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How Much Does Airbag Suspension Cost? (Updated in 2024)

airbag suspension

One of the most dangerous situations on the highway is driving while towing an uneven load behind you. The weight imbalance can impede your vehicle’s performance and reduce its effectiveness when braking, handling, and, most worryingly, steering. One excellent solution is installing airbag suspension, which will make driving safer in various ways. If you’re wondering how much airbag suspension costs this year, airbag suspension kits start at about $1,200 but can get as high as $5,000, a significant difference in cost. Keep reading as we explain further.

car and road divider The Importance of Airbag Suspension

Airbag suspension is an add-on device for cars and trucks that evens out an uneven load and helps the vehicle achieve a smooth ride. Airbag suspension reduces vibration, which, in turn, reduces driver fatigue. Also, by adding an airbag suspension kit, you remove any impedance to your vehicle’s steering, braking, and handling caused by uneven loads, harsh terrain, and poorly maintained roads.

Airbag suspension is essential for several other reasons as well. First, your vehicle will last longer because it will endure less wear and tear on its suspension and less vibration of its frame. The same can be said for trailers since their components will take less of a beating when driving. If you have a truck with a short wheelbase, airbag suspension reduces bouncing when going over rugged landscapes. You will also be able to handle corners at a higher speed with an airbag suspension kit installed in your vehicle. That’s because your car or truck will better grip the road. In short, airbag suspension often improves handling and vehicle safety and provides a much smoother ride on all surfaces.

deployed airbag
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How Much Does Airbag Suspension Cost

The cost of an airbag suspension kit can vary significantly. Airbag suspension kits start at about $1,200 but can get as high as $5,000, a significant difference in cost. That difference depends on the vehicle and kit, as we said earlier. The quality of the kit is also a factor, plus the installation costs and whether you buy a complete kit or purchase all the airbag suspension parts separately. On the list of airbag suspension parts below, you’ll be able to see where the cost difference comes from:

Airbag Suspension Part Part Cost
Air Compressor $350 to $700
Air Tank $50 to $875
Air Lines $100 to $230
Valve Manifold $550 to $650
Management System $450 to $700
Air Struts $600 to $2000

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Several costs often need to be added to the overall price of airbag suspension. One of the highest of them is the labor to install the airbag suspension kit (if you don’t do it yourself). The installation cost depends on the shop you use and their labor rates. Typical mechanic labor rates run from $75 to $130 an hour. That can sometimes go much higher if the airbag is installed at a dealership. When you consider installing an airbag suspension kit takes about 10 hours, your labor costs would be anywhere from $750 to $1,300, give or take a few dollars.

Although not 100% necessary, there are several additional upgrades you can make when having an air suspension kit installed on your vehicle. The upgrades will cost a little extra, including ECU (Electronic Control Unit) upgrades, water filters and traps, height sensors, and pressure sensors.

Airbag Suspension Upgrade Part Part Cost Labor Cost
ECU $400 to $1400 $100 to $200
Water Filters / Traps $60 to $200 $100 to $150
Height Sensor $100 to $400 $100 to $200
Pressure Sensor $85 to $225 per wheel $100 to $300
Image Credit: Pixel-mixer, Pixabay

How Often Should I Replace Airbag Suspension?

From our research, we have determined that an airbag suspension system will have a lifespan of about 50,000 to 70000 miles. Depending on how often you drive, it should last you between 5 and 8 years before needing to be replaced. One reason airbag suspension kits don’t last an extremely long time is that, whether you are driving or not, they are always in use.

The bags in your airbag suspension stay filled with air even when your vehicle is parked. That’s good for your car but not so good for the airbag itself, which, since it’s made of rubber, will get brittle and wear out within a few years. Other parts, especially plastic, will also wear down with time and use.

Below are some possible signs that your airbag suspension system needs repair or replacements:
  • Your vehicle is sagging noticeably on one side or another.
  • When riding, the air pump in your air bag suspension system constantly runs.
  • You can’t adjust the height level of your airbag suspension correctly.
  • The air pump in your system cycles on and off repeatedly. This usually indicates a leak somewhere in your airbag suspension system.
  • Before driving your vehicle, you need to pump up your airbags.
  • When driving, your suspension feels soft or “”

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Will Installing Airbag Suspension Lower your Vehicle’s Insurance?

Unfortunately, installing airbag suspensions won’t lower your vehicle’s insurance rates, but it won’t increase them. Airbag suspension isn’t considered a performance-enhancing addition (even though it most definitely improves your vehicle’s performance). You can do several things to lower your vehicle insurance, but adding an airbag suspension kit isn’t one of them.

Airbag Deployed
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How to Maintain Your Airbag Suspension Between Trips

The good news about airbag suspension is that there isn’t much maintenance required to keep it performing at a high level.

Inspect the Air Line Connections

Air lines are tubes that send air into the air springs of your airbag suspension system. If they aren’t connected properly, the blower will pump insufficient air into the system, and its performance will drop significantly. You should inspect the airline connections every few months to ensure they’re connected correctly. Also, make sure any other hoses and lines are secure. If you don’t think they’re secured well, you can use zip ties to secure them better.

Inspect the Airbag System for Leaks

While checking your air line connections, look for air leaks in your airbag suspension system. They could be in the air lines themselves or the airbags. One way to do it is to spray a mixture of water and a small amount of dish soap onto the lines and airbags. If there’s a leak, you’ll see bubbles form.

airbag light
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Check the Air Spring Pressure

Experts recommend keeping the pressure of your air springs at 5 PSI (pounds per square inch), but the number might change depending on your vehicle and airbag suspension kit. If you notice that your air springs aren’t at the correct PSI, either pump them up further or deflate them until they reach the right number.

Clean the Airbag Suspension Regularly

Like the rest of your vehicle, you should clean your airbag suspension regularly. Cleaning will keep sensitive parts from becoming encrusted in dirt and grime and allow you to visually inspect the entire system.

airbag system warning icon
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During Routine Maintenance, Ask your mechanic to Check your Airbag Suspension

While it’s recommended that you regularly inspect your airbag suspension on your own, you can also ask your mechanic to take a quick look when they’re performing routine maintenance on your vehicle. That way, if they spot anything, they can advise you, and you can have your system repaired.

car and road divider Conclusion

Depending on your vehicle and what you mainly use it for, an airbag suspension kit can significantly improve your handling by reducing vibration, bouncing, and uneven loads. How much does air bag suspension cost? It will cost you between $1,200 and $5,000. You will also spend between $750 and $1,300 to install the airbag suspension kit. Of course, if you’re handy with mechanical DIY projects, you can always install the airbag suspension kit to eliminate labor costs.

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