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What Is The Cost To Replace a Toilet In 2024?

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Toilets are essential items in our homes, but many people tend to forget they’re machines full of plumbing. Therefore, they have the capacity to break in various ways. Sometimes you’re left with no other choice but to completely replace the toilet. How much does that cost? We’re about to delve into the cost of a toilet replacement, types of toilets available, other costs to anticipate, and more relevant info you may find handy.

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What Is The Cost of Replacing a Toilet?

The average cost to replace a toilet today is between $200 to $800, depending primarily on what type of replacement toilet you buy. Cheaper replacements may only run you around $200. Let’s check out the various types of toilets so you can get an idea of what they cost and if they’re any different from what you’re used to.

Types of Toilets:
  • One-piece toilet: these toilets are expensive to ship because they’re one solid piece that can’t be taken apart, but they’re great for compact spaces. A cheap one might run you $200 or so, while an expensive brand could cost over $1,000.
  • Two-piece toilet: these are the type you’re probably familiar with, where you can remove the tank from the toilet base. Cheap brands start at about $100, while high-end brands can cost nearly $900.
  • Smart toilet: these are toilets with many recent technological advancements baked in. Features range from a bidet, music speakers, heated seats, UV disinfecting lights, a self-closing lid, and touchless flushing. The cheapest smart toilets start at upwards of $1,000, while fancier models cost $4,000 or more.

As with any job, though, you have to pay someone to do it, and labor isn’t cheap. Let’s look at some additional costs you can expect to pay during the course of a toilet replacement, as well as some other exigent circumstances.

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Additional Costs to Anticipate

Labor to install a new toilet will run you around $60 an hour, if not more, depending on your location. Some people with prior plumbing knowledge can save a pretty penny by buying a toilet and installing it themselves. We don’t recommend this for the average person, though.

Plumbers typically guarantee their work in case something happens later, which is very useful. The average toilet replacement will take between three to four hours.

There are numerous other things that can cost you money during a toilet replacement. Let’s take a closer look so you can be prepared.

These include:
  • Leaks, clogs, and damage to plumbing. The plumber would need to fix any damage to your home’s plumbing in order for your toilet to work properly. This would cost you more.
  • Flooring has to be removed to work with the plumbing, and a damaged toilet could have caused water damage to your flooring. You’d need to have a flooring professional come and diagnose it, but it won’t be cheap. Expect to pay between $10-25 per square foot.
  • Unexpected damage will raise your total plumbing bill. It costs extra if extra things need to be done like wax seals replaced, flanges replaced, or other damage to your plumbing system.
  • Disposal of your old toilet will likely cost a bit extra.
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How Long Do Toilets Last?

The average toilet can last 20 years or more, given that it’s regularly cleaned and taken care of. A toilet in a rowdy frat house won’t last as long as a brand-new toilet installed in the home of a middle-aged couple, for instance. If your toilet becomes obviously damaged, you should definitely replace it sooner. Toilets are a vital part of any bathroom, and you can’t just live with a broken toilet.

How To Take Care of Your Toilet

It sounds silly, but taking the time to regularly clean your toilet will help it last longer. This includes regular cleaning as necessary, being careful not to bump into the toilet, and more. The primary benefit of cleaning is to keep your bathroom as hygienic as possible, but being careful will definitely prolong how long your toilet lasts.

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Final Thoughts

Toilets are an often underappreciated part of the modern home, and it’s always an unwelcome surprise when they break or wear out. A simple replacement should only cost a few hundred bucks, but you can upgrade to a smart toilet for a steep markup if you’re interested in additional amenities.

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