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12 Eclectic Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

eclectic interior design

Eclectic designs are not for everyone. Suppose you’re someone who needs order and uniform decor when it comes to color and design. In that case, anything eclectic will likely not be enjoyable. However, if you want an interior design as unique as you, eclectic interior design is ideal.

The nice thing about this style of interior design is that there really aren’t any rules. But it’s also not as simple as mashing a bunch of everything together—although some people do that successfully. It’s about finding the balance where the design is fun and unique but still makes sense.

So, here are 12 eclectic interior designs to get your creative juices flowing.

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The 12 Eclectic Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

1. Contrasting Colors

Nothing says eclectic like contrasting colors and patterns. When working with different colors and patterns, it’s easy for the design to get muddy and simply look unorganized. But when you’re able to tie the different decors together, it creates something unique.

When going for an eclectic design with varying colors, the typical rules for colors don’t really apply. There’s a certain level of freedom with the flow, but the really good designs still make sense.

2. Unique Patterns

In a similar fashion as the contrasting colors, it’s fun to create eclectic designs with unique and contrasting patterns. For example, take this one with the wild walls and ceiling, the unique shelf design with its decor, and the fun rug.

Like many eclectic designs, there’s a fine line between style and chaos. And it’s easy to go overboard without a vision. But if the flow makes sense, the ability to create one-of-a-kind interior designs is endless.

3. Organized Chaos

Some may call anything eclectic chaotic, and in some cases, it’s true. But take this one, for example. Colors, patterns, and the pairing of old and new create a certain level of disorder, but it’s easy to picture yourself relaxing in this room and catching up with an old friend.

Even though the couches are very different styles, the choice of colors links them together for a certain flow. The same goes for the cabinet and the artwork. Seeing all these things separate, you wouldn’t think they would create a cohesive design, but they do once it’s all together.

4. Create the Mood

A big part of eclectic designs is the moods you can create in a room just by color and decor choices. Take this bathroom as an example. The tile choices and lighting in the room create a relaxed and old-timey feeling mood. This mood is contrasted—yet complimented—by the modern glass shower enclosure.

5. Incorporate Books

Books are commonly associated with anything eclectic. There are many ways you can incorporate books into an interior design plan. In this particular style, the designer incorporated a tall, in-wall bookshelf into an otherwise sleek and modern design. Often, when books are used as a feature, they take up an entire wall. Breaking up the wall of books with nice, big windows is a great focal point in this interior design.

6. Mixing Old and New

Another thing that’s a lot of fun with an eclectic design is mixing styles and decor from different eras. With this example, we have nice gold-finished faucets and lighting shades. Even the color choice feels like a mix between the old and new. And this eclectic kitchen wouldn’t be complete without the uniquely patterned area rug.

7. Rustic and Functional Collide

Eclectic doesn’t always equal outrageous color and texture choices. Sometimes eclectic designs can still be simple. Take this extremely rustic feeling room, for example. The fireplace is a nice focal point that is complemented by the unique wall design.

Then you have the rustic furniture and ceiling with an elegant hanging light fixture. Everything comes together without being overwhelming while still offering a one-of-a-kind feeling in the room.

8. Simple but Eclectic

When a designer goes for something eclectic, it’s easy to go overboard and create something that loses its appeal. But this design demonstrates you can have simple color and decor choices without sacrificing that eclectic flair. Everything from the shelf to the chair to the rug screams eclectic without being an explosion on the senses.

9. Bright and Cheerful

In contrast to the previous example of simple yet eclectic, we get this one—the perfect example of there being no right way to do eclectic. This room gives us an explosion of color and texture to satisfy the creative flair inside of us. The neat thing about using so much greenery in the design is that you can really change up the feel of the room simply by switching out the type of plants on display.

10. Walls of Art

Another way you can have a room exploding with character is through art. There are limitless options for art available, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a massive budget.

Of course, you can spend a lot of money on art if you want to. But garage sales or flea markets are a great place to pick up unique works of art that won’t break the bank. This contributes to the overall exclusivity of your eclectic wall of art.

11. Creating Texture and Depth

This next one demonstrates that you don’t need crazy colors and patterns to add texture and depth to a room. Even with the walls and the faux fireplace all painted a single color, there is depth to the design.

Then with the addition of the split wood, vase, and area rug, you get a cool, modern design with a creative and eclectic flair.

12. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

We’ve seen walls of books and walls of art, but here we see a wall of mirrors, and it’s not as boring as it sounds. They aren’t all functional in the sense of using them for everyday tasks. Still, they create an interesting design—especially having them on both walls. Also, having different shapes and colors of mirrors adds another cool dynamic to the room.

What Is an Eclectic Interior Design?

There’s no wrong or right way to do it when it comes to eclectic interior designs. This type of design is as individual as the person doing it when it comes down to it. One person’s eclectic choices will be different from the next person’s.

At its core, eclectic designs seek to bring various colors, patterns, and other facets into one space.

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Closing Thoughts

Now that you have some cool design ideas, it’s time to transform your home into an eclectic paradise. Don’t be shy. Try new colors and textures, and add some depth. Create unique flows from room to room.

Featured Image Credit: town, Shutterstock

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