be frustrating, but even the most experienced drivers will eventually get some scratches and damage to their vehicle, so it is essential to know how much it may cost to invest in the repair. When that happens, you should act promptly and repair the damage. If you leave the dent to sit unrepaired for a long time, it could get worse over time. You can expect to pay between $30-$5000.

Before you go through the repairs, you should be aware of the costs of the procedure. We wrote this article as an informative guide to provide you with insight into how much these services will cost, so read on below to find out more.

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The Importance of Fixing a Car Dent

One of the most common issues, when you don’t fix dents in your car promptly, is rust. Dents cause damage to the paint since it may crack, revealing the metal parts of the vehicle. Once those parts oxidize, they become rusty, which will look ugly and cost more to repair. Even the most minor dents can cause multiple problems to your vehicle if not fixed on time.

Another common issue is that the stripped paint will wear off even more due to washing and weather changes. That will lead to more repair costs and a lower resale value. Also, even minor dents may cause internal problems.

That’s why it’s crucial to fix any dents quickly after you notice them on the vehicle. You’ll save time, money, and effort if you stick to regular car maintenance and repair any damages as soon as you notice them.

dent in a blue car's body
Image By: Hans, Pixabay

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Car Dent?

The cost of maintaining a car properly, especially when it comes to fixing dents or damages, will depend on the size and place where the dent is located. More significant dents will cost more to fix since they require more effort, and it goes the same for damages that are harder to reach. This price can vary from anything between $30 to even $2,500.

Minor dents cost on average $100, and sometimes even less. Even though more minor dents do not affect the function of the vehicle, it is best to fix them right away, especially if you are trying to sell your car.

In the table below are some general estimates for a professional fixing your car dent.

Minor dents (smaller than one inch) $30–$100
Medium dents (between one and two inches) $2,000–$5,000
Severe dents Up to $10,000

Common Causes of Dents and Their Costs

Many types of dents can occur. They can vary from minor and shallow dents to those that need severe repair. Some of the most common dents happen due to extreme weather, narrow spaces, and road debris.

Hail Dents

Extreme weather can cause severe dents in a vehicle, especially hail storms. No car would be left flawless during a hail storm or strong wind, no matter how durable. Hail dents can destroy the entire surface of a car, and can easily cost up to $2,500 to repair.

Car Accidents

There are many ways to damage your car when parked, whether it is a narrow space, dent from another car’s door, or crashing a shopping trolley. Dents that occur in the parking lot are very frequent and not at all strange. These dents can vary in size, but they are usually minor, so the average price to fix these is between $50 to $125.

blue car severely dented by an accident
Image Credit: Hucklebarry, Pixabay

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Painting the Car After the Dent is Fixed

Painting the vehicle is essential for getting the car back to its former, flawless state. Your dent is fixed, but now it is time to paint it and make the vehicle’s finish seamless. This service may cost you anywhere between $300 and $1,000. The price will vary depending on the quality of the bodywork and the size of the surface painted.

Fixing Scratches

Many scratches may come with dents in the car. When fixing the dents, most people will want to eliminate the scratches because the car can look old, messy, and worn out with them. Depending on the color and model of your car plus the location of the scratch, prices can vary from anywhere between $3 for a smaller scratch to $7,500 for a professional repair with new paint.

car paint scratch
Image Credit: PixieMe, Shutterstock

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How Often Should I Fix Dents on My Car?

It would help if you fixed a car dent whenever you notice one on your vehicle. Frequent, minor fixes will cost less than waiting for a small dent to turn into a sizeable rusty spot that can be hard to repair. It’s best to have regular car check-ups and have frequent maintenance to resolve dents and any other vehicle issues before they cause even more damage.

Does Insurance Cover a Basic Dent Repair?

Most major insurance companies will work with car repair shops. Your insurance coverage will depend on the amount of damage done to your car. Insurance does cover car dent repair, but it is not even necessary to use insurance most of the time since many car owners will pay the cost of repairing their car more than their deductibles. You can always get a free assessment of the damage and plan your next step accordingly.

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After reading this article, we hope to give you more information on car dents and their repairs. Since every car is different and every dent unique, you will have to choose a professional best suited for your financial needs and most trustworthy for this serious task. If something like this ever occurs to you, let these articles be your guide and help you create an estimate of how much the repairs will cost.

Featured Image Credit: Piyawat Nandeenopparit, Shutterstock


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