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11 DIY Garden Fountain Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

garden fountain

We realized that any time someone talks about fountains, the picture that they envision is one that mostly includes museums, corporate buildings, intricately carved marble structures, and posh landscapes. But that’s not always the case. You can easily install a fountain in your small backyard garden too as they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Fountains don’t just make outdoor spaces look elegant or impressive. They have a way of guaranteeing a relaxing ambiance, in addition to attracting local wildlife. And who would want to see animals playing in their backyard?

Here are 11 DIY garden fountain plans you can make today!

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The 11 DIY Garden Fountain Plans

1. Tabletop Fountain

Difficulty Level: Moderate
Maintenance: Moderate

A tabletop fountain is ideal for DIYers who want a garden fountain but are hesitant to install one because they are afraid it will take up too much space. This is often the case with avid gardeners who have little space left in their backyard. If you’re one of those people, this is the fountain for you.

Sometimes referred to as the DIY Bubbler, the tabletop fountain can fit into literally any space, including that tiny corner of your balcony or a patio table.

2. Vanishing/Disappearing Water Fountain

DIY disappearing water fountain
Image Credit: Instructables
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Maintenance: Low

To be clear, when we say “vanishing” or “disappearing,” we don’t mean that you’ll wake up one morning and find the fountain gone! Those words are only there to remind the gardener, and anybody else interested in installing this garden feature, that they’ll be working with a fountain that offers a different kind of visual effect.

It doesn’t have an open pond, seeing as the water “vanishes” into the base. Come to think of it, this is actually the best fountain for pet owners and parents who still have toddlers—you’ll never have to worry about your kid or dog falling into its pond.

3. Teapot Fountain

DIY tea pot fountain
Image Credit: Hometalk
Difficulty Level: High
Maintenance: High

It goes without saying, the teapot fountain would be the perfect fit for anyone who loved Alice in Wonderland as a child. Or maybe you just loved (still love) hosting tea parties and pretending to be royalty. If you feel like we’re sort of describing your personality, this is what you should be going for.

Of course, there are people who’ll try to convince you that this is a difficult fountain to install, but even a beginner can do it. All you need is a handful of supplies, including a teapot and a teacup.

By the way, there is no ‘Teapot Fountain’ without a teapot or even a teacup—that would just be a DIY fountain!

4. Simple Container Water Fountain

DIY simple water fountain
Image Credit: An Extraordinary Day
Difficulty Level: Low
Maintenance: Low

Time is money, and most of us can’t waste any of it. That’s why we love the Simple Container Fountain. A fountain that you can build, without investing too much of your time. It’s easy to assemble, incredible for small spaces, perfect for informal spaces, you can use a big or small container, and it can complement any natural space.

5. DIY Pondless Water Feature

DIY water features
Image Credit: Pretty Purple Door
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Maintenance: Low

There are two types of people in this world: Those who prefer buying pre-made items, and those who’d rather build from scratch. Well, this fountain appeals more to the second group.

The DIY Pondless Water Feature is a pondless fountain that would make anyone believe that the water is coming up from the ground. Well, technically it is, but that’s only because you designed it that way. It will tune out any background noise, make you feel less stressed, and add a degree of aesthetic appeal to your surroundings.

6. Bubble Fountain

DIY bubble fountain garden water feature
Image Credit: This DIY life
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Maintenance: Low

We’ve never come across a bubble fountain that looks ‘ordinary.’ They’ve always looked stunning, because they come in different shapes and sizes, and can be made using different materials. Fountains are typically supposed to emit soothing flowing water sounds, but there’s something different about this one. The sounds are soothing, but calmer than usual.

Also, it’s good that we’re talking about DIY Bubble Fountains, because commercial ones will force you to dig deeper into your pockets.

7. Solar Powered Fountain

DIY solar plant pot water fountain
Image Credit: interior Frugalista
Difficulty Level: High
Maintenance: High

This fountain relies solely on the sun’s energy to function so it’s not ideal for areas that experience very little sunlight, or in backyards that don’t get enough of it. On top of that, you should know the Solar Fountain is not an easy build, compared to the fountains that we’ve already discussed. You’ll need some level of experience to know what goes where and how it operates, but once you do, it’s a fairly easy project.

8. DIY Crock Water fountain

DIY water feature using a crock
Image Credit: Chatfield Court
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Maintenance: Moderate

The Crock Fountain is another water feature that will require some level of experience to assemble, and parts aren’t that cheap. You’ll have to purchase a crock or large pot from a thrift store and get the rest of the parts from the hardware store near you. It doesn’t need a receptacle for pooling, since the water is meant to look like it’s disappearing once it hits the ground.

9. Miniature Fountain

DIY miniature terrarium waterfall
Image Credit: Instructables
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Maintenance: Low

More and more people are now investing most of their money in miniature items. Part of the reason is because miniature items can give us the illusion that we’re still in the driver’s seat—the world is not controlling us, as some people would like us to believe. They also add a truly unique aesthetic to any living space.

Even though it’s a lot smaller than what we’re used to, this Miniature Fountain will still drown out all the background noise and improve the ambiance in your garden.

10. Rustic Window Pane Fountain

DIY outdoor water wall privacy screen
Image Credit: interior Frugalista
Difficulty Level: High
Maintenance: High

If you have an old window pane that’s lying around the house, and a perforated tube, you could give this fountain a shot. It’s cool, unconventional, and more importantly, easy to assemble. As the water flows down, it will create this image of corrugated glass. This is cool because there’s no other fountain that can offer that effect!

If you want to make it look even more sophisticated, just install up-lights in its reservoir. They’ll light up the Rustic Pane’s wall under the cover of darkness, making it look like alien technology!

11. Loop De Loo Fountain Chain

DIY rain chain
Image Credit: Closings and Car Seats
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Maintenance: Low

You want a chain fountain in your garden if you’re the kind of person who believes in meditation as a way of relaxing or dealing with stress. And it doesn’t matter how you design it. It could hang from the edges of the roof or a pole that you’ve set up to secure it in place. As long as the water is trickling down the chains, you’re good.

One of the things that ought to consider before building one, is the climate. Loop De Loo fountains aren’t the best weather features for people who live in cold temperatures because the water may freeze solid!

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Final Thoughts

It’s important to remember that outdoor fountains usually demand frequent care and maintenance. That’s purely because they are often exposed to different elements, including harsh weather conditions and animal debris.

Try to pick the right location, avoid too much sunlight, and don’t forget to add vinegar into the water once in a while. It might not smell great, but its antiseptic and antifungal properties will ensure the water stays clean.

Featured Image Credit: danielsfotowelt, Pixabay

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