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8 DIY Tree Swing Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Tree Swing

There is something irresistible about a tree swing. It brings back childhood memories of a playful time in our lives. Most of us remember a tree swing, whether it was the tree swing in your favorite neighbor’s yard or the yearly trips to the family campsite with a tire hanging from a tree.

From wooden planks to rubber tires, tree swings come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, it is a project that is easy enough for DIYers with limited experience and minimal cost.

Here are eight DIY Tree swing plans for you to make in less than an afternoon.

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The 8 DIY Tree Swing Plans You Can Build Today

1. Super Easy DIY Tree Swing

diy tree swing
Image Credit: Saw Dust Sisters
Materials: 2×12 board, 2x4s, tree straps with hooks, rope
Tools: Drill, drill bit, wood glue, wood screws, sander, or sandpaper, finishing stain or color, polyurethane
Difficulty level: Easy

This is a Super Easy DIY Tree Swing that is cheap and easy to make. In less than a day, you can hang a custom tree swing for everyone in the family to enjoy. You can use a bright paint color for the wooden seat and a multi-colored rope to hang the swing. If natural wood is your preference, you can stain the seat and use natural-colored rope to create a rustic look.

The tutorial provides you with easy-to-follow directions. If you are familiar with a drill and know how to tie a knot, you can do this project. If you don’t want to cut the boards yourself, you can take the measurements to your local hardware store. They will cut them for you. Remember, you will want to give the paint and polyurethane time to dry completely before attaching the rope. Once dried and completed, toss a coin to see who gets to ride the swing first?

2. Simple DIY Tree Swing

diy tree swing
Image Credit: Mom Endeavors
Materials: Solid pine edge-glued panel, braided polypropylene rope, paint
Tools: Paintbrush, drill bit, measuring tape or ruler
Difficulty level: Easy

It seems that the most difficult task in making this Simple DIY Tree Swing is making sure you find the center of the wood panel. In less than a day, you can have your child enjoying their new tree swing.

The materials for this project are basic and ready to use. Once you drill the holes, allow the paint to dry, and attach the rope, and it’s complete. Not too much to do with this DIY project, and your child or grandchild will enjoy it for a long time to come.

3. DIY Tree Swing

diy tree swing
Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess
Materials: 2x4x8 piece of wood, 1x2x8 piece of wood for the top rope, chain quick links, paint
Tools: Sandpaper, glue, wood screws, clamps, drill, a drill bit
Difficulty level: Easy

The DIY Tree Swing is a wonderful addition to your backyard. If you have multiple trees, choose an area that is peaceful and relaxing to enjoy the swing. You can customize the seat with a stain, colors, or patterns. You can put a cushion on the seat for added comfort.

The project requires basic tools and skills. If you do not have the required tools, you can have the boards pre-cut at the local hardware store. If you don’t own any wood clamps, you can purchase them or use heavy boards to weigh down the glued pieces. Either way, this is an easy project that can be completed in a day or less.

4. DIY Outside Tire Swing

diy outside tire swing
Image Credit: Sew Hooked
Materials: An old tire, large eye bolts with nuts, washers, quick links, chain, chain for attaching tire swing to tree, chalk
Tools: Drill, drill bit, safety glasses
Difficulty level: Easy

This simple DIY Outside Tire Swing is a project for any skill level. It is a very low-cost way to enjoy your backyard. You can paint the tires with bright colors, patterns, or characters. There are so many design possibilities with this plan!

Using a tire for this basic DIY project eliminates sanding the surface or cutting the wood to a specific size. Drill some holes, attach the chain, and hang it from the tree. Don’t forget to add some creative touches.

5. Old Fashion DIY Tree Swing

diy tree swing
Image Credit: Seeking Lavender Lane
Materials: Wood, synthetic or natural fiber rope, paint, stain, or dark wax
Tools: Lighter, drill, spade drill bit, sandpaper
Difficulty level: Easy

This simple Old Fashion DIY Tree Swing is an affordable way to let your child enjoy swinging on that big old oak tree in the backyard. If you have the tree, the rest is quite simple. After sanding, painting, or staining, and a few drill holes, look out swing—here I come.

Like similar tutorials for tree swings, the project requires little time and basic skills. The result will provide you with years of enjoyment, however. Play with color. Carve your child’s name in the wood. There are many creative things you can do with the seat of this tree swing.

6. How to DIY a Simple Tree Swing


diy a simple tree swing
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Wood, braided manila rope
Tools: None
Difficulty level: Easy

This How to DIY Simple Tree Swing tutorial is without a doubt one of the simplest. A rope and a piece of wood are all it takes to make this swing. The project requires no tools, just a quick trip to the hardware store.

Fortunately, you can purchase the wood pre-cut and pre-drilled. This easy project should only take about an hour.

7. DIY Outdoor Tree Swings for Babies

diy outdoors tree swings for baby
Image Credit: Old Salt Farm
Materials: 4×4 post (your space will determine the length you will need), 4×4 posts, lag bolts, washers, swing hangers, baby swings (kid swings), liquid nails
Tools: Impact drill
Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

The DIY Outdoor Tree Swings for Babies is a build that is inexpensive. Anyone with basic carpentry skills will be able to manage this project. Whether you hang two baby seats, two child seats, or one of each, the kiddos are sure to enjoy these swings.

Rather than purchasing an expensive outdoor playset, follow this easy tutorial. Once the project is finished, you can add personal touches to the area to make it their own.

8. DIY Tree Swing for Baby

diy tree swing for baby
Image Credit: Mom Tastic
Materials: Wood planks, wooden beads, braided nylon rope, leather straps, clasp, grommets, weight-rated carabiners, polyurethane sealer, tree hanging rope or chain (your choice)
Tools: Mallet, staple gun, sandpaper, drill bit, drill
Difficulty level: Easy

The DIY tree Swing for Baby is a bit more labor-intensive than your average wooden plank and rope tree swing. The project requires the assembly of the planks and beads to form a baby seat. A vibrant color can be used on the beads and planks, or they can be left natural. A cushion or a cooling gel pad would also be a nice addition to this swinging baby chair.

The tutorial gives step-by-step instructions for assembling this beautiful baby tree swing. There are easy-to-follow instructions for connecting the wooden pieces and the leather strap for the baby’s safety. If you have limited skills, you can purchase pre-cut and pre-drilled wood planks from your local hardware store. The wood beads are pre-drilled and packaged for sale at craft and hardware stores. Happy building!

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There it is—eight DIY tree swing projects for you to build. You can use your imagination and adjust the ropes and seats to your liking or do them exactly as instructed. The possibilities are endless. Hope you enjoy the swing!

Featured Image Credit: Wibhas Onnom, Pexels


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