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Do Green Beans Need a Trellis? DIY, Facts & FAQ

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Green beans are a super beneficial vegetable to grow in your garden. They are typically hearty plants that grow well in many circumstances. They tend to yield high and produce a favorable amount of produce.

But if you’re unfamiliar with growing green beans, you might want to know precisely how to get them started and ensure they grow successfully. Having a trellis can be beneficial to green beans of certain varieties. So, let’s dig into how to grow these green veggies vertically.

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Growing Green Beans

Green beans are exceptionally hardy plants that require little help to take off. Pole green beans are vining plants that absolutely benefit from growing vertically. It will clean up a lot of your ground space and organize things in your garden.

Plus, it helps your beans latch onto something and provides upward growth, so the leaves or plants don’t smother other beans.

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Image By: flockine, Pixabay

What Is a Trellis?

A trellis is a secured piece of framework that is made from metal or wood. These frames help keep beans flourishing, preventing them from laying on the ground. These designs are created to help vining plants and fruiting trees build and blossom.

You can buy commercial options at gardening centers. You can also set up online options from the comfort of your own home. But if you are a creative or crafty person, you could probably come up with something all by yourself.

Wood Trellis
Image Credit: Rachel Maxwell, Shutterstock

DIY Trellis for Beans

Getting a trellis is not something that has to be an expensive endeavor. There are plenty of DIY options all over the Internet explaining how to create your own at home.

There are many materials you can use to build a trellis. Supplies are minimal cost so you can do it on any budget. Although, the most common and aesthetically pleasing are wood beams.

If you have a bean variety that doesn’t require a trellis or other stabilizing structure, you can treat it as any other garden vegetable. But take additional measures, ensuring that the beans do not overgrow and smother other garden vegetables.

How to Grow Beans with a Trellis

Even though your beans prefer having something they can vine up and grow on, they might sometimes have a little trouble attaching. Don’t worry. You can help them out.

Not only is a trellis suitable for your plants, but it’s also very convenient for you. You have direct access and won’t have to bend over for long periods to pluck out all the beans. The concept makes picking the beans extremely easy.

Ideally, your trellis should have some type of metal netting that the vines can grow between. There are many different options for security poles and fencing options. You can buy commercial products or build your own, and it all serves the same purpose.

What is excellent about pole beans is that if you pick them every 2 to 3 days, they will continue to produce throughout the season. This yields a lot of produce.

green beans growing on trellis
Image Credit: Rosamund Parkinson, Shutterstock

Types of Beans

Many beans are vining, but none more so than the pole bean. These vining veggies go hog wild, climbing and branching out from their roots. To reap the greatest harvest, it’s best to have a trellis or poles for the plants to climb.

All beans love to have a little bit of support. But pole beans actually require it. That might then pose the question—do bush beans need a trellis?

Bush beans are a little different than some other varieties. Rather than climbing and growing upward, bush beans tend to feather out, squatting low to the ground.

The entire reason bush beans get their name is that they mimic the growth of a bush. This makes care easy, and you can avoid having to make any extravagant climbing posts.

So, if you are looking to add beans to your garden that do not require anything extravagant for additional support, bush beans are a great variety to try out.

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Growing pole beans, buying a trellis, or making your own can reap great rewards. You will allow your beans to grow naturally toward new heights, yielding a delicious, healthy harvest. Bush beans, on the other hand, require support, but you might not have to go all-out.

Pinterest won’t let you down if you want some cool ideas on how to make your own trellis! Go get some inspiration for your latest garden addition.

Featured Image Credit: Volodymyr Nikitenko, Shutterstock


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