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20 DIY Garden Fountain Plans To Make Today (With Pictures)

garden fountain

We realized that any time someone talks about fountains, the picture that they envision is one that mostly includes museums, corporate buildings, intricately carved marble structures, and posh landscapes. But that’s not always the case. You can easily install a fountain in your small backyard garden too as they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Fountains don’t just make outdoor spaces look elegant or impressive. They have a way of guaranteeing a relaxing ambiance, in addition to attracting local wildlife. And who would want to see animals playing in their backyard?

Here are our favorite DIY garden fountain plans you can make today!

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The 20 DIY Garden Fountain Plans

1. Tabletop Fountain

Tools: Drill Machine, Hacksaw
Supplies:  PVC Pipe 20mm ( 18 cm x 2 Nos & 16 cm X 1 Nos),Soldering Iron 0, Glue Gun, Hose 4mm, Elbow, Tee, Styrofoam, Wooden Pot, Pebbles. Submersible Pump 15 Watt, Buddha Statue, Lucky Bamboo

A tabletop fountain is ideal for DIYers who want a garden fountain but are hesitant to install one because they are afraid it will take up too much space. This is often the case with avid gardeners who have little space left in their backyard. If you’re one of those people, this is the fountain for you.

Sometimes referred to as the DIY Bubbler, the tabletop fountain can fit into literally any space, including that tiny corner of your balcony or a patio table.

2. Vanishing/Disappearing Water Fountain

DIY disappearing water fountain
Image By: Instructables
Tools: Shovel Hack saw, Dremel rotary cutting tool, Pipe tape, Gloves, Safety glasses, Knee pads, Marking chalk (flour works too) Pressure washer * Dog *
Supplies:  Basin (15 gallon HP15), Pump Laguna 529, Gallon Per Hour (GPH), pond fountain PT8160, Sprinkler drip-system tap (1/2-inch riser adapter with 1/4-inch barb), Valve box circular 10″ Electrical PVC Conduit 1.25-inch x 10 feet (2 x), PVC Sweep connector 1.25-inch (3 x), PVC slip cap 1.25-inch (2 x), PVC Glue Landscape, fabric Sheet plastic, or lawn garden bags Noiyo cobble decorative rock (1,000 lbs in bags), Rebar .25-inch x 4 feet (4 x), Rebar .25-inch x 3 feet (2x), Hardware mesh, Spray primer gray, Spray paint flat black

To be clear, when we say “vanishing” or “disappearing,” we don’t mean that you’ll wake up one morning and find the fountain gone! Those words are only there to remind the gardener, and anybody else interested in installing this garden feature, that they’ll be working with a fountain that offers a different kind of visual effect.

It doesn’t have an open pond, seeing as the water “vanishes” into the base. Come to think of it, this is actually the best fountain for pet owners and parents who still have toddlers—you’ll never have to worry about your kid or dog falling into its pond.

3. Teapot Fountain

DIY tea pot fountain
Image By: Hometalk

It goes without saying, that the teapot fountain would be the perfect fit for anyone who loved Alice in Wonderland as a child. Or maybe you just loved (still love) hosting tea parties and pretending to be royalty. If you feel like we’re sort of describing your personality, this is what you should be going for.

Of course, there are people who’ll try to convince you that this is a difficult fountain to install, but even a beginner can do it. All you need is a handful of supplies, including a teapot and a teacup.

By the way, there is no ‘Teapot Fountain’ without a teapot or even a teacup—that would just be a DIY fountain!

4. Simple Container Water Fountain

DIY simple water fountain
Image Credit: An Extraordinary Day
Tools:  Drill
Supplies: Large Water-Tight  Container/Pot (Mine was a 16 inch, allen + roth — dimensions 15.75  x 15.75  x  11 in.), SmartPond Container Fountain Kit (This is very similar to the one I used.), Power Drill and flat boring Drill Bit (We used a 1 1/4″ bit according to the instructions… but 1 1/2″ would have been a better choice.), E6000 Adhesive, Black flower pots in 2 sizes (test to make sure they are large enough to go over the pump and stack), Ceramic Fish (Or something similar for the fountainhead to shoot out of.), Water and a nearby grounded Power Source

Time is money, and most of us can’t waste any of it. That’s why we love the Simple Container Fountain. A fountain that you can build, without investing too much of your time. It’s easy to assemble, incredible for small spaces, and perfect for informal spaces, you can use a big or small container, and it can complement any natural space.

5. DIY Pondless Water Feature

DIY water features
Image Credit: Pretty Purple Door
Tools: Shovel, Dirt, Hose
Supplies:  Plastic Tubing, Water basin, Grate to cover water basin, Hardware cloth, Garden staples, Cover/Filter for Pump, Outdoor Extension Cord, Pond Nozzle Kit, Rocks or stones

There are two types of people in this world: Those who prefer buying pre-made items, and those who’d rather build from scratch. Well, this fountain appeals more to the second group.

The DIY Pondless Water Feature is a pondless fountain that would make anyone believe that the water is coming up from the ground. Well, technically it is, but that’s only because you designed it that way. It will tune out any background noise, make you feel less stressed, and add a degree of aesthetic appeal to your surroundings.

6. Bubble Fountain

DIY bubble fountain garden water feature
Image Credit: This DIY life
Tools:  1 plastic pail (I used an old wine kit bucket, but anything you don’t mind drilling holes in will do), Automotive fiberglass material (This is what I used.), Rocks (Some decorative and some large ones that take up a lot of space and are cheap/free), 1 piece of hose that fits the outlet on your fountain pump (most have adapters and can use a garden hose, plumbing ‘PEX’ pipe, or anything in between that you might already have), Garden hose washers or similar waterproof items to fill gaps
Supplies:  2 pots (one large, one smaller) – any material, but strong enough to hold water and rocks.  Ours is glazed terra-cotta.  More expensive than plastic, but still cheaper than a ready-made fountain. and 1 fountain pump

We’ve never come across a bubble fountain that looks ‘ordinary.’ They’ve always looked stunning, because they come in different shapes and sizes, and can be made using different materials. Fountains are typically supposed to emit soothing flowing water sounds, but there’s something different about this one. The sounds are soothing, but calmer than usual.

Also, it’s good that we’re talking about DIY Bubble Fountains, because commercial ones will force you to dig deeper into your pockets.

7. Solar Powered Fountain

DIY solar plant pot water fountain
Image Credit: interior Frugalista
Tools:  Garden Hoe, Level, Wire cutters
Supplies:  Set of 2 Flower Pots (alternatives), Flower Pot Saucer, Plastic pail, River rocks, Solar Power Bird Bath Fountain Pump OR Solar Powered, Submersible Pump, Silicon, Galvanized Wires

This fountain relies solely on the sun’s energy to function so it’s not ideal for areas that experience very little sunlight, or in backyards that don’t get enough of it. On top of that, you should know the Solar Fountain is not an easy build, compared to the fountains that we’ve already discussed. You’ll need some level of experience to know what goes where and how it operates, but once you do, it’s a fairly easy project.

8. DIY Crock Water fountain

DIY water feature using a crock
Image Credit: Chatfield Court
Tools:  tape measure, shovel, level, drill, 5/8″ diamond drill bit, step drill bit, hack saw, cable cutters
Supplies:  plastic pond liner, fountain pump, large pot or crock, 1/2″ pvc pipe, black spray paint, bucket (to fill in crock), 1/2″ clear vinyl tubing, Water Weld – 2 part epoxy, galvanized wire mesh, rocks, bricks, composite shims, outdoor extension cord

The Crock Fountain is another water feature that will require some level of experience to assemble, and parts aren’t that cheap. You’ll have to purchase a crock or large pot from a thrift store and get the rest of the parts from the hardware store near you. It doesn’t need a receptacle for pooling, since the water is meant to look like it’s disappearing once it hits the ground.

9. Miniature Fountain

DIY miniature terrarium waterfall
Image Credit: Instructables
Tools:  container (glass preferred, cloches allow easier access), good quality potting soil (built-in fertilizer is even better), gravel/stone/rocks, charcoal, moisture loving plants like Clubmoss, Polka Dot Plant, Blue Star Fern, Creeping fig, Nerve Plant. , moss (locally harvested), Spray bottle with water, Utensils (spoons etc), Fabric/coffee filter/mesh
Supplies:  1″ thick (or similar) pink or blue styrofoam board (about 8″ x 10″) scraps, Mat knife or sharp kitchen knife, low temperature hot glue gun & glue, acrylic paint (any kind) white, black, yellow, red, blue & brushes, clear plastic container or bottle (recycled), Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast resin, toothpicks/skewers, Shoe Goo/5 minute epoxy or thick clear glue

More and more people are now investing most of their money in miniature items. Part of the reason is because miniature items can give us the illusion that we’re still in the driver’s seat—the world is not controlling us, as some people would like us to believe. They also add a truly unique aesthetic to any living space.

Even though it’s a lot smaller than what we’re used to, this Miniature Fountain will still drown out all the background noise and improve the ambiance in your garden.

10. Rustic Window Pane Fountain

DIY outdoor water wall privacy screen
Image Credit: interior Frugalista
Tools:  Table saw, Compound Mitre Saw, Power Drill, Pneumatic Nail Gun, Small Compressor, Staple Gun, Tape Measure, Level
Supplies:  Pond Pump, Pond Liner, Tempered Glass, Water Tubing, Lumber, 3-4 bags of river rock, wood screws (3-inch for base frame, 1 1/2-inch for all else), construction glue, staples, Solar Spotlights

If you have an old window pane that’s lying around the house, and a perforated tube, you could give this fountain a shot. It’s cool, unconventional, and more importantly, easy to assemble. As the water flows down, it will create this image of corrugated glass. This is cool because there’s no other fountain that can offer that effect!

If you want to make it look even more sophisticated, just install up-lights in its reservoir. They’ll light up the Rustic Pane’s wall under the cover of darkness, making it look like alien technology!

11. Loop De Loo Fountain Chain

DIY rain chain
Image Credit: Closings and Car Seats

You want a chain fountain in your garden if you’re the kind of person who believes in meditation as a way of relaxing or dealing with stress. And it doesn’t matter how you design it. It could hang from the edges of the roof or a pole that you’ve set up to secure it in place. As long as the water is trickling down the chains, you’re good.

One of the things that ought to consider before building one, is the climate. Loop De Loo fountains aren’t the best weather features for people who live in cold temperatures because the water may freeze solid!

12. DIY Solar Powered Water Feature by life hacker

DIY Solar Powered Water Feature by life hacker
Image Credit: life hacker

Solar-powered water features are great if you have direct sunlight that reaches your garden, but be aware that the feature probably won’t run for most of the winter and a solar fountain won’t be suitable if the fountain is placed under cover or in an area of the garden that is heavily shaded. However, solar pumps are inexpensive, don’t need connecting to electricity, and there is a good selection of pump heads with different configurations. This DIY solar-powered water feature plan uses two ceramic planters but suggests you can use just about any container that will hold a gallon of water.

13. 5-Minute Easy DIY Solar Fountain Using Clay Saucer

Tools:  Screwdriver, Heat gun, Electric Tape
Supplies:  Flower pot, Water pump 12 volts, Solar Panel 10 watts, Fountain Head Nozzle, Safety Button, Extra Wire 12 Volts, PVC Pipe, Solar Panel, Water Pump, Fountain Head Nozzle, Terracotta Clay Saucer

Clay and terracotta look beautiful and, once glazed and treated, they do a very good job of holding water and maintaining the water level. However, they do absorb moisture and fungus can grow on parts of the saucers. Some moss and algae can add to the look but once there are enough fungi, it will transfer to the water, and everything will start to look murky. You will need to clean the fountain every few months, but the build itself is very easy and it really only takes a few minutes to make this 5-minute easy DIY solar fountain using a clay saucer.

14. Low Maintenance Water Feature by family handyman

Low Maintenance Water Feature by family handyman
Image Credit: family handyman
Tools:  4-in-1 screwdriver, Caulk gun, Cordless drill, Drill bit set, Dust mask, Garden rake, Hearing protection, Safety glasses, Spade, Tape measure, Utility knife, Wheelbarrow
Supplies:  1- to 2-in. smooth round stone (about 1000 pounds for large fountain), 1-in. elbow, 1-in. male adapter, A small roll of indoor/outdoor carpeting (or any other old carpeting you may have on hand)., Boulders, Corrugated pond tubing only., Five 5-gallon pails with lids., Garden hose, Pea gravel, Pond liner padding, Pump, Silicone caulk, Spray paint, Two tubing clamps, Waterproof liner,

If you’re the kind of garden lover that really enjoys watching and listening to a water fountain but doesn’t want the hassle of having to clean and maintain it, this low-maintenance water feature is for you. It takes a little more preparation than some of the terracotta and planter options but because there is no collection reservoir, and uses a gravel collection area instead, it takes very little to no ongoing maintenance. And it looks and sounds great, too. You do need to dig, and you will need to install a liner to prevent water loss, but the return is minimal maintenance.

15. Make a Garden Fountain Out of Anything You Want by instructables

Make a Garden Fountain Out of Anything You Want by instructables
Image Credit: instructables
Tools:  Shovel, Steel Tape Measure, Hand saw, Utility Scissors, Pipe cutter, Adjustable wrench, Hammer Drill,
Supplies:  Pump, ½-Inch Copper Pipe, Waterproof Basin, Stones, Small Rocks, ½-inch-by-½-inch Compression Female Adapter, ½-inch Ball Valve, Screen, Composite Decking, Drainage Gravel, 1-inch PVC Conduit, Electric Tape

A basic water fountain requires a pump, some water, and some kind of ornament or item over which the water bubbles and trickles. You also need some kind of container the water can collect in before being recycled and pumped up back through the fountain. As long as you get an appropriate pump that can handle the load, you can pretty much choose any suitable water container and any ornament or design. You can use a metal bath as the water container, and if it’s a good-looking container, you don’t necessarily even need to sink it into the ground. Use it as part of the display instead.

For the ornament, you can use anything from a stone garden gargoyle to rocks from the garden. This guide shows you the basics of what you need and how you can use pretty much anything to create a garden fountain.

16. Easy Water Fountain

Tools:  Solar fountain option, Vinyl Tubing, Galvanized tub, Plant saucer
Supplies:  Drill, Rocks, Pump, Board

There are plenty of reasons to install a water feature in the garden. The sound of trickling water can bring peace and harmony and the fountain can really bring a new element to your garden design. A fountain is also beneficial to local wildlife, from insects to birds and even nocturnal garden visitors. This easy water fountain is more functional than attractive but it is quick and easy to make, and it will attract birds and other wildlife to the spot.

17. Modern Feature Fountain from a Planter Box by the savvy heart

Modern Feature Fountain from a Planter Box by the savvy heart
Image Credit: The savvy heart
Tools:  Steel Planter Box- 28” x 27” x 27”, Sheet Metal – 24×24 – A local metal supply company, Fountain Pump via Harbor Freight, Hardware CLoth via Lowes, Window Screen via Home Depot, Shims via Home Depot, 2 Gallon Bucket via Lowes, 8 x 8 x 16 Concrete Cinder Blocks via Home Depot, 16 x 16 Square Paver via Home Depot, Piece of Acrylic via Lowes, 1/4 in. I.D. x 3/8 in. Clear Vinyl Tubing via Home Depot, Hose clamp via Home Depot, 1/4 in. x 4 in. Brass Fitting via Home Depot, 1/4 in. MIP x 1/4 in.90-Degree Brass Street Elbow via Home Depot, 1/4 in. MIP x 1/4 in. FIP Brass Coupling via Home Depot
Supplies:  Conduit via Home Depot, Drill via Home Depot, JB Weld Steel Stik via Home Depot, Flex Seal Spray via Home Depot, Matte black spray Paint via Lowes, Wire cutters via Lowes, Duct tape via Lowes

At the other end of the garden fountain spectrum are those that are all about the looks. Such water features can cost hundreds of dollars or more, and while they might look great, that kind of cost is prohibitive for most people. However, you can create your own modern-looking water feature using an attractive, modern planter. Making a modern feature fountain from a planter box is less expensive and it means that you can choose the planter design so that it matches the rest of your garden décor.

18. Easy DIY Solar Fountain In 1 Hour by a piece of rainbow

Easy DIY Solar Fountain In 1 Hour by a piece of rainbow
Image Credit: a piece of rainbow
Tools:  plumbing pipes, electrical power cord
Supplies:  Behrens 15 Gallon Round Steel Tub, 25″ diameter by 12″ tall, bucket, half a whiskey barrel, flower pot

Made from a galvanized bathtub and using a solar fountain pump, you can make this easy DIY solar fountain in 1 hour and with relatively little expertise. Because it’s made using a galvanized tub, it means that you can move the fountain around the garden, and you can even move it into the shed or the garage in winter to prevent it from freezing and getting damaged. Not only is the fountain easy to make but its inclusion of a variety of water plants also means it fits in well amongst other planters.

19. DIY Terra Cotta Water Fountain by construct 101

DIY Terra Cotta Water Fountain by construct 101
Image Credit: construct 101
Tools:  Round file, Drill, 3/8 inch masonry bit
Supplies:  14 inch terra cotta saucer, 7 inch terra cotta saucer, 6 inch terra cotta saucer, 3 – 4 inch terra cotta saucers, 6 inch flower pot, 4 inch flower pot, Fountain pump, Plastic tubing for pump, Silicone sealer, Clear spray sealer

With a few terra cotta pots and saucers, it is possible to create a layered fountain that looks and sounds amazing, although it will need regular cleaning to prevent mold from forming. You cut holes in the saucers, which act like taps, and then place these on top of the terra cotta pots. Use the size, dimensions, and layout of the pots you want to create the DIY terra cotta water fountain look you desire. The more pots you use, the more layers you create, and the more of a bubbling noise you will enjoy from the feature.

20. DIY Garden Fountain by at charlottes house

DIY Garden Fountain by at charlottes house
Image Credit: at charlottes house
Tools:  jigsaw, cardboard tubes, duct tape, PVC pipe,
Supplies:  1 bag of mortar mix Quikrete, 1 solar fountain kit, Molds: I used something like this (each one cost around $6 and I have like 4′ leftover) and then a ‘sphere’ from Goodwill, bucket, PVC pipe (I bought two 2-foot sections), tubing, scrap board for concrete mold

If you really want to get artsy while making your own DIY garden fountain, you can invest in some molds and a mortar mix to create your own fountain ball. Making your own mold not only allows you to create the design you want but it enables you to leave a channel for the fountain pipe. Mixing your own mortar and leaving it to set does take time, but the process isn’t as difficult as you might think, and the end result is very effective. divider 1

Final Thoughts

It’s important to remember that outdoor fountains usually demand frequent care and maintenance. That’s purely because they are often exposed to different elements, including harsh weather conditions and animal debris.

Try to pick the right location, avoid too much sunlight, and don’t forget to add vinegar into the water once in a while. It might not smell great, but its antiseptic and antifungal properties will ensure the water stays clean.

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