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8 Free DIY Wooden Gate Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Blue wooden gate

Blue wooden gate

Learn how to build a wooden gate isn’t just fun, it can also save you money, and add a lot of curbside appeal to your home. The nice thing is that wooden gates are often surprisingly easier to build than you’d at first guess.

In the guide below, we go over 9 designs that are suited for a range of different users. Read on to find a design that is perfect for your home and your skill level!

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The 8 Free DIY Wooden Gate Plans

1. Simple but Classic: From Instructables

Simple but classic fence
Image Credit: Instructables

Instructables has released the design for a traditional gate and fence combination. Though this design is not revolutionizing the concept of a gate, it does look great, and it’s relatively easy to assemble. Best of all, you will save a bundle by doing it yourself.

2. A Classic Concept With a Flourish of Creativity: From Canadian Woodworking

Build a Gate
Image Credit: Canadian Woodworking

From Canadian Woodworking we have a classic gate that benefits from a small creative flourish. The nice cherry red finish is accentuated by a lovely plexiglass center that makes your yard a little bit more distinct. It’s still a relatively easy design, though the accent pieces do require slightly more skill to pull off.

3. Gate and Arbor: From Better Homes and Gardens

Gated arbor with fence
Image Credit: Mike Jensen, BHG

Better Homes and Gardens has come up with this classic, clean gate and arbor design that will do well to bring out the very best in your garden. The materials themselves are all basic and affordable, but the decorative molding may prove to be a welcomed challenge for the woodworker willing to push themselves and create something beautiful.

4. The Double Gate: From BuildEasy

gate double finished
Image Credit: buildeazy

From BuildEasy comes this nice double gate. The actual construction is similar to building a normal gate entrance, with labor simply doubled to account for the new door. Double gates look great, and provide you more access, especially when you are trying to move gardening equipment around your property.

5. Driveway Gates: From BuildEasy

double gate plan
Image Credit: buildeazy

Also from BuildEasy comes this sturdy dual driveway gate. While the design itself is straightforward, note several potential complications. First and foremost, the plans will need to be adjusted to account for the width of your driveway. Secondly, masonry expertise may be needed for stone mounting posts.

Still, the added effort will leave your home with a beautiful safety feature that may even up the curbside appeal!

6. A True Classic: From MotherEarthNews

How to build a wood gate
Image Credit: Motherearthnews

From MotherEarthNews comes a simple but beautiful wood slat gate. With a sturdy Z-frame, this attractive build will serve as a durable garden fixture. Best of all, the materials are affordable—a thrifty buyer may be able to assemble this gate for under $100.

7. A Rustic Twig Gate: From BlueOxFarm

Rustic twig gate
Image Credit: Bluefoxfarm

This design from BlueOxFarm will be a salvagers dream come true. Using wood harvested from local trees, and a solid metal hardware frame, you can put together a durable and unique gate for next to nothing.

The salvaged material means everyone is going to produce something a little bit different from these plans. For the creatives out there, this concept may be a dream come true!

8. Beautiful Bamboo: From Homesteady

make bamboo fencing
Image Credit: Homesteady

Homesteady has illustrated how to build a wooden gate made of beautiful bamboo. The nice thing about this design is that you can grow and harvest the materials yourself. Bamboo sprouts quickly and can survive with minimal upkeep. Consequently, many woodworker have grown private forests to make things like gates, fences, and even furniture.

When the materials are free, and the assembly is easy, what’s not to like?

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No matter your skill level or budget, there should be something on this list that suits your situation. Do, however, keep in mind that assembly is just half the job when it comes to erecting a gate. Installation presents unique challenges, with new materials, tools, and skills entering the equation.

Be sure to follow proper installation protocol to make sure that the beautiful designs provided here today last for a long time!

Featured Image Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969, Pixabay

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