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8 Simple DIY Truck Bed Covers You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Black truck bed cover

If you need a new truck bed cover quickly, consider DIYing one instead of purchasing. If you order a truck bed cover online, you’ll likely have to wait a couple of days and spend a lot of money. However, if you choose to make a DIY truck bed cover, you could finish it in a couple of hours, saving you money and time.

Building DIY covers can be tricky if you’ve never tried a similar project. Still, the whole process is not that challenging if you know what to do, and that’s what this article will help you achieve.

Keep reading to get some of the best DIY truck cover plans you can build today.

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The 8 DIY Truck Bed Covers

1. Low Budget DIY Tonneau Cover by Blue Collar DIY

Materials: Two 2 x 3s, a box of ¾ inch-long lath screws, 7 x 9 tarp
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

This low-budget DIY tonneau cover is affordable and easy to build. The whole building process is straightforward, and you only need a drill, which is probably a tool you have at home. That makes this project simple, and even beginner DIYers will be able to execute it without problems. You won’t have to break the bank to build this tonneau cover, and although it’s not the most durable cover, you can always replace the tarp if it gets damaged. After all, tarps are typically cheap, so you’ll still save some money down the line. This truck bed cover is also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about rain and bad weather.

2. DIY Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover by Eco Driving USA

DIY Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover by Eco Driving USA
Image Credit: Eco Driving USA
Materials: Two pieces of ½ inch plywood, six pieces of 1 x 2-inch wood, a few screws, vinyl fabric, piano hinge, contact adhesive, spray adhesive, and paint of your choice
Tools: Tape measure, table saw, drill, stapler, a brush
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you need a truck bed cover quickly, you should consider building this DIY Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover. This plan requires you to have many different materials and basic tools like a drill, and a table saw. As the base of this tonneau cover is wooden, it’s quite durable and should protect your truck bed for a long time.  Once done, you can apply paint of your liking so that it matches the rest of your truck. You can also be creative regarding the vinyl fabric you use, meaning you can choose something that will reflect your personality. This project is a bit more expensive and harder to make than some of the other options, but it’s worth the time and money.

3. DIY Pickup Truck Tonneau Cover by AxleAddict

DIY Pickup Truck Tonneau Cover by AxleAddict
Image By: Axle Addict
Materials: Pop rivets, drill bits, plywood, diamond plate aluminum, piano hinge, latches, spray paint, aluminum angle iron
Tools: Skill saw, metal cutting blade, rivet gun, drill
Difficulty Level: Hard

This DIY Pickup Truck Tonneau Cover plan is more complex than some other available plans, but the final product will be sturdy and durable, making it worth the effort. You’ll need to have advanced tools such as a skill saw and a metal cutting blade as you’ll cut aluminum. If you have basic DIY skills, it might be better to try out other plans and leave this one for the professionals. If you’re up for a challenge, you can always try this plan out, but don’t be afraid to ask someone to give you a hand if necessary.

4. Simple DIY Truck Bed Cover by Toolsradar

Simple DIY Truck Bed Cover by Toolsradar
Image By: Toolsradar
Materials: Plywood, marine grade, wall brackets for adjustable shelving, metal screws, rail
Tools: Drill, measure tape, sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Simple DIY Truck Bed Cover plan is excellent even for people that are not too handy, as it’s not demanding. All the materials are quite affordable, and you won’t need a bunch of tools; all you need is a drill, measuring tape, and a sewing machine. Of course, you don’t need excessive sewing skills, but you’ll need to stitch the materials together. Overall, this is a straightforward project anyone can make, and what makes it great is that the final product is affordable yet durable.

5. Do-It-Yourself Tonneau DIY Truck Cover by MotorTrend

Do-It-Yourself Tonneau DIY Truck Cover by MotorTrend
Image By: Motortrend
Materials: Plywood, wood, tubing, padding, flat stock, vinyl, bolts, latches, sheet metal, body filler, primer, glue
Tools: Welding machine, drill, sander, brush
Difficulty Level: Hard

This Do-It-Yourself Tonneau DIY Truck Cover is perfect for people who have some welding skills and are looking for a new truck cover. Building this tonneau cover is much cheaper than buying one, and you can make it in a day, which is convenient. However, you should know that this is one of the more challenging projects on our list; it will require more extensive handiness and DIY knowledge. The finished product is durable and sturdy, which should make it last for a long time without needing you to spend a fortune on it.

6. Fiberglass DIY Truck Bed Cover by TheWoodHaven

Materials: Construction-grade lumber, self-tapping screws, fiberglass, epoxy, hardener
Tools: Skill saw, drill, sander, circular saw, glue, clamps, tape measure, pencil, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Hard

This Fiberglass DIY Truck Bed Cover is harder to execute, as it requires a lot of advanced tools and materials. However, the instructions are simple, and there’s a video for each step of the process, making the building flow smoothly. This project requires more time to finish, but the finishing tonneau covers you make will be sturdy, durable, and easy to use. Overall, you might need to spend a bit more money on this truck bed cover compared to others on our list, but you should be pleasantly surprised by the quality of your cover.

7. Simple Tonneau DIY Cover by jameslee522

Materials: Plywood, screws, tarp
Tools: Circular saw, drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Tonneau DIY Cover plan is straightforward and requires just some basic tools, including a circular saw, and a drill.  It’s an affordable project that shouldn’t take too long to complete.  You can make your own modifications to the plan and use vinyl or other covers instead of a tarp. It’s an excellent plan for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on the truck bed cover but is handy enough to make one.

8. Homemade Folding Aluminum Truck Bed DIY Cover by Eric

Materials: Aluminum panel
Tools: Tape measure, circular saw, table saw, welding machine, sander, pencil
Difficulty Level: Hard

This Homemade Folding Aluminum Truck Bed DIY Cover is a bit challenging to make, but the finished product is great. This cover is easy to handle and lift off the truck. It’s durable and sturdy and it makes it easy to access the bed because it folds in the middle. When you lock the tailgate, you’ll make it extra secure which is also important for a tonneau cover. You’ll need to have some welding experience to finish the project, so this is not for beginner DIYers, but people with some skills won’t have issues building this truck cover.

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All of the plans on our list are straightforward, and you can finish them successfully as long as you follow all the instructions. Look at each plan, determine which one works for you, and get to work. Every plan is cheaper than buying a truck bed cover, while still being as durable as store-bought tonneau covers.

Featured Image Credit: JasonRenfrow, Shutterstock


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