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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft From My Car? Reasons, Facts, & FAQ

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Life is uncertain. You invest your energy, money, and time into your home and suddenly, when bad luck strikes, you lose everything in a heartbeat! Sadly, there is no effective vaccine for theft, accidents, or bad luck. The only feasible way is to invest in an insurance cover to cushion you in those black days.

One major concern among homeowners is whether the homeowner’s policy would cover for theft of valuables from their car. Fortunately, most homeowners insurance policies cover vandalism and burglary by offering to replace damaged or stolen items. This, of course, is up to your coverage limit after paying the deductible.

In this article, we will investigate whether homeowners insurance covers the theft of valuables from a car. We will also discuss the different types of thefts not covered by homeowners insurance and what to expect while claiming compensation for the theft of valuables in your car. Read on to learn more.

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When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft from Car?

As already mentioned, the car insurance policy does not cover the damages to personal property in the car. For the damaged property, it is the homeowner’s insurance policy that covers the damages through replacement or repairs. Once a theft case occurs, you have to file a report to the police and then place an insurance claim within the shortest time possible.

Below are some of the car theft instances covered by homeowners insurance:

1. Theft From the Garage

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Whether your garage is attached to your house or detached, the homeowner’s policy will cover the things stolen from it.

2. Valuables Stolen From the Car

Usually, if someone breaks into your car and steals valuable assets like golf clubs and personal computers, the insurance policy will cover the replacement of each stolen item. Apart from personal belongings, the policy also covers any items stolen from your car.

However, if the car is damaged during the theft process, it is the auto insurance policy from the comprehensive coverage policy that caters for the car damages. Homeowners insurance can only cover for stolen items from the car but not the damages done to the car, like in the case of a broken window.

3. Theft While Off the Premises

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Apart from covering personal property, the homeowner’s insurance covers belongings stolen while far from home, like within a vocational space. The policy allows 10% of the initial personal property to the off-premises coverage to replace any property damaged or stolen from the car outside the home.

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What Type of Theft Doesn’t the Homeowner Policy Cover?

The homeowner’s insurance caters for all the assets that may be stolen apart from a few exemptions and conditions, as seen below:

No cover:
  • If the assets stolen are far above the average amount for a replacement, the standard insurance policies will reduce their payouts.
  • Additionally, suppose your car is stolen, the homeowner’s policy never covers the cost unless you have comprehensive insurance with auto policy coverage specifically to reimburse for car theft.
  • The average homeowners insurance cover does not extend to other cases like identity theft, valuable jewelry, or damages caused by natural catastrophes like floods, lightning, or earthquakes.

What to Do in Case of Theft Cases for Valuables in Your Car

Once you become a victim of theft while in your car, the first step is creating a home inventory to know the extent of the property damage with reference to evidence like receipts. The premade inventory checklist helps you to quickly identify where you purchased the stolen item, the brand, model, cost, and the date of purchase.

Next, alert the police by filing a clear report of what happened, where the crime took place, and, if possible, the time it happened. This should be done even before you begin the claiming process. The insurance company can only begin the compensation process once they have verified a police report as evidence of theft.

Go ahead and take the video coverage of the damaged items. Finally, work along with the claims adjuster to align your police report and insurance policy

How Do I File a Claim Once Items Are Stolen From My Car?

Begin by first filling out the claim paperwork to give full information on what was stolen. If possible, attach the receipts as well for credibility. You should also provide a video or photos of the damaged car and pictures of any other stolen belongings. Remember, it’s better to take your car for minor and temporary repairs once you have presented the case to the police and the insurance company.

After you have filed your claim, your adjuster will call within a day to quicken the claim process. The insurance company will carry out a comprehensive survey and investigation before releasing the payout. Once the claim is verified, the insurance company will pay for the damaged property within the policy coverage exclusive of the deductible (the amount you pay). The insurance company will then offer you documentation concerning the overall status of your claim.

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How Much Does Homeowner Insurance Cover for Theft?

Normally, the standard homeowner’s insurance compensates a maximum of $2,000. It is therefore safer to pay more in premiums for exclusive items, such as jewelry and expensive musical instruments.

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If you have been a victim of car robbery or burglary, your homeowner’s insurance policy can help you replace your lost valuables. They even reimburse missing money up to a certain dollar limit, usually $200.

Unfortunately, if your car is stolen or damaged in the process, your homeowner’s insurance does not cover this. You will need comprehensive coverage on your vehicle’s insurance policy to be covered for the loss. Also, if vehicles parked in driveways are burgled, auto insurance will cover the loss.

As you may have gathered, homeowner’s insurance covers for theft in a car are quite expensive. Therefore, taking measures to secure your home will not only reduce your insurance premiums but will also give your family peace knowing that their property is fully protected no matter what may be thrown your way.

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