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15 Free DIY Wooden Swing Set Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Wooden swing

Wooden swing

In today’s age of modern technology and high-grade graphics, kids aren’t as prone to heading outdoors on nice days and playing in the dirt and the sun. Whether you are a parent or a grandparent, getting your kids to appreciate the outdoors might take a little push. Doing a project with them or for them may be just the way to do this and who doesn’t love a good push on a swing?

Below we have collected a list of 25 swing set plans that teach you how to build a swing set of your very own. Almost all of the plans give you the exact details of how to make it and what to use, step-by-step. Crafting your own allows you to choose the price tag and effort level that fits your needs. Make an old relic something new and exciting and give your kids something to go outside for.

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The 15 DIY Wooden Swing Set Plans

1. Tree Swing Plan from Mother Earth News

Tree Swing Plan from Mother Earth News
Image Credit: Mother Earth News

This swing is a simple one for those that might find building an entire swing set too daunting. Instead, use a sturdy branch from a solid tree and build from there. The plans are detailed, guiding you through how to make a swing set that should last a lifetime without hurting whatever tree you choose. Try this simple but long-lasting idea out by heading over to Mother Earth News.

2. Free Standing Swing Set Plan from All Thumbs DIY

Free Standing Swing Set Plan from All Thumbs DIY
Image Credit: All Thumbs DIY

This swing set was made by a dad who refused to pay the exorbitant price that the sets were being sold from the local outdoor and retail stores. Looking at one of them that he liked, he went ahead and made his own plans that ended up in a fun project, a great looking swing set and a much cheaper budget. Find the plans by Keven at All Thumbs DIY to give it a try yourself.

3.  Modern A-Frame Swing Set Plan from HGTV

Modern A-Frame Swing Set Plan from HGTV
Image Credit: HGTV

You have decided you want to build a swing set but you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb in the backyard. This plan is one that lends a modern architectural feel to the overall idea of a swing set. Depending on the color you choose to paint it, it can blend or be a fancy way to stand out from the crowd. Either way, both you and the kids will love its unique flair. Check out the plans from Brian Flynn on HGTV.

4.  Gorgeous Swing Set for Adults from Pretty Handy Girl

Gorgeous Swing Set for Adults from Pretty Handy Girl
Image Credit: Pretty Handy Girl

Who says that swing sets are only for kids? Make a space in the yard for the adults in the family by crafting this beautiful swing set made for relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. Use a couple of hammocks and find some furniture or decorations meant for outdoor use. Although this picture doesn’t include it, you can make it even more of a haven by planting wildflowers around the outside of the set. Find the plans by heading over to the blog Pretty Handy Girl.

5. The Solar Swing Set from Instructables

This design may look high-tech, but let us just say that the solar panel does not power the swing set. Overall, the swing set is standard and play area combo. The difference is that these plans give you guidance on how to use the playset to mount the solar panel. This is especially useful if your home isn’t fit for panels or it gets better sun out in the yard. Go to Instructables to access the in-depth diagrams and instructions as well as an intro tutorial.

6.  Free-Standing A-Frame Swing Set from Instructables

Free-Standing A-Frame Swing Set from Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables

The size of the swing set is going to be partially decided on the size of your yard as well as how big your family is. If you are looking for something that all of your kids can enjoy at the same time, building this bigger set may be the way to go. The other positive aspect of this set is that it is much higher than some of the other ones featured here. This means the swings will swing out higher and farther, more fun for older kids. These plans are also from Instructables.

7.  The Airplane Swing from Ana White

The Airplane Swing from Ana White
Image Credit: Ana White

Ana White can always be relied on for quality, unique DIY plans. This airplane swing doesn’t disappoint. If you find that your kids aren’t interested in a plank with a rope attached to it, make them feel like they are flying with this airplane design. Find the plans by Whitney on the Ana White blog.

8. The Electric Swing Set from Instructables

The Electric Swing Set from Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables

A truly inspiring plan that might not look like much from the picture but can get a motor going. This swing was made by a small group of creatives that wanted to see what they could create that used small amounts of electricity. They didn’t have a large working knowledge of working with electricity or motors, so don’t worry if you don’t either. The frame of the set can be made out of almost anything, they got an old one donated to them and then supplemented it. Learn more about their successes and failures and get their plans at Instructables.

9. Low Height Swing Set from Reese Dixon

A swing set may not always create feelings of happiness and enjoyment for younger children. Instead, swings that fly too high may frighten them and may even be dangerous depending on their age. This low height swing set is perfect for younger kids in multiple ways. It swings slow and steady and has a large fabric square for the kids to easily sit on and feel secure. Check out the plans on the Reese Dixon blog.

10. The Handsome Husband Tire Swing from Stone Cottage Adventures

The Handsome Husband Tire Swing from Stone Cottage Adventures
Image Credit: Stone Cottage Adventures

When we think of tire swings, we may not always envision the heavy-duty tires that are pictured above. However, if you live in the country and work with farm equipment, or know someone who does, this may be the right choice for you. Instead of swinging back and forth, these swings are great for getting your spin on. Get the plans from the Stone Cottage Adventures blog to give an update to the “tired” old swing plans.

11. Homemade Swing Set Plan from Mother Earth News

Homemade Swing Set Plan from Mother Earth News
Image Credit: Mother Earth News

Another great plan that comes from Mother Earth News. They believe that encouraging kids to get outside and grow an affinity for the world around them will impact their future decisions when it comes to the environment. This set is a detailed plan that ties in a play box on the bottom, a small fort with a slide on top and a swing off to the side. Head over to Mother Earth News to check the plans out for yourself.

12. The DIY Tree Swing from A Beautiful Mess

diy tree swing
Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

A cute option that might fit better in a well-designed and manicured backyard. This one is also made to be inviting to adults as well as to kids enjoying a good outdoor swing. It is simple yet designed with durability and safety in mind. Change it up a bit by having the kids paint the bottom board to make it their own. Get the plans from A Beautiful Mess.


13. The Big Tire Swing Set from the How-To Specialist

The Big Tire Swing Set from the How-To Specialist
Image Credit: the How-To Specialist

Combine a number of the different ideas listed throughout the article. Do this by building a small playset with a slide, a normal plank swing and pairing it with a tire swing. This way, no matter what your kids might want to do, they have got all of the options. This design is brought to you by the How-To Specialist where they give you step-by-step instructions and drawings.

14. DIY Pergola Swing Set from Only From Scratch

DIY Pergola Swing Set from Only From Scratch
Image Credit: Only From Scratch

A unique idea for a yard that is well-manicured and designed. This swing set combines fun with beauty. The swings hang down underneath a pergola. After you are done building it, the opportunities are endless. You could cover it, plant vines around it, make it mystical, like flying in an enchanted forest. Magical for the kids and beautiful for you and any visitors. Get the design from Only From Scratch.

15. Easy DIY Plastic Crate Swing from Playtivities

Easy DIY Plastic Crate Swing from Playtivities
Image Credit: Playtivities

Before your kids start to grow up and branch out into the yard on their own, it might be a better idea to bring it closer to home and smaller. This comfortable swing made from a crate helps to recycle something and keep it simple. A fun way to grow into playing outdoors. Get the idea from Playtivities.

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Featured Image Credit: manfredrichter, Pixabay


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