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9 DIY Rope Ladders Ideas That You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Rope ladder

Rope ladders are timeless. They have been around forever and have been used in everything from pirate ships to cargo nets and modern treehouses. Rope ladders can be purely functional and serve a very specific purpose, or they can be decorative. In some situations, they can be both functional and decorative. Rope ladders are fairly simple to make, and they do not cost a lot of money to put together. If you are looking to get a rope ladder for your house, you do not need to spend a lot of money on something premade. You can easily make one yourself if you are willing to put in a little bit of work.

Here are DIY rope ladders that you can build today.

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1. Decorative Hanging Rope Ladder by AVE Styles

diy decorative hanging rope ladder
Image Credit: AVE Styles
Materials: Two wood dowels, a flat piece of lumber, 20 feet of rope, eight nails,
Tools: Tape measure, pencil, hand saw, power drill, sandpaper, duct tape, scissors, hammer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This Decorative Hanging Rope Ladder is an amazing way to add charm to your home. It is a simple rope ladder decor that can function as a towel holder or clothes hanger. The decorative rope ladder can be the centerpiece of a room in a modern home, especially if it is creatively hung in the bathroom or hallway. It gives your home a gorgeous and quirky appearance, especially when hung on the wall. Most homeowners look for and adore the elegant yet rustic appearance, so this easy and quick rope ladder tutorial will provide you with an ideal functional ornament.

2. Tied Rope and Rung Ladder by DIY Doctor

diy tied rope and rung ladder
Image Credit: DIY Doctor
Materials: Rungs or broom handles, rope
Tools: Pencil, tape measure, saw
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Tied Rope and Rung Ladder tutorial is a fantastic way to create a rope ladder with a few simple steps. You will need to gather only a few materials you can creatively customize. You can use a variety of materials to serve you as rungs, such as broom handles cut to size or even branches for a more rustic appearance. The only tool you need for this project is a saw, which you’ll need to cut the rungs to your desired length. After connecting the rungs with the rope, you will be left with a properly working, strong rope ladder, which you can use for various activities and spaces.

3. Versatile Mesh Ladder by eHow

diy rope mesh ladders for playgrounds
Image Credit: eHow
Materials: Climbing rope, heavy duty electrical tape, lighter
Tools: Knife, tape measure
Complexity: Intermediate

If you are looking to build a versatile rope ladder for a playset or child’s bedroom, you should consider making this mesh rope ladder. Using a simple climbing rope, you can string together a woven pattern and create a versatile mesh rope ladder. This ladder looks great outside, or it can be used as a decorative piece in certain themed rooms. With heavy duty electrical tape, each knot is reinforced for maximum strength. This mesh ladder can be used as a climbing instrument or as a unique piece of handmade decor.

4. Wrapped Double Rope Ladder (No Tools Required) by Instructables

diy rope ladder
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Two climbing ropes
Tools: None
Complexity: Basic

If you need a rope ladder for a tree house or for an egress window, you can easily make one yourself. This simple wrapped double rope ladder can be made in a couple of hours with no tools required. No extra pieces, no wood, no fasteners, and no extra money. This rope ladder is very affordable, and all you need is some patience to tie every rung individually. This rope ladder can be used in a variety of settings, including a playset, kids’ room, or escape route for emergencies such as a fire. You can potentially customize this ladder by buying certain types of climbing rope for different looks.

5. Classic Indoor-Outdoor Rope Ladder by Instructables

diy rope ladder (glow-in-the-dark version)
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Rope (3/8”x50’), 1.5” hardwood dowels (one per rung)
Tools: Drill, wood drill bit
Complexity: Intermediate

This is a classic rope ladder with round wooden rungs and a beefy rope. This ladder can be used in a variety of versatile ways, including for a playground, bunk bed, or as a decorative piece. All you need to do is drill through the dowels, run the rope through and tie each rung. This ladder can easily be built for indoor or outdoor use. If you want to use this ladder outside, get treated dowels and a durable climbing rope. If you want to use this inside, you can use softwood dowels and a brown rope. This particular plan is great because it can easily be customized for different uses or different looks while keeping that classic rope ladder style.

6. Affordable Decorative Rope Ladder by Remodelaholic

diy multi-functional decorative rope ladder
Image Credit: Remodelaholic
Materials: Wood nailing strips, stylish rope, heavy tape
Tools: Drill, drill bit, measuring tape
Complexity: Basic

Rope ladders can make an excellent and useful piece of decor inside your house. This decorative rope ladder is both affordable and functional. Using cheap nailing strips, you can build a rope ladder as tall or short as you want. This ladder can be used as artwork, or it can be used to hang pictures or dry hand towels. It can be a fun addition to a bathroom as a drying rack. You can choose whatever type of wood you want. These plans suggest taping the ends to prevent fraying. Black tape will keep the classic look, but you can eschew the tape if you are not worried about fraying.

7. Ancient Ladder Hitch by Instructables

marlinspike hitch
Image By: Instructables
Materials: Rope (x2), wood pieces (or sticks)
Tools: Nope
Complexity: Basic

If you want to return to your old human roots, you can learn this ancient hitch knot. By learning this hitch, you can build a variety of different types of rope ladders. All you need is two ropes and some material to make rungs. The hitch will tie the rope to the rungs and keep everything nice and tight. This rope ladder has some benefits, including being able to build a rope ladder anywhere (provided you have the ropes.) You could build a rope using sticks and limbs from your property for a unique homemade piece that can be functional or decorative, depending on your individual needs. To keep proper spacing, you can use a tape measure to ensure that each rung is an equal distance from the other, but no tools are required to master this technique.

8. Basic Single Rope Ladder (No Tools Required) by wikiHow

basic single rope ladder
Image By: wikiHow
Materials: Climbing rope
Tools: None
Complexity: Basic

This rope ladder is the most basic type of rope ladder you can build. These simple steps will walk you through how to build a rope ladder using one single rope. The trick is mastering the knots and the pattern required to weave the rope together to create a rudimentary ladder. This ladder can be used in a pinch when you are out camping, or it can be made for a playground or tree house. This style of ladder is not the most stylish form of ladder, but it can be useful, especially if you do not have the materials or tools to make something more robust.

9. Miniature Rope Ladder for Gardens or Doll Houses by The Juise

diy miniature rope ladder
Image By: The Juise
Materials: Twine, small pieces of wood
Tools: None
Complexity: Basic

Not all rope ladders have to be made for human use. Some ladders can be used as a small touch in a garden or doll house scene. This miniature rope ladder is made from twine and small pieces of wood for rungs. This ladder can be easily tied and built in an hour or less. The result is an adorable rope ladder that can adorn a garden or be put in a child’s playset or doll house. With some craftiness, some creativity, and a little bit of time, you can create some seriously cute miniature rope ladders.

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Whether you want a classic rope ladder to decorate a themed room or a functional rope ladder you can use in a pinch, there are plenty of options that you can build right now. Some ladders require no tools to make, just rope, while others are a bit more involved. Whatever your individual taste, need, or preference is, there is a DIY rope ladder on this list that will meet your needs.

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