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How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Electrical Outlet? (2024 Update)

Electrical Outlet

Because electrical issues are widespread, many homeowners deal with electrical problems every once in a while. Old electrical outlets might need replacement, and we all know that playing with wiring is quite dangerous, especially if you have no experience.

That’s why it’s best to call a professional electrician, although the service will cost you some money. Since this could easily happen to you, we’d like to inform you about the potential costs of electrical outlet replacement. You can expect to pay between  $100 and $500.

The price for changing an electrical outlet can vary depending on available materials, outlet type, and location, so check out the details below.

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Why It’s Important To Maintain Your Electrical Outlets

It’s essential to replace your electrical outlets so that the electrical system in your home is functioning correctly. If they become damaged, you and your family could be at risk of electrocution, so regular maintenance can be life-saving.

If you’re dealing with old, worn-out, or improperly installed/damaged outlets, they could cause a lot of damage to your home and wiring system. For example:

  • Damaged/Improperly Installed Outlets: When an outlet is damaged or improperly installed, it can quickly cause a fire. If you notice an outlet in your home that has visible signs of damage or cracks and becomes warm easily, you should reach out to a professional electrician to replace the outlet.
  • Ungrounded Outlets: These outlets are typical for older homes and need replacement as they can cause electrocution or even a fire.
  • Worn-Out Outlets: Like everything else, outlets can get worn out and cause potential fires. Be on the lookout for any signs that indicate a malfunction in the electrical outlet so that you can schedule a replacement.
  • Outlets WIthout GFI: Any outlet near water should have a ground fault interrupter (GFI) that will prevent electrical shock when in contact with water. Outlets with GFI should immediately deactivate when exposed to water.
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How Much Does Professional Electrical Outlet Replacement Cost?

Professional electrical outlet replacement prices are different throughout the United States. The nationwide average cost for replacing outlets can cost between $200 and $500. This includes materials and labor.

The final price will depend on the job size, location, and options you choose for the finish.

If you’re looking to replace a standard outlet with a GFCI, you’re looking at $120­– $150 for the service, plus the labor costs. If the electrician needs to add a new cable or a new outlet location, it could be an additional $200–$250.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Sometimes, costs can add up, especially if the electrician notices that there are other electrical issues around your home. Here are some typical additional costs that homeowners face:

Installing a new outlet: $140–$200
Installing three-way switches: $100–$200
Updating your electrical service: $850–$4,000
Rewiring an entire house’s electrical system: This can cost from $2,700 up to $8,000+ depending on the size of the house
Wiring the garage: $1000–$2500
Wiring the basement: This can cost from $700 up to $2,000 depending on the basement size

How Often Should I Replace My Electrical Outlets?

There’s no rule for how often you should replace your electrical outlets, although outlets typically have a lifespan of about 10 years. Of course, if you notice anything strange about the electrical outlet, you should replace it immediately. Any chips, visible damage, or sparks flying out of the outlet could cause a lot of damage, so those should get an instant replacement.

If you’re changing one outlet in your home, it would be helpful to ask the electrician to check the rest of your electrical outlets to ensure there are no issues with them.

Does Home Insurance Cover Electrical Outlet Replacement?

You probably wonder if home insurance can cover the costs of replacing your electrical outlets. The good thing is that home insurance will cover most of the expenses, as long as your wiring is not outdated.

Old homes can have aluminum or knob and tube wiring that is not covered by home insurance. However, home insurance will cover any appliance breakdowns, malfunctioning in the outlets and power surges, etc. The wiring in your home will be the dealbreaker before the insurance company approves the payment, so that’s something to keep in mind.

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How To Keep Your Electrical Outlets Functioning Properly

There are some things you can do to keep your outlets functioning correctly. Primarily, you should test out the outlets frequently as you’ll be able to easier spot any malfunctions. You can find outlet testers in almost any hardware store.

Also, make sure that you always use reliable electrical products and replace any old wiring in your home. For anything electricity-related, always call an electrician and avoid doing the work yourself. Although some of these jobs may look easy, unless you’re a licensed professional, avoid them as they could cause a lot of trouble if you don’t handle them properly.

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Replacing an electrical outlet is not too expensive, although it can be more than you expected if your wiring is old. It’s best to reach out to a professional electrician who will give you estimates and verify if more electrical work needs to be done in your home.

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