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5 DIY Executive Desk Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)



An executive desk is an important part of any home office, and it provides a unique set of challenges for the woodworker. Executive desks often have drawers that need to open and close. These desks are usually large pieces of furniture that don’t permit you to see the user’s legs, and they can often be quite ornate.

We have searched the internet and social media, looking for plans that teach how to build an executive desk yourself. We have found five great executive desk projects that range in difficulty to help you get your office in shape and sharpen your woodworking skills. Join us while we look over these executive desk plans you can DIY today.

We categorized the executive desks by difficulty, but they are in no order.

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Top 5 DIY Executive Desk Plans

1. Executive Desk from TDS Office

simple diy desk
Image Credit: TDS Office

The TDS Office desk is the only easy to build project on this list. Though some might not consider it a true executive desk, this one will provide most of the functionality with only a fraction of the work. If you are new to woodworking and need an office desk, this might be the perfect project for you.

Skill Level:  Easy
Materials:  Lumber, Screws, Wood glue
Tools Needed:  Clamps, Drill, Level, Circular saw

2. Executive Desk from Modern Builds

The Modern Builds executive desk is a moderate difficulty project that you can complete with a handheld circular saw and a few other standard tools. The Finished product will still need painting but will be extremely sturdy and durable.

Skill Level:  Moderate
Materials:  Lumber, screws, wood glue
Tools Needed:  Circular saw, drill, sanding block

3. DIY Executive Desk from DIY BOSS

The DIY Boss teaches how to build an xecutive desk that is an advanced project that looks professional and will last you many years. This project requires a lot of experience with woodworking. It also requires the use of some of the more advanced tools like the table saw and the router. The finished product is well worth the work, and the YouTube video demonstrates every step of the plan to minimize confusion.

Skill Level: Advanced
Materials:  Lumber, Wood glue, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Sandpaper, Stain
Tools Needed:  Clamps, Drill press, Table saw

4. Executive Desk from The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer executive desk is an advanced project that makes use of many high-end tools like the bandsaw, and the table saw. This project uses a YouTube video to explain the steps, and we found it quite informative. The finished product is attractive and features a hidden wireless charging station for your phone.

Skill Level:  Advanced
Materials:  Lumber, Screws, Glue roller, Wood Bleach
Tools Needed:  Clamps, Drill, Table saw

5. Executive Desk from John Melecki

The John Melecki executive desk is another advanced project well suited to skilled woodworkers with well-equipped workshops. You will need a lot of tools to complete this job and a lot of patience as well, but the finished product is well worth the effort and features several usable drawers to increase office productivity.

Skill Level: Advanced
Materials:  Carriage bolts, Lumber, Wood glue, Screws, Drawer pulls, Stain
Tools Needed: Belt sander, Clamps, Drill, Table saw, Router

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A high-quality and well-built executive desk can go a long way to making the occupant of an office look more successful. They are also useful for storing essential documents and providing a stable surface to work. This desk is where the occupant will spend most of their time, so make sure to put a little extra care into the construction. If you are new to woodworking, The TDS Office desk will get you started making cuts and measuring. If you have experience and tools, the Wood Whisperer or John Melecki desks are sure to challenge you and make you better, not to mention provide you with an office desk you can sell for a nice profit.

Featured Image Credit: MagicDesk, Pixabay


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