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19 Free DIY Porch Swing Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Porch swing

Porch swing

The onset of spring and summer is the perfect time to learn how to build a porch swing. As the days get longer and warmer, we all want to spend more time outside. Making your outdoor living space comfortable and functional is an excellent way to do just that.

Porch swings are practically synonymous with relaxation and ease… and with these straightforward plans, making your own can be as well. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite free porch swing plans you can DIY today to help you get started!

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1. Stylish Modern DIY Porch Swing from Ana White

Chic and simple, this large modern porch swing by Ana White is sure to please any decorator. We love the comfort of the wide bench and pop of color it can add to a home.

Materials: Lumber, Eye bolts, Chain or durable rope, 1/2″ screws, 2” finish nails, 2-1/2″ Pocket Hole Screws, Wood glue, Wood filler

Tools Needed: Tape measure, Speed square, Kreg jig, Sander, Level, Pencil, Hammer, Drill, Circular saw, Brad nailer

2. Salvaged Vintage DIY Porch Swing from Vintage Society Co

For vintage lovers, a charming upcycled headboard swing from Vintage Society Co will hit that sweet spot. It’s fancy and casual, beautiful and functional. Repurpose your old bed frames to save trees and money!

Materials: Headboard and footboard, Solid wood door, 2″ screws, 2×4 board, Durable Rope Duct tape (in matching color), (2) 3″ O Rings, Paint (if desired)

Tools Needed: Saw, Drill,Stud finder, Brush (if desired)

3. Pallet Bed DIY Porch Swing from the Merry Thought

A great budget build, this swinging pallet bed by the Merry Thought is comfy and stylish. Novice builders will be thrilled with the low tool requirements… and the luxurious naps.

Materials: Pallets, 2×4 (3×8), Durable rope, Mattress or cushion to fit, 2-3 weather proof mattress covers (optional)

Tools Needed: Drill, Tape measure, Saw

4. Crib Mattress Porch Swing from Sawdust 2 Stitches

Declutter your house by using old mattresses to make your porch swing. Sawdust 2 Stitches has it all laid out with clear and easy to follow instructions. Some of the tools are specific, so this project may be more suited to those with a woodshop.

Materials:Lumber, Plywood, Brad Nails, 3″ wood screws, 1¼″ Screws, 6″ eyelet bolt w/ bolts and washers, Durable rope, Hooks, Crib mattress

Tools Needed: Sander, Miter saw, Table saw, Drill, Nail gun, Air compressor, Brad nails, 3″ wood screws

5. Hammock Chair from A Beautiful Mess

Kids will love snuggling up in this soft hammock chair by A Beautiful Mess. And parents will appreciate the strength & safety of the thick oak dowel they recommend. as well as the clean look. Sewing skills are a requirement for this project, but it’s easy breezy after that!

Materials: 1¼″ x 3′ oak dowel, ⅜″ x 16′ braided polypropylene rope, 2 yards canvas, 80mm steel spring snap link, 3/16″ steel quick link

Tools Needed: Drill, Sewing machine, Scissors, Ruler, Lighter

6. Budget DIY Porch Swing from Instructibles

Want a more classic looking option? With access to a woodshop, you can expect to spend under $100 on this wooden porch swing on Instructibles!

Materials: Lumber, 3″ exterior screws, 1⅝” exterior screws, Wood glue, ¼” x 3” long eye bolts, washers and nuts, Large screw eye ⅛”, Quick links, Brown kraft paper, Chain

Tools Needed: Jigsaw, Large C clamp, Circular saw, Drill/driver, Hammer, Chisel, Sander, Pencil, Tape measure, Scissors

7. Freestanding Arbor Swing by HGTV

This Arbor Swing By HGTV is perfect for a cabin or rustic mountain home. Experienced builders will enjoy the challenge, and guests the solid construction and comfort.

Materials: Nuts, 4×4 posts, carriage bolts, concrete mix, 1×6 boards, washers, 2×4 boards, 6×6 posts, screws, 2×6 boards, 1×2 boards, galvanized carriage bolts, 2×12 boards, anchor bolts.

Tools Needed: Hoe, power auger, ladder, miter saw, electric drill with screwdriver attachment, dust mask, wheelbarrow, reciprocating saw, safety glasses, string level

8. Customized Cupholder DIY Porch Swing by April Wilkerson

April Wilkerson knows that true comfort comes with cupholders. Follow her step by step instructions and you’ll have the swing of your dreams. Note that access to a woodshop is essential.

Materials: Lumber, Carriage bolts, Small S hooks, Large S hooks, Exterior screws, washers and nuts, Chain

Tools Needed: Sander, Pencil, Bandsaw or jigsaw, Router, Drill press or hand drill, Hammer, Table saw (optional)

9. Small Bamboo DIY Porch Swing from Instructibles

For those interested in a unique look, check out this bamboo swing on Instructibles. We love the lightweight materials, simple construction, and super cute design!

Materials: Bamboo, Durable rope, Metal washers

Tools Needed: ,Pencil, Tape measure, Wrench, Sliding calipers, Try-square, Saw, Clip or clamp, Sander, Column drill, Drill, Drill chuck

10. Old Door DIY Porch Swing by Lindy and Tony

Homesteaders and builders alike will love this porch swing from old doors by Lindy and Tony. It requires only an intermediate level of tool skill and gets top scores for thrift and style.

Materials: 2 doors, Eye hooks, Carabiner clips, (3) 4” nails, L brackets and screws, 9” chair legs (optional), Eye hooks, Chain, Cushions (optional), Paint and sealant (if desired)

Tools Needed: Tape measure, Chalk line or pencil, Circular saw, Sander, Drill or screwdriver, Paint brush (if desired)

11. Park Bench Style DIY Porch Swing from My Outdoor Plans

A park bench style swing is the perfect choice for a more classic look. My Outdoor Plans lays it all out simply, with a minimum of specialized tools.

Materials: Lumber, Wood screws, Eye screws, Hangers

Tools Needed: Hammer, Tape measure, Miter saw, Drill, Framing square, Sander, Screwdriver

12. Yellow Embellished DIY Porch Swing from Sunset

We can’t help but imagine a lush garden and sunny skies when looking at this swing by Sunset. Its happy color and diamond embellishments are sure to brighten your outdoor living space.

Materials: Lumber, Deck screws, Durable rope, Paint (if desired)

Tools Needed: Drill, Countersinking bit, Circular saw or hand saw, Table saw (optional), Paint brush (optional)

13. Simple Stain DIY Porch Swing from Simply Designing

Spruce up your home and finally use up the last of your deck stain! Simply Designing shows us how to create an effortlessly stylish porch. Includes informative photos, tips, and diagrams.

Materials: Lumber, Durable rope, Eye screws, Eye bolts, Washers, Anchor shackle, Wood Screws, Brad nails, Deck Stain

Tools Needed: Drill & driver, Kreg jig, Nail gun, Compound miter saw, Sander, Paint brush

14. Cedar Bench DIY Porch Swing from Jaime Costiglio

Skilled woodworkers should check out Jaime Costiglio’s cedar bench design. It’s classic, functional, and family-friendly. Thoughtful touches include screws set into “pockets,” preventing scrapes for kids.

Materials: Cedar boards, Pocket hole screws, Wood screws, Wood glue, Wood finish (if desired)

Tools Needed: Drill, Pocket hole jig (optional), Jigsaw, Sander (optional)

15. Classic DIY Porch Swing from Construct 101

Construct 101’s swing plans are straightforward. Clearly laid out. Well diagramed. So much so that we’re confident that anyone can succeed with them – regardless of skill level. All you need is dedication and supplies!

Materials: Lumber, Carriage bolts, nuts and washers, Deck screws, Eye bolts, nuts and washers

Tools Needed: Pencil, Jigsaw, Drill

16. Sturdy High Backed DIY Porch Swing from Family Handyman

For those looking for a sturdier porch swing, the Family Handyman has you covered. Steel piping added to the frame makes it both long-lasting and safer for children. The high backs also provide extra comfort for loungers.

Materials: Lumber, Deck screws, ½” steel pipe, Quick link eyes

Tools Needed: Table saw, Circular saw, Drill, Jigsaw

17.  Unique Design DIY Porch Swing from Instructibles

Want a little more swing in your sit? Check out this wooden swing on Instructibles. The different types of wood in these plans require more woodworking skills, but the gorgeous payoff is sweet.

Materials: Lumber (cherry, maple, bloodwood), Durable, braided rope, Eye bolts, Quick links

Tools Needed: Table saw, Drill, Router table

18. Simple and Inexpensive DIY Porch Swing from Jay’s Custom Creations

Made almost entirely out of 2x4s, this budget swing design will save you time and money! And the simple design of Jay’s Custom Creations will compliment nearly any decoration scheme.

Materials: 2x4s, Eye bolts, Wood glue, Wood screws, Chain or durable rope

Tools Needed: Drill, Table, circular, or hand saw, Chisel

19. Cozy Chair for One DIY Porch Swing from Sugar Bee Crafts

This cozy reading nook by Sugar Bee Crafts is perfect for children. It can also easily be sized up for adults with some heavier duty fabric and fasteners.

Materials: Sturdy fabric, 2x4s, Wood screws, Eye screws, Chain

Tools Needed: Sewing machine, Drill, Scissors, Saw

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Final Thoughts on Free DIY Porch Swing Plans

Don’t let expensive brand names or complicated diagrams scare you away from the porch swing of your dreams. Every one of the plans on our list is free and with a little patience, can show you how to build a porch swing you’ll love for years to come. And we picked them for comfort and style, of course, but also for clear instruction and good information.

So, bring on those breezy, sunny days. Because with all these great ideas at your fingertips, a DIY porch swing has never been easier!

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Featured Image Credit: glynn424, Pixabay

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