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10 Clever & Creative DIY Outdoor Privacy Screens (With Pictures)

outdoor privacy screen in the garden

Privacy screens can be extremely helpful, especially in a crowded city where neighbors are close by and it’s hard to get time to yourself. However, purchasing a commercial privacy screen can be quite expensive, and it’s not that difficult to build one with inexpensive parts that you might already have. If you would like to build one of these screens but don’t know where to start, keep reading as we list several plans that you can follow.

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The Top 10 DIY Outdoor Privacy Screens

1. Harlow & Thistle DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen

diy outdoor privacy screen
Image By: Harlow And Thistle
Materials Wood nailing strips, nails, plaster of Paris
Tools Brad nailer, hand saw
Difficulty Easy

The Harlow and Thistle DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen is a relatively easy-to-build project that doesn’t require many materials. You build most of the project using wood nailing strips that you can find in any large hardware store. The small boards create the privacy screen, and you can finish it in many different ways with stains or paint to get the look that you want.

2. Small Privacy Screen

diy small privacy screen
Image By: Dreaming Of Homemaking
Materials Boards, nails, screws
Tools Brad nailer (or hammer), saw
Difficulty Easy

The Small Privacy Screen is an easy-to-build project that uses small boards to create a durable privacy screen that will last you many years. You can customize it easily to fit your space and finish it with paint or stain to achieve any color or appearance. All the cuts are easy enough to do with a handsaw. A brad nailer is recommended, but you can hammer in the nails if you don’t have one.

3. Inexpensive Privacy Screen

diy privacy screen for only $80
Image Credit: Getting Your Life
Materials Fence boards, screws
Tools Drill, saw, level
Difficulty Easy

The Inexpensive Privacy Screen project is an easy-to-build project that uses picket fencing boards to provide plenty of privacy. You can customize it to fit any space, and it even makes a good place to hang potted plants. You can complete it in a single day without using any expensive tools.

4. Water Wall Privacy Screen by Interior Frugalista

diy outdoor water wall privacy screen
Image Credit: Interior Frugalista
Materials Water fountain, tempered glass, wood
Tools Hammer saw
Difficulty Easy

The Water Wall Privacy Screen is an easy-to-follow plan that you can use to create a privacy screen that uses moving water to create an amazing illusion. A water fountain and a few other supplies will help you get the job done. The project will be completed a few steps after you build the wooden frame.

5. DIY Patio Privacy Screen

diy not a lattice privacy screen
Image Credit: Home Talk
Materials Wood, aluminum flashing, nails
Tools Hammer, saw
Difficulty Moderate

The DIY Patio Privacy Screen project is a moderately difficult project that you can customize to suit your needs. It looks amazing and provides privacy for you or objects on your property that you want to hide, like the air conditioning unit. The project is easy to follow, with many steps shown on video.

6. Privacy Screen Fence by Southern Hospitality

diy privacy screen fence
Image Credit: Southern Hospitality Blog
Materials Treated decorative posts, square lattice sheets, pressure-treated boards, 2x2s, trim pieces, wood screws
Tools Drill
Difficulty Moderate

The Privacy Screen Fence project is moderately difficult to build and produces an attractive privacy screen that will keep out animals and pests while still enabling you to see around your property. It uses a wood lattice to create the screen. The most difficult part of the project is building the frame.

7. PVC Privacy Screen

diy outdoor privacy screen from pvc pipe
Image Credit: Hgtv
Materials PVC pipe, drop cloth, hinges
Tools Saw, drill, sewing machine
Difficulty Moderate

The PVC Privacy Screen project helps you create a privacy screen with something other than wood. The PVC pipe is durable and will last many years, even in extreme environments. It isn’t too difficult to build, but there are many steps involved. We like that it uses a drop cloth to create the screen, so you can customize it with different colors or patterns.

8. Herringbone Privacy Screen

diy herringbone privacy screen
Image Credit: Hgtv
Materials Pressure-treated lumber, stain, C-hooks
Tools Circular saw, tape measure, paintbrush
Difficulty Advanced

The Herringbone Privacy Screen is one of the most attractive privacy screens on this list. It uses pressure-treated pine slats that you arrange in a herringbone or chevron pattern to create a privacy screen that blocks all visibility from the other side. You need to make several accurate cuts, so it’s considered an advanced project, but it’s well worth the effort when you are ready to tackle it.

9. Privacy Screen Pergola

diy grill area privacy screen pergola
Image Credit: Dreaming Of Homemaking
Materials Wood, cement, paint
Tools Brad Nailer, level saw
Difficulty Advanced

The Privacy Screen Pergola is the perfect project for people who want more shade and privacy while grilling. It’s relatively easy to build, but it’s considered advanced because you need to place the support posts into the ground. You can finish it in many different ways with paint or stain, and the finished product is attractive and durable.

10. Porch Privacy Panels by Front Porch Ideas and More

diy porch privacy panels
Image Credit: Front Porch Ideas And More
Materials Cedar boards, wood glue, stain
Tools Table saw, clamps
Difficulty Advanced

The Porch Privacy Panels is an advanced-level project that produces attractive and functional screens that work great in nearly any situation. You make it primarily from cedar wood, which will help repel insects, and it smells nice when sitting by it. It requires plenty of cutting, but if you have the tools and patience, you can likely complete it.

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There are many different and inventive ways to create a privacy screen. Most of the projects on this list are customizable to fit different size areas, and you can finish them with different color stains or paint to help them match their surroundings. We recommend starting with one of the easier projects, like the Small Privacy Screen, to get the privacy that you need and then experimenting with the other projects, like the Herringbone Privacy Screen, to find something that you like even better.

Featured Image Credit: Joanne Dale, Shutterstock


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