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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Car Window? (2024 Update)

damaged car windshield

If there is a crack or damage to your car window, you will need to pay to get it fixed. Unfortunately, this can be costly, depending on exactly how much damage is done, where it is located, and what window the vehicle needs to be replaced.

Keep reading to help estimate how much replacing a car window will cost. This article explains the average price for replacing car windows based on the type of damage and window that needs replacing.

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How Much It Costs to Replace a Car Window by Window Type

Whenever someone talks about car windows, there are a variety of windows they can be referring to: the passenger window, driver window, backseat windows, front windshield, and rear window. The type of window will impact how much the replacement costs.

Passenger Window

Passenger windows frequently cost anywhere from $100 to $350 to replace. The exact amount will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

ceramic car window tint
Image Credit: KULLAPONG PARCHERAT, Shutterstock

Driver Window

Driver windows are a bit more expensive since they are typically equipped with more features. Most driver windows cost anywhere from $200 to $450 to replace. Many factors will impact the price, including the features of the window and the make and model of your vehicle.

Backseat Windows

Backseat windows are about the same price as passenger windows to replace. They will cost between $100 and $350, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.


The windshield is by far the most expensive window to replace. This is mainly because of the slope of the window and how much glass is used on it. Replacing your front windshield typically will cost you between $200 and $500.

broken windshield
Image Credit: blickpixel, Pixabay

Back Window

The back window is the second most expensive window to replace. Most people end up spending around $350 to replace this window.

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Repair or Replace? Evaluating the Damage

Unfortunately, knowing what window needs to be replaced is only part of the picture. Different types of damages can occur to the window. Some damage may require the entire window to be replaced, whereas other damage can be quickly repaired.

The most common types of damage to car windows include star or bullseye, cracks, sand damage, wiper scratch, or delamination. Let’s take a closer look at each type of damage to determine whether your damage should be repaired or replaced.

car glass window
Image Credit: geraldoswald62, Pixabay

Star or Bullseye

Whenever items fly towards your car, the damage often looks like a star or bullseye on the glass. Often, the star or bullseye does not fully go through the glass, and it is smaller than the size of a quarter. Consequently, most star or bullseye damage can simply be repaired. However, some may require replacement, depending on the size of the damage.


Much like star or bullseye damage, cracks can often be repaired, but the crack must be less than six inches long, not in the way of a sensor, and not halfway through the glass to be repaired. If the crack is larger than any of these stipulations, the window needs to be replaced.

Sand Damage

Even though sand does not frequently go deep into the glass, it will often destroy a large portion of your window in terms of surface area. Because of how much surface area is typically affected by sand damage, you will need to replace the entire window to fix the problem.

Wiper Scratch

Like sand damage, wiper scratches often cover a large surface area on the window. Because of this fact, you will need to replace the entire window if there is a wiper scratch.

car wipers
Image Credit: Dibjo, Pixabay


The last common form of damage on car windows is delamination. You will need to replace the entire window if delamination occurs.

When Is a Crack Too Big to be Repaired?

As we learned above, some damage and cracks are small enough to be repaired. What exactly is the limit between a crack that can be repaired and a crack that requires an entire window replacement?

Simply put, a crack will be too big to be repaired if it meets one or more of the following scenarios:
  • Larger than the size of a quarter
  • Penetrates halfway or more through the glass

If the crack on your vehicle window meets one of the scenarios mentioned above, the entire window needs to be replaced. This is because the crack is too large to be treated with repair effectively. Additionally, it will likely be more affordable to replace the window outright than to fix a crack of this size.

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Factors that Impact Price

In addition to knowing the national averages for replacing a window, there are three factors that will impact the price of getting your vehicle window repaired: window, damage, and your insurance.


As we already learned above, the exact window on your vehicle will change how much it costs to get it replaced. A windshield will cost more than getting a back seat window replaced. More so, the exact make and model of your vehicle will change the price.

tinted car window
Image Credit: n_defender, Shutterstock


Not all damage done to a window requires complete window replacement. As a result, the exact damage done to your vehicle will also impact the price.


The last factor that will impact how much it costs is your insurance. Some insurance policies will cover cracked windows or damaged windows, whereas others will not. Depending on your policy, your insurance may be able to bring the price down for fixing your window.

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Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to estimate how much repairing your window will cost since so many factors impact the ultimate price tag. The damaged window, the type of damage done, and your insurance will all impact the price.

Overall, the average price for getting a vehicle window replacement is between $100 and $500. We recommend calling a professional to better predict how much your window replacement will cost based on your vehicle, damage, and insurance.

Featured Image Credit: maxmann, Pixabay


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