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20 DIY Garden Décor Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Garden decoration_Glen Carrie_Unsplash

There are few things more satisfying than taking in the beauty and serenity of your garden. Getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor,  whether it be actual fruits, vegetables, flowers, or greenery, is a feeling of accomplishment that’s hard to beat.

Giving your garden some fun revamps from time to time is a way to keep the space fresh for you and others to enjoy. While a complete overhaul with new landscaping ideas can be a larger project than you care to take on, there are plenty of simple and easy design ideas out there to help you spruce up your garden.

Below we’ve brought together 20 of our favorite DIY garden décor ideas,  complete with easy-to-follow plans, for you to pick and choose from. We hope you find inspiration to jazz up your outdoor space just in time for summer get-togethers.

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The Top 20 DIY Easy Decor Plans

1. Create a Living Wall by Real Homes

DIY living wall
Image Credit: Real Homes
Materials: Wonderwall pocket planters, rawl plugs, nails, potted plants, topsoil
Tools: Drill, hammer
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Vertical gardening has become all the craze. Creating a living wall adds dimension to your garden, while also sprucing up walls, fences, sheds, or other buildings on your property. Whichever vertical panel you choose a living wall is an exciting way to add some life to your outdoor space. The best part is you can switch up your living wall with the seasons to keep things fresh and new.

2. Sprinkle In New Hues with Colorful Plant Pots by Instructables

DIY nail polish marbled flower pots
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Flower pots, nail polish, nail polish remover, lukewarm water, disposable container, toothpicks, paper towels, disposable gloves
Tools: Small shovel
Difficulty: Easy

What’s a garden without a vibrant array of colors adorning it? In addition to the colorful hues your flowers, fruits, and foliagedisplay, you can add bright and cheerful colors, patterns, and prints with a range of plant pots. There are several fun DIY ideas you can use to customize your pot designs with personal touches—like with these nail polish marbled pots.

3. Step Up Your Garden Design with an Old Ladder by Empress Of Dirt

DIY garden art ladder
Image Credit: Empress of Dirt
Materials: Old ladder, paint, potted plants
Tools: Paint brush
Difficulty: Easy

Repurposing an old step ladder is a creative and resourceful vertical planting idea.You can get as creative as you want to with a new coat of paintor with the placement and positioning of the ladder.. However, you customize the designby stacking some potted plants on it. This will add naturally decorative elements to your new/old ladder garden decor.

4. Turn Up the Lights by Every Day Dishes

DIY solar lanterns
Image Credit: everyday dishes
Materials: 6 solar lights, 6 spice jars, painter’s tape, gloss frost paint, industrial-strength glue, twine
Tools: Sponge brush
Difficulty: Easy

Even better than basking in the beauty of your garden is being able to do so at night. Adorning your garden with some lovely lighting gives you the option of enjoying a warm summer evening outdoors. These DIY solar lanterns will illuminate your outdoor space well after the sun has gone down.

5. Add the Element of (Bug-Free) Fire by Garden Therapy

DIY citronella candles
Image Credit: garden therapy
Materials: Cans, mason jars, wax, pre-waxed wicks with tabs, citronella oil
Tools: Hot glue gun, double boiler
Difficulty: Easy

While spending time outdoors during summer evenings is enjoyable, a less enjoyable factor to consider is the bugs that often come with it. Adding these DIY citronella candles around your garden space is an easy way to keep mosquitoes and other pests awayandbrighten up your space with candlelight ambiance.

6. Throw Some Shade by Craftivity Designs

DIY shade sail installation
Image Credit: Craftivity Designs
Materials: Muslin fabric, wood or steel posts, hooks, bungee cords
Tools: Drill, tape measure
Difficulty: Moderate

Adding a shady corner to your garden gives you a cool, quiet spot to sit and relax, even on hot and sunny days. You can easily purchase an awning, parasol, or canopy, but a more affordable and DIY-able option is to create your own sail shade to drape over the desired area in your garden.

7. Add An Arched Trellis by Savvy Gardening

DIY cattle panel trellis
Image Credit: Savvy Gadening
Materials: 16 feet of cattle panel, studded T-bar posts, heavy-duty zip ties
Tools: Sledgehammer, tape measure, torpedo level
Difficulty: Moderate

Arched trellises are grand in appearance and simple to make, and they bring so much character to your garden space. There areseveral DIY plans you can follow, such as this arched trellis made of cattle panel. Once in place, you can use it as a gardening fixture for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, or plants of your choice.

8. Add Flowers and Gourds to Arched Trellises by Get Busy Gardening

DIY squash arch
Image Credit: Get Busy Gardening
Materials: Metal garden fencing, PVC pipes, PVC glue, spray paint
Tools: Hacksaw
Difficulty: Moderate

Whether building new arched trellises or revamping existing ones, adding some flowers and gourds to them brings a magical look to your entire garden. Doing so is easy, as arched trellises like this squash trellis make perfect structures for growing gourds and flowers., When growing squash vertically, you save space and create an attractive flowering display to impress your guests.

9. Create a Natural Walkway by BHG

DIY wood chip path
Image Credit: Better Home & Gardens
Materials: Wood chips or mulch, newspaper, stones (optional)
Tools: Shovel
Difficulty: Easy

Creating a garden path may seem like a big landscaping project to take on, but it doesn’t have to be. You ’don’t need professional landscapers or expensive materials to create a beautiful walkway in your garden. Walkways made with mulch and wood chips are easy and inexpensive to make while keeping your garden’s aesthetics au naturel.

10. Revive A Tired Bench by Home Jelly

DIY old park bench
Image Credit: homejelly
Materials: Painter’s tape, paint, polyurethane clear coat, Rust-Oleum primer, newspaper, disposable gloves, sandpaper
Tools: Paint brushes, wire brush
Difficulty: Easy

What is a garden without some nice seating areas to sit and relax? The best part of this project is that you don’t need to go out and buy new equipment. All you need is old chairs and/or benches and creativity. Thereare plenty of DIY ideas out there that allow you to customize your own bench designs, such as with this repurposed park bench.

11. Install Swinging Seats by A Beautiful Mess

DIY hammock chair
Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess
Materials: Oak dowels, braided polypropylene, plain canvas, stainless-steel quick link, drill bit, acrylic fabric paint
Tools: Paint brush, ruler, sewing machine
Difficulty: Moderate

Imagine the joy and relaxation of enjoying your garden from a swinging chair. Fortunately, making swinging seats part of your outdoor space is easier than you think. While some options may require a bit more carpentry and furniture-making skills, this charming DIY hammock chair is simple to make. What’s more, you can accessorize the look with whatever style best fits your garden’s aesthetics.

12. Install Fun “Faux-liage” by Be Brave And Bloom

DIY fake pant decor
Image Credit: Be Brave and Bloom
Materials: Artificial greenery, flowers, stems, pots, plant hangers, floral foam
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

Who said gardens could only have real plants? Artificial plants are just as beautiful, aren’t weather-dependent, and require less maintenance! Mixing in some gorgeous “faux-liage” like these DIY faux-liage arrangements can do a lot to liven up the look of your garden all year round. After picking your favorite faux plants, you can complete the DIY design in less than 20 minutes.

13. Add Artificial Grass by Install It Direct

DIY artificial grass
Image Credit: Install It Direct
Materials: Ground pins, artificial grass/turf pieces, sub-base material, weed membrane, grass glue, planks or roller for compacting, joining tape
Tools: Turf cutter, wheelbarrow, shovel, tape measure, hammer
Difficulty: Difficult

Artificial grass has become much more popular over the years. Many turf designs are hard to tell apart from authentic grass these days. Artificial grass gives you a healthy-looking lawn without all the time-consuming maintenance required for real grass. While having artificial grass installed can save you much time and labor, this DIY artificial grass step-by-step plan guides you through the process to minimize your installation costs.

14. Plant Succulents by The Spruce

DIY succulent plant container garden
Image Credit: The Spruce
Materials: Container with drainage holes, plastic window screening, succulent plants, succulent potting mix, decorative stones, gravel, glass, marbles
Tools: Small shovel, scissors, soft-bristle brush
Difficulty: Easy

For those of us who are “plant-challenged”, opting for more durable plants that require little maintenance may be your safest bet. Ever the trend in recent years, succulents are a popular plant choice that don’t require daily watering and can more-or-less maintain themselves, especially when planted outside. An abundance of cute custom DIY succulent garden ideas are out there for you to createthe perfect design. Happy succulent planting!

15. Plant a Wildflower Garden by The Spruce

DIY wildflower gardening
Image Credit: The Spruce
Materials: Wildflower seeds, planting space with full to partial sunlight, sand, mulch
Tools: Hand rake/soil tiller
Difficulty: Easy

Having a diverse mix of plants in a garden gives it vibrancy and variety. Mixing in wildflowers in your garden not only gives it some edge, but it minimizes your gardening tasks as many wildflowers don’t require constant upkeep. Following these tips and tricks for wildflower gardening will help you plant and grow wildflowers in your garden like a pro!

16. Create a Fun Teepee Trellis by Gardening Know How

DIY teepee garden trellis
Image Credit: Gardening Know How
Materials: Wood branches, garden twine or copper wire
Tools: Hacksaw
Difficulty: Easy

A garden teepee makes for a delightful retreat in your yard for children and adults alike. They also make great gardening trellises for growing just about anything that can climb — such as squash, peas, and cucumbers, as well as several flower variations. The teepee’s lifespan depends on the quality of wood used; some designs will last several years, and others may not make it to next season.

17. Add a Fire Feature by Arm Chair Sommelier

DIY tiki torch
Image Credit: Arm Chair Sommelier
Materials: Wine bottles, aquarium marbles, tiki torch fuel, tiki refill wicks, brass pipe fittings
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

Bring a taste of the tropics to your garden by lighting it up with tiki torches. These fun and easy DIY wine bottle tiki torches introduce the element of fire and bring both light and warmth to your outdoor space. Share the island vibes of your garden with family and friends with a tropical-inspired outdoor gathering. If you do not drink wine at home, you can visit bars and restaurants for free bottles.

18. Add a Water Feature by Home Stories A to Z

DIY garden planter birds bath
Image Credit: Home Stories A to Z
Materials: Large terracotta pot, small terracotta pots, rebar, paint primer, spray paint, aquatic adhesive, large glass bowl, ceramic bird (optional)
Tools: Hacksaw
Difficulty: Moderate

Adding a simple birdbath to your garden brings the calming element of waterand more feathered friends to your garden as well. There are a variety of easy-to-make bird bath ideas out there for you to select, like this DIY planter and birdbath that doubles as a birdbath and a multi-tiered planter.

19. Create Your Own Hanging Planters by Deuce Cities Henhouse

DIY plywood hanging planter
Image Credit: Alison Allen
Materials: birch plywood, decorator chain, steel mug hooks, ruler, terracotta pots, clamps, spray paint
Tools: Drill, jigsaw
Difficulty: Moderate

An excellent way to display a variety of plants while saving floor space is with hanging planters. They make a statement around the house and in the gardenand add color and greenery to any space. These DIY geometric plywood hanging planters bring style and character anywhere you decide to hang them.

20. Mirror Your Garden For the Optical Illusion of More Space by Kezza Beth

DIY garden mirror
Image Credit: Kezzabeth
Materials: Plywood, wooden batterns, mirror tiles, screws, paint, clamps
Tools: Tape measure, circular saw, sander, drill, screwdriver, caulk gun
Difficulty: Moderate

Something as simple as a repurposed and weather-proof mirror can do wonders to transform your garden. This is a particularly usefuldecoration for dark and gloomy corners of your garden that don’t get as much attention. While creating an optical illusion can be as easy as leaning an old mirror against a fence or wall, some complex DIY garden mirror plans are also available for those with a crafty itch to scratch.

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Whether you have a vast open lawn or a petite patio area, these garden décor ideas are sure to spruce up your space. With an abundance of inspiration and DIY ideas at your fingertips, you can give your garden an instant lift without calling in professional landscapers for a complete overhaul.

We hope that one or more of the plans we’ve discussed will serve as inspiration for your garden revamp—giving you an outdoor space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Featured Image Credit: Glen Carrie, Unsplash


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