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15 DIY Rope Crafts You Can Make Today (With Pictures)


Rope is one of the most versatile, flexible items that most people never think about using in DIY projects. If you take a minute to really let your imagination loose, it turns out there are myriad ways you can turn a simple rope and some other basic supplies into a work of art.

Let’s check out the most interesting, fun rope crafts you can make today, as well as how to go about making them.

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The Top 15 DIY Rope Crafts

1. DIY Rope Words by A Little Craft In Your Day

Image Credit: alittlecraftinyourday
Materials: Rope, fabric stiffener
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

This is the easiest rope craft of all. You might even be able to get away with careful use of superglue instead of special ordering fabric stiffeners, but we’d have to test it. Either way, this craft is super easy to do and especially great as a weekend activity with the kids. Don’t have kids? You can still do this craft to spell your name to put on your door or go big and write whole rope poems.

2. Craft Rope Plant Hangers by Clever Bloom

DIY Plant Hanger (With Just One Knot)
Image Credit: cleverbloom
Materials: Rope and ceramic pot
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

Okay, maybe this is the easiest rope craft to do at home. You just need a ceramic pot and a length of rope long enough to fashion a basic rope planter. This is a very valuable gardening skill that helps take advantage of vertical space both within and outside your home. It’s also great for planting in apartment buildings or other places with limited gardening space.

3. DIY Rope Tree Swing

How To Make A Rustic Rope And Wood Tree Swing
Image Credit: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom
Materials: Specified lumber, rope, screws, washers, stain/paint (optional)
Tools: Drill, saw
Difficulty: Intermediate

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, give this plan a swing. It requires basic power tools that aren’t too hard to access, but woodworking can be a challenge. Thankfully, this plan only requires a few basic cuts, so we’d even say it’s a good woodworking introduction.

The instructions note that their specified wood was to craft a 24-inch-wide swing, but you can adjust the lumber size to customize the swing’s width.

4. DIY Woven Placemats & Welcome Mats

Make a DIY Round Rope Mat or Rug -Depending on how Ambitious You Are
Image Credit: completely-coastal
Materials: Rope, glue
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy/intermediate

If you don’t have many tools but do have a ton of rope, try your hand at weaving mats for your tables and mats for doors. If you’ve never woven before, this can be tricky to get the hang of. However, people who were in the Scouts have a distinct advantage with this craft. Try with the whole family for a chill afternoon.

5. Braid a Leash for Man’s Best Friend

Braided Rope Dog Leash with Leather Details
Image Credit: liagriffith
Materials: Rope/clothesline, swivel eye hook, leather scraps
Tools: Scissors, hot glue gun, measuring tape
Difficulty: Easy

If your dog’s leash is looking a little worn, you could try braiding a rope leash for him. The plan calls for leather scraps to create a sort of handle and other decorative touches, but it’s technically optional if you don’t have scrap leather on hand. As a big bonus for everyone, the rope leash can double as a chew toy.

6. Two-Toned Sail-Style Hammock

Make it Modern_ DIY Two-Tone Sail Rope Hammock
Image Credit: design-milk
Materials: Hammock rope, sailing rope, tape, wall hooks, epoxy
Tools: Scissors, measuring tape
Difficulty: Easy/intermediate

For a nautical touch, pick up some hammock and sailing rope and get to work. The plan is best if you have some basic familiarity with knots, but an aptitude for following directions works too. Directions on tying knots is one of those things that doesn’t translate directly to text very well, but this plan has done an admirable job of clearly describing the necessary steps. It helps that there are very straightforward pictures to go along.

7. Hanging Rope Shelf by wikiHow

Making a Single Hanging Shelf
Image Credit: wikihow
Materials: Rope, specified wood, screw eye hooks
Tools: Measuring tape, drill
Difficulty: Easy/intermediate

The actual shelf in this DIY plan is wood, but the rope is used to support and suspend them. The plan comes with instructions for crafting a single hanging shelf, and also a separate set for making multiple interconnected shelves. You can use any type of rope you’d like for this, but a heavier rope might be appropriate if you’ll be displaying heavy objects on the shelf.

8. Tire Rope Ottoman by Handimania

Turn an Old Tire into a Rope Ottoman
Image Credit: handimania
Materials: Tire, sisal/nylon rope, specified MDF board, screws, glue sticks
Tools: Drill, hot glue gun, saw (if cutting to spec yourself)
Difficulty: Intermediate

With a handful of tools and materials, you can convert an old scrap tire into a beautiful rope ottoman. You start off making a wooden base to match the tire’s size, but the trickiest part is definitely getting the rope to stick right. If you don’t start off with a tight spiral, it could compromise your entire ottoman and make the rope unstick or unravel. Still, it’s a great DIY idea to make use of old tires.

9. DIY Rope Pendant Lamp

DIY Rope Pendant Lamp _ How-to Disguise Old {Ugly} Ceiling Fixtures
Image Credit: lovemaegan
Materials: Wire hanging planter/basket, rope, screw eye hooks, twine, glue sticks
Tools: Scissors, hot glue gun
Difficulty: Easy/intermediate

Tired of generic glass-and-gold light fixtures? Make your own rope-woven pendant lamps with some basic crafting supplies to add a unique twist to your ambient lighting. The instructions note that you can use other designs for the outside of your rope pendant lamp since the rope is purely decorative in this instance.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the plan is compatible with existing wiring. All you have to do is remove the fixture to get started.

10. DIY Rope Drawer Handles by Two Roaming Souls

How to make DIY Rope Drawer Handles
Image Credit: tworoamingsouls
Materials: Polypropylene rope, synthetic twine, painter’s tape, scrap metal, scrap wood
Tools: Drill, measuring tape, pencil with eraser, spade drill bits, lighter
Difficulty: Easy/intermediate

Drawers don’t always come equipped with the handles we want, but you can make some snazzy new ones out of some rope and other cheap materials. You’ll need to do this one outside because melting the rope as directed will create toxic fumes.

Although it seems a bit expensive to get everything you need, the price per handle is extremely low and you can always use the rope later on other projects.

11. DIY Rope Coasters

DIY Rope Coasters
Image Credit: craftsyhacks
Materials: Rope, glue sticks
Tools: Scissors, hot glue gun, pen, piece of fabric, wooden circle or old CD
Difficulty: Easy

The rope used in this DIY plan is plain manilla designed to evoke beach bungalow vibes, but you can use any color you’d like to match the surrounding decor and furniture. You’ll need something roughly coaster-shaped and sized—a CD is probably your best bet because who’s got a circular wooden disc just lying around? Well, maybe you do, but most people probably don’t!

Pair this plan with some of the other household rope conversions to add a distinct beachy or rural theme. The theme largely depends on the type of rope you use and the room’s decor.

12. Knotted Rope Rug

Create a gorgeous knotted rope rug from this DIY project
Image Credit: diyeverywhere
Materials: Rope, a big piece of cardboard, nails, glue sticks
Tools: Scissors, hot glue gun, hammer, pencil, paint brush, fabric stiffener
Difficulty: Easy

Other rope rugs we came across during our research were fairly basic and made of plain manilla rope, but this one is a work of art. As always, feel free to use whatever color you find aesthetically pleasing.

Our favorite part about this rug is that it’s completely self-contained, meaning no strings on the ends to fray or get worn or dirty over time! Consider making this in different colors for different rooms in the house.

13. DIY Rope Headboard by Our Fifth House

Image Credit: ourfifthhouse
Materials: Rope, old door, glue sticks
Tools: Hand saw, drill, scissors,
Difficulty: Intermediate

This unusual DIY plan calls for an old door but also notes any wood roughly similar will work too. In fact, you may want to go with wood because the finished product is very obviously made from a door. However, the door look would fit perfectly with a rustic aesthetic, so use your own judgment. The plan uses manilla rope, too, but notes that sisal would work great as an alternative.

14. DIY Rope Bowls

How to make a Rope Bowl
Image Credit: thediydreamer
Materials: Rope, thread, glue
Tools: Sewing machine, pins/needles, measuring tape, scissors, paint brush
Difficulty: Intermediate

If you have a sewing machine and some rope, you can make tons of stuff, including these dapper rope bowls. They’re not necessarily the type of bowls you eat out of, but they’re perfect for storing small items. The plan was actually originally made for storing jewelry, but it would work as an office organizer too.

15. DIY Jute Lampshade by Grillo Designs

The Easiest DIY Jute Lampshade You’ll Ever Make
Image Credit: grillo-designs
Materials: Jute rope, lampshade, fire retardant spray (optional but highly recommended), chalk paint (optional for decoration), scrap wood
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

Jute can be used for a ton of household tasks, but did you know you can make a lampshade out of it? It’s true! With just a bunch of twine, time, and common craft gear, you can make a beautiful, rustic lampshade in just a few hours.

The plan calls for fire retardant spray, but it’s technically optional, especially with LED bulbs. We’d suggest erring on the side of caution if you use incandescent bulbs or other bulbs that get hot, though, because they can set the lampshade on fire if it’s not treated.

divider 4 Conclusion

Rope is fun to play with once you get a few creative ideas percolating through your head. Only one plan requires power tools, so we’d suggest trying some of the others with the family and maybe making the rope swing during some downtime. Even if you don’t have kids, you can enjoy making any of these crafts at home!

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay


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