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19 DIY Propane Fire Pit Ideas You Can Build Today (with Pictures)


A relaxing and warm evening out by the fire pit in the backyard can be one of life’s greatest moments. And if you’d rather build your own propane fire pit instead of having to pay thousands of dollars for a contractor, you are not alone.

Though building or carpentry experience is always helpful when building a propane fire pit according to your specifications, it is entirely possible to take on this project as a DIY newbie. In this post, we have found some of the best propane fire pit ideas on the internet. So, if you need a bit of help to get the wheels turning, read on.

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The 19 DIY Propane Fire Pit Ideas

1. DIY Camp-ish Fire Pit by Kismet-House

DIY propane fire-pit
Photo Credit By: Kismet House
Materials: Gravel, stones, mesh grill
Tools: Shovel, wagon, drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

A dreamy fire pit can make your camping experience even more exciting and memorable. This fire pit is not only great for camping but can also be used to heat your patio. You will need concrete, stones, gravel, and a good shovel to fill the gravel. Spray paint and digging tools are also required for this project. A bench can be built around the pit to increase camping enjoyment.

2. Simple Ready-made Pit by Garrison Street Design Studio

DIY fire pit makeover with wood cover
Photo Credit By: Garrison Street design studio
Materials: Tile, stone
Tools: Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Easy

With this setup, you can build an outdoor backyard fire pit at a fraction of the cost. This pit doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. This fire pit can be built using old concrete stones and tiles. The pit can be made stronger in your garden by using leveling sand. This creativity will allow you to enjoy a cool evening in winter.

3. Modern Concrete Pit by Every Day Shortcuts

DIY fire pit on a paver patio
Photo Credit By: Everyday Shortcuts
Materials: Stones, mesh grill
Tools: Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Are you lacking the materials and supplies to build a fire pit? If so, this modern-style fire pit may be what you need. It can be built quickly and creatively using a few tools and supplies. This fire pit can be used indoors, even if there isn’t enough grass. You can create a concrete bowl in the modern style to hold stones.

4. Cheap DIY Fire Pit by Laura Rossi

DIY fire pit
Image Credit: Pinterest
Materials: Cement bricks, 2x4s
Tools: Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Easy

Are you looking for a low-cost, but beautiful fire pit? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on unreliable fire pits. Instead, you can reuse old wood that you have in your home or outside in the set.

Or, if you have any unused heavy-duty cement bricks leftover from a remodel, you can use them as well. Before starting the project, make sure to clear away any debris from the area before you start installing bricks and frames for the fire pit.

5. Brick Fire Pit by Out Door Rooms

DIY gas fire pit
Image Credit: Outdoor Rooms
Materials: Concrete stones, grill slides, gravel
Tools: Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Consider making a multi-purpose fire pit outdoors with concrete stones and grill slides. This fire pit can be used to host a live B.B.Q. party or you can use it as a grill for your favorite meats and veggies. The pit can also be used for camping. You don’t have to use concrete or gravel for your firepit–simple bricks will do just fine for this project.

6. Metal Propane Fire Pit by Cove Calligraphy

DIY metal propane fire pit
Image Credit: Cove Calligraphy Ltd
Materials: Metal sheets, mesh grille, valves and pipe fittings
Tools: Screwdriver, Drill, shovel, wagon
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This fire pit is easy to build and requires a little carpentry knowledge, but you may need an extra hand on deck. The pit is made up of a metal fire pit, fittings, and valves to regulate the air intake. You can regulate the oxygen required for burning by using the valves. Although there are many methods to make propane gas, this is one of the most affordable.

7. Wood Bowl Fire Pit by DIY N Crafts

DIY patio fire bowls
Image Credit: diy n crafts
Materials: Wood
Tools: Drill, shovel, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Easy

A nice bonfire at night in your backyard is a great way to relax on the weekend with friends and family. This fire pit may not be the easiest to build and it may cost a bit more money, but it’s worth it if you plan to use it often. You may need some extra materials from Home Depot or Lowe’s and a bit of assistance to put it together, but the enjoyment that you’ll get from it is worth the effort.

8. Brick & Metal Pit by BHG

DIY firepit from pave
Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens
Materials: Wood, metal sheets, bricks, mesh grille
Tools: Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This propane fire pit table can be used to entertain friends at the campfire, without the need for wood. The lightweight frame can be easily packed and the solid legs will support the tabletop. It can be taken to your campsite or set up in your yard. It’s easy to assemble yourself with these simple instructions.

9. Wood Fire Pit Table by Stone Wood Products

DIY tree stump fire pit
Image Credit: StoneWood Products
Materials: Wood, rocks
Tools: Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Easy

Enjoy your summer relaxing around your DIY patio gas firepit table. This table is fun to make and will add warmth and ambiance to your patio. Gas fire pits are easy to turn and will keep your patio warm during cool nights.

They emit less smoke and ash than wood-burning fire pits. This pit table may not be the easiest to construct, and you may need an assistant or two, but on the upside, it shouldn’t cost you much money for the materials.

10. Simple Ground Pit by Decor Home Ideas

DIY fire pit on sloped yard
Image Credit: Decor Home Ideas
Materials: Rocks, gravel, Bricks, grille
Tools: Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you want a pit table that looks more industrial, here is an idea to consider. This pit table will go with a lot of different colors, and he can also spice things up by adding decorative chairs and different types of bricks to your patio.

Constructing this pit table will require a few power tools and the difficulty to create it is fairly moderate. So, if you’re up for the challenge, here is one idea that’s worth considering. Use propane and get rid of the wood blocks for this project.

11. Concrete Pit by Home Fixated

DIY Concrete Fire Pit
Image Credit: Home Fixated
Materials: 2x4s, concrete
Tools: Screwdriver, Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This propane pipe burner is a great DIY project that you can do yourself. This video tutorial will show you how to make a large concrete fire pit for your outdoor space. You will only need to purchase a few basic materials, and then follow the detailed instructions in this video tutorial.

An air mixing valve can be used to regulate the oxygen entering the burner. This will allow you to adjust the flame height and save fuel. It also prolongs the burner’s lifespan.

12. Short Metal Fire Pit by Etsy

DIY Fin Fire Pit
Image Credit: Etsy
Materials: Thin metal sheets, wire mesh grille
Tools: Basic tools, Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This DIY propane fire pit will allow you to enjoy the warmth of an outdoor fire without having to spend time gathering firewood. The DIY propane fire pit is easy to assemble. You’ll need to get your space measurements first and ensure that a wire mesh is placed on top–but overall, it’s pretty straightforward.

This modern, lightweight, metal-based and portable design is made with small propane cans that are guaranteed to last for quite some time–depending on how you use the pit, of course.

13. DIY Patio Fire Pit by Deb Geary

DIY patio fire pit
Image Credit: Deb Geary, Pinterest
Materials: Glass, aluminum tub
Tools: Drill, shovel
Difficulty Level: Easy

The pit table is sure to please your dinner guests. The setup is pretty easy to follow, and it includes all the materials needed, as well as decorative fire glass and a bag with patio-approved fiberglass. This table can be used in a small or large backyard and will keep your firepit from obscuring your patio. If you’re working with a tight space or simply prefer something that is on the smaller side of your backyard, here is another option worth taking a look at.

14. Propane Fire Pit from a Flowerpot by Fresno Bee

Materials: Propane kit, flowerpot, wood panel, pizza pan
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

With a propane fire pit kit, a deep ceramic flowerpot, and a drill, you can make a propane fire pit from a flowerpot. The design is simple and if you have children or are concerned about the open flame, you should consider adding some kind of basket or protective casing around the outside, but the only DIY you really need to do with this, other than fixing and fitting the fire kit parts, is drilling some holes in the different materials.

15. DIY Propane Fire Pit by Sprucing Up Mamahood

DIY Propane Fire Pit
Image Credit: Sprucing Up Mamahood
Materials: Stone blocks, paver base, paver sand, adhesive, fire pit kit, lava rocks, propane tank, tank cover, supply line, hose clamps, Teflon tape
Tools: Shovel, rake, caulk gun, wrench, hammer, stone chisel, level
Difficulty Level: Moderate

One of the joys of having a fire pit is sitting around the pit with friends or family and enjoying a drink or a chat while keeping warm. If you regularly enjoy this kind of social gathering, then this DIY propane fire pit is a really good design. It is a semi-permanent fitting and does require that you dig some trenching and make a raised stone pit using stone blocks or cobbles, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

16. DIY Match Light Gas Fire Pit by Fire Pits Direct

Materials: Retaining bricks, collar, fire pit pan
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

You don’t have to bury your enclosure, although burying some of the bottom layer does help ensure greater stability and keeps the enclosure from toppling or wobbling during use. This DIY match light gas fire pit is similar to the DIY propane fire pit above but while the video tutorial is targeted at a natural gas installation, you can also find instructions on how to convert the installation for use with a propane supply.

17. Propane Fire Pit with Flowerpot by Instructables

Propane Fire Pit with Flowerpot
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Copper tubing, copper pipe caps, copper T, adapter, nipple, elbow, propane regulator, propane hose, ceramic flowerpot
Tools: Lead-free solder, flux, propane torch, hacksaw, Teflon tape, drill
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This propane fire pit is another that uses a ceramic flower pot as the main surround. A thick ceramic pot holds up well against the heat from the burner and thanks to the huge selection of available pots, it also means that you can find a plant pot that matches your exterior design. This plan doesn’t use a propane fire kit. Instead, it uses copper piping, and it does require that you can solder and work with copper piping, but that means that you can create the design and layout you want.

18. DIY Propane Fire Pit Installation by Grill Baby Grill

DIY Propane Fire Pit Installation
Image Credit: Grill Baby Grill
Materials: Propane line, wire mesh, gas burner, lava rocks
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you have a main supply of propane on your property, you don’t have to use a propane tank as the source of fuel. This not only means less hassle because it negates the need to swap out empty propane tanks, but it means that you can get more heat from your fire pit. As suggested in this guide for a DIY propane fire pit installation, you should use a qualified engineer to run a line to your new fire pit area, though, because this will ensure that everything is safe when you’re sitting around the pit.

19. Gas Fire Pit Table by WC Welding

Gas Fire Pit Table
Image Credit: WCWelding
Materials: Patio table, fire pit, copper tubing, cap, reducers
Tools: Drill, saw, grinder
Difficulty Level: Difficult

A gas fire pit table means that the fire pit is at a higher level. It keeps things cozy and as long as you’re careful, the table can still be used to hold some items. Using this gas fire pit table plan, you can increase or decrease the size and number of burner holes in the copper piping, which means that you can determine how high and how numerous the flames are. Add lava rock to the pit to better disperse heat and provide an even better-looking finish. Some welding is required for this build, but the use of a patio table means great stability and looks.

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Wrapping Things Up

Making your own propane-based fire pit can be a complicated project, or it could be a simple one, depending on the type of kid that you’re going for. But, before doing anything, always be sure to take into consideration the size that will work best for the space that you have and the proximity to other areas of your home–and that of your neighbors.

Remember that propane fire pits always pose a fire hazard. So, starting the project with the right safety precautions can make sure that your pit is both safe and legal.

Featured Image Credit: emilymatych, Pixabay


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