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8 DIY Wood Burning Patterns You Can Create Today (with Pictures)



Wood burning can be a very rewarding, albeit, tedious, skill to develop. Along the way, you’ll make loads of beautiful works of art. Well, some of them will be beautiful, and the others…well, you’re learning!

To help improve your skills, you’re going to need a variety of different patterns that you can burn, ranging in difficulty from easy to complex. To help, we’ve scoured the internet, searching out the best and most unique wood burning patterns that we can find. The following 8 were our favorites, and we think you’re going to enjoy making them!

All of these patterns are printable, so you can easily print them out yourself and start burning them into your next project today! Find a pattern that fits your skill level, print it out, and get ready to produce a beautiful finished project.

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The 8 DIY Wood Burning Patterns

1. Flower Pattern Deer by Everything Etsy

diy flower pattern deer
Image By: Just Color

If you like to burn nature-based art with a bit of a psychedelic twist, then you’re definitely in luck. This Flower Pattern Deer by Everything Etsy is a very cool pattern of a deer that’s got intricate designs filling it’s entire face, neck, and antlers.

This project has a lot of very fine detailed lines, so it’s probably not well-suited for beginners. But if you’re a more experienced pyrographer, you can definitely test and expand your skills by completing this ornate piece of artwork.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

2. Etched Wooden Spoons by Design Mom

diy etched wooden spoons
Image By: Design Mom

Originally intended as a great gift idea, you can also make these Etched Wooden Spoons for your own kitchen. There are several designs that make your spoons festive for anyone who loves to show off their kitchen and their crafts.

Difficulty Level: Easy

3. Be the Change you Wish to See by Alisa Burke

diy be the change
Image By: Alisa Burke

You can tell at first glance, this Be The Change You Wish To See In The World Pattern is not going to be an easy or quick project. There are tons of intricate lines and a whole lot crammed into this tiny space. But if you’re looking for a long project that will keep you occupied for many evenings, then this might be a suitable option.

Perfect for all sorts of surfaces, this artwork will spread the message of Mahatma Gandhi, hopefully, bringing peace to your home through its intricate designs and inspiring message.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

4. Artistic Elephant by Everything Etsy

diy artistic elephant
Image Credit: Everything Etsy

Since wood-burning is a very natural art, blending fire and wood, two natural elements, we think it’s appropriate to include a lot of nature-themed patterns. This Artistic Elephant by Everything Etsy takes elephant artwork to new heights.

It’s wildly intricate, covered in mandala patterns that look as beautiful as they are detailed. It’s a massive undertaking only for the most advanced pyrographers to test their skills on.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

5. Simple Turtle Pattern by Sweet Clip Art

Simple Turtle Pattern
Image Credit: Sweet Clip Art

If you’re just stepping into the world of wood burning, you should definitely consider making this simple turtle pattern. It’s an excellent choice for wood-burning beginners because it doesn’t have that many details. The design of this pattern is also quite straightforward—it has a couple of curving and straight lines, followed by dots for the eyes.

Difficulty Level: Easy

6. Mandala Pineapple Pattern from Design Stack

Mandala Pineapple Pattern
Image Credit: Design Stack

If you want to make an exciting and beautiful wood-burning design, think about making this stunning mandala pineapple pattern. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, as it requires a great deal of patience and determination due to the number of advanced details. However, the finished product is beautiful, and it will be a true masterpiece to add to your collection.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

7. Simple Tribal Flower Pattern by Tattoo Tribes

Simple Tribal Flower Pattern
Image Credit: Tattoo Tribes

People at the beginning of their wood-burning journey can try making this simple tribal flower pattern. This wood-burning design is excellent for those who are trying out wood burning for the first time, as it doesn’t have many details, so you can practice your hand and wood-burning skills before making a transition to more complex patterns.

Difficulty Level: Easy

8. Sugar Skull Pattern from Best Coloring Pages for Kids

Sugar Skull Pattern
Image Credit: Best Coloring Pages for Kids

This sugar skull pattern is perfect for people who have a few wood-burning skills but wouldn’t call themselves advanced. This design contains a mixture of broad strokes and intricate details, so once you get the hang of it, you will likely want to make more than one project with this design. It would be perfect for Day of the Dead celebrations.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

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Featured Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay


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