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8 Hanging Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas You Can Use at Home (With Pictures)

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Kitchen islands are the focal point of the modern home, and your focal point can be as stylish or bland as you make it. If you feel like your kitchen island is lacking some flavor, you can easily upgrade your look by changing out your hanging kitchen island lighting. Many builders will install basic pendant lighting that does nothing for the look and flow of your kitchen. Kitchen island lighting doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fresh, stylish, and exciting.

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The 8 Hanging Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

1. Stylish Miniature Chandeliers

Image Credit: farmhousehub

These boxed chandeliers provide a lot of light and a lot of style in one package. These lights are the perfect addition to a dark kitchen or a rustic kitchen. Exposed chandeliers might be a little too much for some people, so the square housing featured here is the perfect way to tone down the look while retaining the ample light provided.

2. Numerous Globe Bulbs

Best Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas – Interior Light Fixtures
Image Credit: nextluxury

This lighting feature includes numerous small globe lights. Not only does it provide a stylish aesthetic, but it also provides a ton of light. These small globes are perfect for a small kitchen. They will fill the space without being overwhelming. You can get this type of light in a variety of different configurations, including opaque globes or clear globes, so they can seamlessly match your individual style.

3. Elegant Horizontal Chandelier

Image Credit: farmhousehub

Hanging kitchen island lighting can be clean, modern, and functional. This horizontal chandelier features a skeletal metal box frame and classic candle-style lights within. Something like this can provide a lot of shape and function without cluttering the space or breaking up important sight lines. For open concept houses, keeping the sight lines to the kitchen uncluttered can be a very important design feature.

4. Clean Pendants

Newly Built Hamptons Style Home
Image Credit: homebunch

Sometimes the most effective upgrade is a simple one. You can replace outdated kitchen lighting with clean pendant lighting. Pendant lighting might not sound like the most exciting upgrade, but there are plenty of ways to make it work for your individual kitchen island. Pendant lighting is so common because it is extremely effective. Choose clean pendant lighting to give your kitchen a new look without going overboard on over-the-top aesthetics or price.

5. Boho Chic Pendants

Beautiful Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas
Image By: lifesoever

Upgrade your simple pendants with a dash of boho chic style. Adding some boho baskets to pendant lighting can create a meaningful change without replacing the entire lighting system. Boho baskets are very stylish right now, and some small boho pendant upgrades can provide a quick and effective facelift to your kitchen right now. If boho falls out of fashion, simply swap out the baskets with more traditional lighting covers for a versatile switch.

6. Modern Eclectic Lighting

Best Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas – Interior Light Fixtures2
Image By: nextluxury

Make your kitchen island a statement by upgrading it with modern eclectic lighting. These lights will work in modern kitchens and regular kitchens alike. Find shapes and configurations that speak to your own personal style and design philosophy. These lights can be used to draw the eye and make your kitchen the dominant focal point of the whole house. Or you can find a more subdued version that makes a subtler statement.

7. Large Globes

Gorgeous Home Tour
Image By: bestfriendsforfrosting

If you want to install some fun and flighty lighting, try something like these large globe lights. These large globes add volume and shape to your kitchen. Install them with Edison bulbs for a striking look. These large globe lights are a fresh take on an old style that can fit in a variety of different kitchen configurations.

8. Mid-century Modern Elegance

Interior Design Ideas
Image By: homebunch

Bring a flavor of the past to your kitchen island with a mid-century modern lighting fixture. These lights will give you a classic touch without looking outdated. There are numerous different options that capture the elegance of the past while keeping the flavor of the room intact. Installing unique mid-century lights can instantly upgrade a space.

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These 15 hanging kitchen island lighting ideas are stylish and functional. These ideas will help inspire your next project. Whether you are trying to change out some outdated pendants or give your kitchen an entirely new look, there are lighting ideas here that will suit everyone’s individual style and tastes. Lighting is a simple but effective way to change the look and feel of your whole kitchen island.

Featured Image Credit: Piqsels


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