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How Much Does It Cost to Move a Hot Tub? Tips, Averages, & FAQ

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There are numerous reasons why someone might need to have their hot tub moved. Whether you are redoing your backyard landscaping, getting a new hot tub brought to your home, or trying to move your hot tub across town, there are various types of moves that come with various costs and fees.

The final cost of your hot tub move will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the hot tub, the weight, the type of property you have, the distance that the hot tub needs to travel, and other things. If you are considering moving a hot tub, you should plan on budgeting ahead of time, so you are not surprised by final costs. The average cost to move a hot tub in the United States is $375. That covers the cost of a complicated on-property move or a short off-property move.

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Professional Hot Tub Moving Costs

The cheapest type of move is an on-property move over flat ground that requires minimal or simple disconnection.

The highest estimates for hot tub moving usually top out around $1,000. The typical person should expect to budget between $250 and $450 for a basic hot tub move. Do not expect to pay the lowest prices unless you are simply trying to move a basic hot tub from one side of your yard to the other. Likewise, you should not have to worry about the most expensive prices unless you have a custom hot tub located on a second or third floor in the city.

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Average National Costs

Low High Average
Blended Cost $175 $1,000 $375

Some moving companies will give you an estimate for the entire job as one bundled price. Other companies might charge you per hour depending on the job. Hourly rates for hot tub movers range from $60 to $200. The more movers and more equipment that a job requires, the higher the rate will be. If you have a super heavy and awkward hot tub that requires numerous people to move it, you will pay a lot more than a simple round hot tub that two professionals can tackle by themselves.

Hourly Rates for Movers

Type of Job Hourly Cost
Simple Job $60/hr.
Average Job $100/hr.
Complicated Job $200/hr.

The length of the job will also factor into the final cost. If you only have two workers on the clock, but the job is going to take 5 hours due to a large distance, it is going to cost more than a group of workers moving a large hot tub across your property in a single hour. Many simple on-property hot tub moves take less than two hours, while an off-property or across town move can take all day, depending on the circumstances.

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Length of Typical Moving Jobs

Type of Job Hours Needed
On Property Flat Move 1-2
Off Property Flat Move 1.5-3
Complicated Off Property Move 2-5
Crosstown Move 2-5+

These numbers account for the basic rates that typically accompany average hot tub moving jobs. However, numerous factors can cause a hot tub moving gig to jump from affordable to expensive. Bulky hot tubs that need extra equipment, hot tubs on the second or third floor, hot tubs that need to be moved across town, and hot tubs that require a lot of hauling up and down hills are the types that rack up the highest bills.

Expensive Areas

Another thing to be aware of is that there are areas that are far more expensive than the national average when it comes to hot tub moving fees. Large cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City all have elevated costs that can soar well over $1,000. Areas with tight yards, bad parking, or that require the use of multiple stairs or elevators will quickly incur a bevy of additional fees.

If you live in an apartment or condo that is not on the ground floor and need to move a hot tub, that could get pricey. If you live in a large city or in a congested downtown area, you could also expect to pay more than the national average. In New York City, some movers are quoting $1,000 just for a simple on property flat move, which can be discouraging.

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Additional Costs

Disconnect Fee

  • $25 – $75

Hot tubs have all sorts of connectors that keep them functioning. Hot tubs can have water lines, wiring, grounding rods, support brackets, and more that keep them in place and running. If you do not want to disconnect these types of things yourself before the movers arrive, they will usually do it for you, but it will cost you. Simple disconnect fees can be very affordable but more complicated hot tubs could add a noticeable cost to the bill depending on what kinds of lines the movers have to detach.

Removal Fee

  • $100 – $500

Paying to have your hot tub moved is one thing. Paying to have it removed completely is another. Hot tub removal fees can be tacked on top of the basic moving fee. Hot tub removal fees can range from $100 to $500 depending on the size of the hot tub, local dump fees, and the distance that the movers have to go to dispose of the old tub. Removal fees are for people who are getting rid of their hot tub entirely and need the movers to take the shell to the dump for you.

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Stair Fee

  • $50 – $100

If movers have to navigate your hot tub down any sort of stairs, your bill is going to be hit with an additional fee. Stair fees can be charged as a flat fee or per flight of steps. Low-end stair fees will cover a few steps in your yard (and yes, those count), while large stair fees will be incurred if the movers have to go up and down multiple flights of steps. In the most expensive cases, stair fees could reach $300 or $400 if they are charging $100 per flight and they must go up three or four flights of steps to get the job done.

Elevation Fee

  • $50 – $100

Some movers will charge you an elevation fee. That is an additional charge that is added when your property is not flat. If the movers have to navigate any hills, steep driveways, or slopes while handling your hot tub, you could be looking at an additional cost. Elevation fees typically run anywhere from $50 to $100, but they can be higher in certain areas or in extreme cases. If the movers are not walking across flat ground the entire time, they are likely going to charge you a little extra.

Wiring or Electrical Work

  • $25 – $150+

Sometimes, in order to get a hot tub detached, moved, or reattached, additional wiring work is required. This work can be as simple as reconnecting the hot tub to the power grid or as complicated as installing a new power box and grounding unit at the hot tub’s new location. Many hot tub moving professionals are trained in basic electrical work to ensure that your hot tub is able to function again after the move. Electrical work can be fairly inexpensive, but the larger the job, the more money the wiring is going to cost you.

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Extra Equipment Fee

  • $50 – $500

If the movers need to use additional or uncommon equipment to move your hot tub, you could be looking at an expensive bill. Some hot tubs require the use of specialized trucks, additional movers, or even cranes to get them safely out of your yard and onto a truck for transport. Most movers cover the cost of basic equipment like straps, dollies, and standard labor, but some hot tubs require much more specialized equipment. Cranes are usually the most expensive type of additional equipment.

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Tips For Getting the Best Deal

Shop Around

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting a fair price is to shop around. Get multiple quotes. Check with a variety of different moving groups. Compare prices, compare fees, and compare guarantees. Be wary of movers who look like they are charging way more than the local average. But also, be wary of movers who are charging a lot less than the local average. Sometimes the lowest price is not always the best deal.

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Make Sure the Movers Are Reputable and Insured

Movers that are charging suspiciously low prices might not be insured or they might not offer any guarantees. You want to check and make sure that the movers will cover your costs in case they damage or lose your hot tub. The last thing you want is to save money on movers only to watch them drop your hot tub. An uninsured mover or a moving company that doesn’t offer any protections or guarantees could leave you footing the bill for damage they caused. Ask about their coverages, guarantees, and insurance to make sure that you are not only getting a good deal but a legitimate deal as well.

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Hot tubs are a lot of fun and having them in the perfect spot helps ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Just don’t forget about the pesky moving costs. If you plan on having a hot tub moved in the near future, put aside a few hundred dollars to get the job done right. Be aware of the types of factors that could cause your estimate to come in above averages such as stairs, complicated connections, or a long drive to the new location.


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