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How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding a Motorcycle?

man riding motorcycle

Many people feel fatigued after riding a motorcycle and wonder how many calories they are burning while out on a ride. The answer isn’t quite so simple because there are many types, but some studies show that a dirt bike race can burn about 600 calories per hour! Keep reading as we look at other kinds of riding to see how many calories you burn with those activities and why a motorcycle is so good at burning calories.

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Why Does Riding a Motorcycle Burn Calories?

male rider riding his motorcycle
Image Credit: TSKvado, Pixabay

Riding Style

Riding a motorcycle can burn quite a few calories depending on the type of bike and how you ride. For instance, someone racing a motorcycle on a dirt track can burn as many as 600 calories per hour. They burn more calories because they frequently need to contort their body in strange ways to make sharp turns and stay on the bike over the jumps and bumps. Riders may even need to turn the bike in mid-air for better positioning. While most people won’t need to work so hard to ride a bike, they still might need to lean on the handlebars to steer and control the bike, keep it up at red lights, start it with a kickstart, and push it around while off. Even getting on and off can burn a considerable number of calories.

Motorcycle Type

Luxury bikes meant for cross-country travel, like the BMW R1250GS Adventure, are quite comfortable and make riding as easy as possible. It has an electric start, easy-to-grip handles, and superior suspension, so you won’t burn nearly as many calories as you would riding an Apollo DB-X18, which has a kick start and handlebars that put your body in a better position to maintain control on dirt and extreme hills.

Increased Heartrate

Another reason that riding a motorcycle burns calories is that many riders experience an increased heart rate while they drive. This causes the body to burn more calories. You may also experience a boost in adrenaline, which will help keep you more focused. The combination of the two is similar to a light exercise.divider 1

How Many Calories Does Riding Burn?

Some experts suggest that riding a dirt bike, especially when racing, can burn up to 600 calories per hour, which is more than a 30-minute jog. While most people won’t be riding quite so hard, they can still burn quite a few calories due to an increased heart rate and adrenaline. This slight increase is similar to a light exercise, which means you can burn 300 calories per hour.

man resting on his motorcycle
Image Credit: basnetprabin777, Pixabay

Other Interesting Facts About Riding a Motorcycle

  • Riding a motorcycle helps reduce stress.
  • Riding helps improve brain focus.
  • Riding increases your alertness, similar to drinking a cup of coffee.

tool divider Summary

Riding your motorcycle can burn a surprising number of calories, even with a luxury model, due to the excitement and increased heart rate that occurs when riding. Dirt bikes and racing will burn even more calories and can be as effective as jogging. Studies suggest that you can burn between 300 and 600 calories per hour. Riding your bike can also reduce stress and improve brain focus, so you will feel good and be ready to tackle the day.

Featured Image Credit: keesluising, Pixabay


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