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7 DIY Double Adirondack Chair Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

double adirondack chair

double adirondack chair

Sitting in an Adirondack chair is made all that much more enjoyable when you can sit with a friend. Building a double Adirondack chair can be fairly simple depending on the design you choose. We put together a list of our favorite free plans that teach how to build a double Adirondack chair. Most of these plans come with pictures or illustrated instructions and we even found a video or two to make help out the visual learner.

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The 7 DIY Double Adirondack Chair Plans

1. Double Adirondack Chair Plan from My Outdoor Plans

diy double adirondack chair
Image By: My Outdoor Plans

First on our list is the Double Adirondack Chair by My Outdoor Plans. We love this plan because of the table between the two chairs. Not all double Adirondack chairs have this feature, but it is excellent for resting a drink or an arm. If you wanted to change this plan up a little, you could make the table in between a little wider. My Outdoor Plans state that this table only took them about a day to complete and somewhere around $50. Considering this setup would cost several hundred dollars, $50 is not too bad.

2. Muskoka Settee from Canadian Home Workshop

diy muskoka settee
Image By: Canadian Home Workshop

The Muskoka Settee from Canadian Home Workshop is probably the prettiest of the plans we could find. The thing that makes this double Adirondack chair so unique is the angled table between the two chairs. As far as difficulty is concerned, this set of chairs is going to be a bit more complicated than some of the others, but in our opinion, well worth it. The hardest part about this design is getting the angle between the two chairs to be perfect.

The Canadian Home workshop plan gives you the breakdown of all of the materials and steps. There are no pictures from one step to the other but instead very clear directions. We recommend leaving this project alone until you consider yourself a decent woodworker. This Muskoka Settee was left a natural color and will eventually turn gray with the weather. Still, you can paint or stain this double Adirondack to blend in perfectly with your backyard décor.

3. Double Adirondack Chair by Yellawood

diy double adirondack chair
Image Credit: Yellawood

The Yellawood double Adirondack chair is a very classic design. Those of you looking for a double version of a standard Adirondack chair have found it with this free plan. With this free plan, you get a PDF download with all of the instructions, material lists, and estimated costs. This project is expected to take about fourteen hours if you have some experience in building furniture. As you can see by the backs of the chairs and even the downward slope on the base, you will need some experience with cutting curves and angles.

If this is your first time building a chair, it may be worth it to look for something with a square back to keep things a bit simpler. If, however, you have some experience under your belt and are ready to take on this project, the Yellawood Double Adirondack is a great looking addition to any backyard space.

4. Adirondack Loveseat from My Outdoor Plans

diy adirondack loveseat
Image By: My Outdoor Plans

This Adirondack loveseat from My Outdoor Plans is a bit easier of a project to undertake. As you can see, there is no table or umbrella insert, and the back of the chair follows a simpler cutting pattern. My Outdoor Plans breaks this project down into step-by-step instructions that are even color-coded. They recommend sanding, vacuuming, and staining this chair when complete. If you are looking for a way to add some additional and comfortable seating to your backyard, this free double Adirondack chair plan could be one to consider.

5. 2X4 Adirondack Bench Plans

diy 2x4 adirondack bench
Image By: My Outdoor Plans

Sticking with the bench-type seats, we have the 2 X 4 Adirondack Bench Plans from My Outdoor Plans. This seat has a bit more detail to the back and is made strictly with 2 x 4’s. The fact that the boards are a bit thinner on this chair will give it a different look, but it also makes the plans a bit simpler. Keep in mind that you will need the tools and the skills to perform a rounded cut on many of these pieces. This is a sturdy Adirondack bench that, if treated properly, should last for years to come.

6. Double Chair Bench with Table from DIY Pete

diy double chair bench with table
Image Credit: DIY Pete

Next, we have the Double Chair Bench with a Table from DIY Pete. Although this is not technically an Adirondack, it is a beautiful set that performs and feels almost the same as the Adirondack. DIY Pete does a great job of explaining and capturing every step of the process. Although it is nice to sit next to a good friend, we love the table in the middle for some outdoor dining. Since the angles on a Double Chair Bench are a bit easier than a Double Adirondack, you may want to consider this project if you are new to woodworking. DIY Pete used a high gloss finish on this particular model pictured, but you can easily paint this chair or add a cushion as well.

7. Adirondack Cooler Bench by The Rustic Goose

The Adirondack Cooler Bench is probably one of the most creative designs that we have found to date. This Adirondack Cooler Bench by The Rustic Goose not only looks great in your yard but it is very functional for parties and get-togethers. If you want to get the exact plan for this model it will cost you a few dollars but The Rustic Goose gives you complete directions through a video. You can watch step-by-step as he works to build this Adirondack Cooler Bench. His instructions are clear and easy to follow and with the cuts on this chair being mostly square or angled we think a novice could attempt this one.

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Learning how to build a double Adirondack chair is easier than ever with these sets of plans. These are chairs that will not only look beautiful in your yard, but they are so functional. Adirondack chairs hold up well over time as long as they are treated properly from the start. Choose a project that fits your skill level and budget and enjoy your woodworking!

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