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HealthyHandyman is Now Part of House Grail

power tools for home improvements

power tools for home improvements

If you’ve enjoyed our expert DIY guides, plans, and product reviews, we have great news! HealthyHandyman is joining House Grail, a major home improvement site offering detailed information on every home project you can imagine.

HealthyHandyman Is Joining House Grail

We have always covered everything from the best hand and power tools to project ideas for your home, garden, and car. Now that Healthy Handyman has joined forces with House Grail, we can offer so much more! We do our best to stay on top of all of the latest updates in the home improvement world, and expanding our team is crucial to that goal.

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Every Kind of Home Improvement Project

Whether you enjoyed HealthyHandyman’s woodworking, garden, automotive, hand & power tools, or general project ideas, don’t worry; you’ll find everything you need on House Grail. We’re still covering every imaginable DIY project with step-by-step instructions. Want to build a water filter, set up a reverse osmosis hydroponic system, or DIY a garage? We’ll show you how! Curious about touchless car washes or installing a subwoofer in your car? We have everything you need for that, too.

Honest, Detailed Reviews For Every Tool

Finding the right products can mean the difference between a difficult project and a satisfying one. That’s why helping you find the best possible tools has always been one of our most important goals. Now that Healthy Handyman has joined House Grail, our review process has become more rigorous and comprehensive.

Our experienced team puts extensive time and effort into accurately and honestly reviewing the thousands of home improvement products on the market. At HealthyHandyman and House Grail, we only recommend products that we believe in, which means wrenches, water filters, car jacks, and more that will truly make your projects and repairs easier. We appreciate your trust in our reviews and aim to make them as helpful as possible.

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Come Find Your Next Project!

The bottom line? Everything you love about Healthy Handyman is now available on House Grail. So update your bookmarks and start looking for your next project! Find everything you need to start and finish an automotive, home, or woodworking project. We can’t wait to see what you build next.

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