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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Hitch? Insurance, Price & FAQs (2024)


Even though a hitch installation can be a bit pricey, it gives you the option to carry or tow many items, including a trailer, RV, and other big vehicles. If there’s not a hitch on your current vehicle, getting one installed can make moving and towing items a bit easier.

A professional hitch installation normally costs between $225–$625. The exact price will depend on a number of factors, including the type of hitch you need, the type of vehicle you are connecting the hitch to, and your installer.

For a complete picture of how much it costs to install a hitch today, keep reading. Below is a comprehensive guide to hitch installation prices.

car and road divider The Importance of Hitch Installation

A hitch is not a vital part of all vehicles. For example, individuals who have no plans on towing anything large will not benefit from a hitch. However, those who plan to tow a trailer, camper, or another vehicle will benefit.

If a hitch is not currently on your vehicle, you will have to get one installed. As you might imagine, improper hitch installation can be a risky business. If the hitch breaks or stops working during the drive, you could cause a fatal accident.

Needless to say, hitch installation is important because it gives you a safe way to tow items on your vehicle. Whether you need to move or go camping, professional hitch installation is one of the only ways to ensure everything goes over smoothly.

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How Much Does Hitch Installation Cost?

The price to get a hitch installed on your vehicle will depend on many factors. Most notably, the type of hitch you get and your vehicle will determine the price. In general, expect to pay between $250–$650 for your hitch installation. Some people report hitch installations costing as much as $1,600, but this high price is incredibly uncommon.

You will have to pay for the individual parts, including the receiver, ball mount, hitch pin, trailer ball, safety change, and wiring harness. All these prices are determined exclusively by the hitch and your vehicle. Needless to say, expect to spend hundreds of dollars on your hitch installation.

If you don’t want to pay these expensive prices, U-Haul may be a better option. U-Haul offers trailer hitch installation for cheap. The cost to install a hitch at U-Haul ranges anywhere from $100–$250. The exact price will depend on the class of hitch you select.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Above, we learned how much a hitch installation costs based on the vehicle and the tools required to get the hitch installed. There is one other thing you will need to anticipate: labor costs. Labor costs will ensure that the professionals doing the job get their fair share.

Often, the vehicle type will determine the labor costs because certain vehicles require more effort to install a pitch. How long it takes to install the hitch will also determine the labor cost. Here is a look at how much hitch installations cost for both parts and labor.

Vehicle Average Price
Jeep Grand Cherokee $365
Honda CR-V $900
Ford Explorer $350
Toyota Rav4 $186
Subaru Forester $450
Subaru Ascent $444
Chevrolet Colorado $450
Mazda CX-5 $440

Keep in mind that labor costs will vary depending on where you go. You can talk to different installers to get an estimate based on your vehicle.

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Does Insurance Cover Hitch Installation?

Occasionally, certain insurance plans can cover hitch installations. For example, some plans will offer coverage for certain modifications. Unfortunately, this is not very common. You will most likely have to pay for a hitch installation out of your own pocket.

5th wheel hitch
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

What to Do for Hitch Installation

The hitch installation process is pretty easy, but there are some things you need to keep in mind to make sure everything goes over smoothly. Here’s what you need to do for your hitch installation based on the installation type you select:

Professional Installation

If you get a hitch professionally installed, there is nothing you need to do other than set up the appointment and pick out the hitch. From there, the professionals will do everything for you.

Install The Hitch Yourself

If you have some experience in vehicle modification, you can install the hitch yourself. You will have to select the right trailer hitch for what you anticipate to tow on your vehicle. You will also need to get a number of tools, including a wire toothbrush, clamp, torque wrench, power drill, and a few other basic items.

There are tons of tutorials you can watch online to learn how to install a hitch based on your specific vehicle and hitch.

Installing the hitch yourself isn’t an option for everyone, though. For example, you should not install a hitch yourself if you have no experience in vehicle modification. Likewise, there’s no point in installing a hitch yourself if you have to buy all of the tools. Buying these tools just for hitch installation will be a waste of money.

Torque Wrenches
Image Credit: John Rees, Flickr


It’s important to maintain your hitch after the initial installation. That way, it stays in good condition for many years. With proper maintenance, you can expect your hitch installation to last you a long time.

Every spring, do a thorough inspection of your trailer hitch. Look for any missing parts, exposed metal, cracks, and rust. Depending on what you find, you will need to fix the hitch accordingly.

If the hitch is becoming cracked and overly worn, that is a sign that it needs to be replaced, but this shouldn’t happen for many years.

car and road divider Conclusion

If you are thinking of getting a hitch installed on your vehicle, expect to pay between $225–$625 for most vehicles, but some vehicles are more expensive. Factors such as your vehicle type, the hitch type, and the individual installer will determine the final price.

Once you get the hitch installed, make sure to maintain it properly so that it doesn’t rust prematurely. Doing a visual inspection once a year should be enough to keep your hitch in great condition.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay


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