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7 Crafty DIY Wooden Clock Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Wooden clock

Wooden clock

If you want to take your woodworking skills to another level, then building your own wooden clock is a great way to do so. It’s also a great way to impress your friends and family with a beautiful and unexpected gift.

Clocks can be expensive, so one that you’ve made with your own hands saves you money as well. You can buy a clock mechanism kit separately that fits into the clock’s frame, so you don’t have to be a clockmaker to build your own.

To help teach you how to build a wooden clock, we’ve found nine free plans you can get started on today.

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The 7 Crafty DIY Wooden Clock Plans

1. Large Wooden Wall Clock from Woodshop Diaries

Large Wooden Wall Clock from Woodshop Diaries
Image Credit: Woodshop Diaries

Large wooden wall clocks can be pricey, but these instructions from Woodshop Diaries show you how to make your own. With just a few materials, including a ready-made clock movement and clock hands, you can make your own beautiful wall clock.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials: Two 1-foot by 10-foot by 8-foot boards, 1 ¼-inch pocket hole screws, Large clamps, Stain, Paint, High torque clock movement, Large clock hands

Tools Needed: Miter saw, Wood glue, Drill, Kreg jig for pocket holes, Jig saw, Sandpaper, Router and straight bit

2. Wooden Desk Clock from Amateur Woodworker

Desk Clock
Image Credit: Amatuer Woodworker

This desk clock plan from Amateur Woodworker shows you how to make a small clock that’s perfect for gift-giving. With just a few tools and materials, you can build your own clock. The plans can be followed exactly, or you can use them as inspiration for your own design.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials: Four 1 ½-inch by 3 ½-inch by 3 ½-inch birch boards, Four 1 ½-inch by ¾-inch by 1-inch cocobolo boards, Belt clamp, Clock mechanism, Stain, Wax

Tools Needed: Jig saw, Sander, Belt sander, Wood glue

3. Wood and Metal Wall Clock from Woodshop Diaries

Wood and Metal Wall Clock from Woodshop Diaries
Image Credit: Woodshop Diaries

If you love that industrial style of wood and metal, but don’t like the price tag for a ready-made one, then this wall clock design from Woodshop Diaries is a great clock to make yourself. It also includes a video tutorial to help you every step of the way.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials: 3/16-inch by 2-inch steel flat bar, Eye bolt and two nuts, Scrap lumber boards, Clock kit, Spray paint, 2 ½-inch wood screws

Tools Needed: Jig saw, Multitool, Stud finder, Drill and driver kit, Torch, Wood glue

4. Easy Two-Toned Clock from Woodshop Diaries

Easy Two-Toned Clock from Woodshop Diaries
Image Credit: Woodshop Diaries

This simple design from Woodshop Diaries shows you how to easily build a modern-looking wooden clock. It uses two tones of wood to add visual interest, and the short list of materials allows you to make it without a lot of steps.

Skill Level: Easy

Materials: One board of one type of wood, 20-inch by 5-inch, Two boards of another type of wood, 25-inch by 9-inch, High torque clock kit, Large clock hands, Danish oil

Tools Needed: Miter saw, Wood glue, Table saw, Clamps, Router, Straight bit, Drill and drill bits, Sander

5. Scrap Plywood Wall Clock from Pretty Handy Girl

Scrap Plywood Wall Clock from Pretty Handy Girl
Image Credit: Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty Handy Girl shows you how to build a clock from scrap plywood pieces you may have left over from other projects. This how-to guide includes a video as well as step-by-step instructions with pictures.

Skill Level: Easy

Materials: Scrap plywood, Scrap MDF or ¼-inch plywood, Wood stains in a few colors, Clock mechanism kit

Tools Needed: Table saw, Jigsaw, Drill, White paint pen, Krazy glue

6. Butterfly Silhouette Clock from Reality Daydream

Butterfly Silhouette Clock from Reality Daydream
Image Credit: Reality Daydream

This design from Reality Daydream shows you how to make use of a scroll saw to create a beautiful butterfly clock. Clocks like these typically are very expensive, but tracing butterfly outlines from images online allows you to make your own with few materials.

Skill Level: Easy

Materials: Plywood of choice, Spray paint, Clock mechanism kit

Tools Needed: Scroll saw, Sharpie

7. Block Clock Design from Dadand

Block Clock Design from Dadand
Image Credit: Dadand

If you love modern designs but not the price tags, then this is another beautiful clock plan to try. Dadand gives a step-by-step tutorial with pictures and video for a George Nelson Block Clock replica.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials: Scrap 2-inch by 6-inch board, Two 1-inch by 4-inch boards, Two ½-inch by 2-inch boards, ¼-inch dowel, Paint, Shims

Tools Needed: Drill and drill bits, Wood glue, Palm router, Jigsaw, Clamps, Wood filler, Sandpaper, Belt sander

Divider 2We hope you try learning how to build a wooden clock from our list the next time you’re looking for a fun woodworking project. The clocks on this list make beautiful gifts and exciting projects by using ready-made clock mechanisms.

Happy clock-making!

Featured Image Credit: Wooden clock by HOerwin56, Pixabay

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