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6 DIY L-Shaped Desk Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Wooden desk and chair

Wooden desk and chair

The L-shaped desk is a very versatile piece of furniture. You can use it as a corner desk, but it also works in the center of the room as well. As a woodworking project, the L-shaped desk provides many opportunities to learn new things and sharpen your skills.

We’ve searched the internet for great plans that teach how to build an L-shaped desk to give you some ideas of the kinds of models you can build fairly quickly in most cases. These desks are functional and attractive, and there’s a project for every skill level. Please continue reading while we look over six L-shaped desk pans you can DIY today.

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Top 6 DIY L-Shaped Desk Plans

1. Handmade Haven

diy l shaped double x desk
Image Credit: Handmade Haven

Skill Level: Easy
Materials:  Lumber, Wood glue, Nails
Tools Needed:  Hammer, Saw, Clamps

The Handmade Haven L-shaped desk is an easy to build project that you can complete in a few hours. No special tools are required, and there are plenty of illustrations in the instructions that help keep the confusion to a minimum. The final result is sturdy and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2. L-Shaped Desk from Coral

Skill Level:  Easy
Materials:  Lumber, Screws, Wood glue
Tools Needed:  Drill, Stain, Tape

The Coral L-shaped desk is an easy to build project that doesn’t require any advanced tools. A YouTube video demonstrates each step in detail, and the finished product has a compartment to store supplies. This project is excellent for beginners and can help you learn the basics.

3. DIY L-Shaped Desk from Anna White

diy l-shaped desk
Image Credit: Anna White

Skill Level:  Moderate
Materials:  Lumber, Screws, Wood glue
Tools Needed:  Clamps, Drill, Hand saw

The Anna White L-shaped desk chair is a combination of two lesser plans offered on this website. Both projects are relatively easy and don’t require any special tools. We put this into the moderately difficult pile because you are combining two plans, but most people shouldn’t have trouble completing it.

4. L-Shaped Desk from Modern Builds

Skill Level:  Moderate
Materials:  Lumber, Wood glue, Marking tape
Tools Needed:  Clamps, Circular saw, Triangle

The Modern Builds L-shaped desk is a moderately challenging project that you can complete using hand tools. It requires a lot of measuring, and there are some tough angles, but most people can build it successfully if they take their time. The instructions don’t include the finish, so you will need to apply paint or stain after you finish.

5. DIY L-Shaped Desk from Home Talk

diy l-shaped farmhouse wood desk
Image Credit: Home Talk

Skill Level:  Advanced
Materials:  Lumber, Stain, Wood glue
Tools Needed:  Clamps, Drill, Triangle, Table saw

The Home Talk L-shaped desk is an advanced build where the author not only shows you how to create the desk but also shows you how to obtain a unique finish. The detailed instructions include a video tutorial. This build starts from scratch and includes planing the wood.

6. DIY L-Shaped Computer Desk from Build It Better

Skill Level:  Moderate
Materials:  2×4’s, 2×6, Wood glue
Tools Needed:  Clamps, Drill, Circular saw

The Build It Better L-shaped desk is a moderately difficult desk that you can build without using any advanced tools like a router or table saw. The YouTube video shows how each step is done, including how to finish the desk and apply the stain. The resulting L-shaped desk is stable and durable. We found this desk to be very resistant to vibration, and it’s nearly indestructible when placed in a corner.

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The L-shaped desk is a great project for beginners and experienced woodworkers. There are simple designs and more complex projects that require plenty of angled cuts and the use of tools like the table saw and the router. Completing one of these desks is a rewarding process that results in a useful piece of furniture. If you are looking up these projects because you need to learn how to build an L-shaped desk, we recommend checking out the moderately difficult projects which will provide you with a high-quality product without going overboard on required skills.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading over this list and have found a project that’s right for you. If you have found it helpful, please share these L-shaped desk plans you can DIY today on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: StockSnap, Pixabay


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